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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Research Up-date

Your author is busy with matters musical and (increasingly) beyond.  With most of the world having assumed our military leader has inhabited the Oval Office through legitimate means, all kinds of people are chasing this story and that, this issue and that, to the limits of strength and energy.

Your Musical Patriot has decided not to go on this kind of foray. I have, however, continued to monitor the more thoughtful writers on our world stage, as well as useful research articles on most any subject.

Our current circumstance is necessarily creating the need for a major re-adjustment.  This re-adjustment includes reassessing values and purposes regarding U.S. politics especially.

Where this is all leading, one can hardly say with any certainty.  But I have a sense it is leading somewhere and with the American people more and more engaged politically, there is a sense events are leading in an ultimately good direction.

So your patience, dear reader, is solicited.  When things settle down a bit more I hope to have a better focus and even modus operandi.  Until then I plan to continue researching pathways of knowledge, here, there, and everywhere.  Later, we shall meet again, now enlightened and perhaps refreshed.   


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