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Friday, April 28, 2017

The Case Against Impeachment?

Is there a case against impeaching our military leader?  Some seem to think so.

Actually, the matter goes deeper than a simple yes or no answer.  I agree very much with the writer below that there is a reason why Our Military Leader was put into office in the first place.  It has more to do with a vast corruption of our elections with a background of sour economic times for ever so many Americans.

Thus, my book on the matter -- should it come -- would begin with the economic stresses of recent times.  And this continues to be a subject of deep interest for me:  How can the profit system continue when so many are suffering?  And look at all the corruption engendered by a system which rewards hood-winking, and exploitation of the American people on a grand scale.

In this environment, Our Military Leader is the installed figurehead, the man who "plays the President on television," as Greg Palast has said.

As for impeachment, can you even impeach a person who stole the office to begin with?  It wouldn't seem to be logical.

Just asking, dear friends>  

What Should We Hope For?

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Erin Moran and Cancer

As we mourn the passing of Erin Moran, actress of note, we wonder:  Why are people still dying of cancer?

There are technical reasons and some of those answers are given at the link below.

The article does mention some societal causes of the increase in cancer.  The Western world, particularly, must grapple with this issue so fewer people suffer.

The Causes of Increasing Rates of Cancer

Friday, April 21, 2017

For Your Interest: Unions in Argentina

Argentina has certainly had its fair share of "labor trouble" over the years.  For purposes of this blog, the term labor trouble refers to the suffering which has been undergone by ordinary Argentinian workers over the years reaching back many years indeed.

It is good at this time to review some of the recent history of labor in the country.  The article linked to below can help.

Unions on the Move in Argentina

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Forensic Analysis of Election 2016 Now Underway

Via Election Truth 101:

Anchors and producers received mid-afternoon exit polls before voting ended on Tuesday afternoon, and those numbers showed Mrs. Clinton with a small advantage, particularly in key states. 

See more here:

Monday, April 17, 2017

Staying Focused and Getting the Word Out

Politics in the U.S. remains quite fluid at this time.  The ground is shifting away from a true Trump dominance and toward a more questioning time.  This is reflected in recent polling showing a decline in confidence that Trump will keep his promises.

All last fall following the election there were articles about alleged vote hacking.  There were many fewer articles about voter suppression tactics.  However, articles about vote suppression continue to come to my attention.

One such article is hyperlinked below.  It gives a good overview of the situation.

It remains a top priority to bring these various tactics to light so clean elections can be held, ones which bring America up to true world standards among nations.

Good Article About Stolen Election of 2016

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Democrats Made a Small Net Gain in State Houses in 2016

Despite wide-spread vote suppression last fall, the Democrats did net one house chamber gain over Republicans.  The article at Daily Kos tells more.

There are also signs Democrats are running hard in contested U.S. House seats this year.  Whether the Democrats can overcome the vote suppression machine of the Republican Part and its henchmen remains to be seen.  Such dirty tricks represent the true wild card of American politics today.

Democrats Made a Slight Net Gain in State Houses

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Lost in Space

The press and media continue to try to analyze the Trump "win" of last fall.  Yet all the evidence points to a stolen election.  (See elsewhere here for evidence.)

It is amazing how naive and credulous much of America and almost all of the media are.

And yet without an acknowledgement of the corrupt nature of our elections, the U. S. is doomed to more bad outcomes.

via tablet computer

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Patients More Frustrated Than Ever

Remaking the American Patient

How Madison Avenue and Modern Medicine Turned Patients into Consumers

These are the title and sub-title of a new book by Nancy Tomes.   I just checked it out from the library.  It is clearly a well-researched and useful book for our times.

The book promises to detail why patients feel more confused and frustrated than ever, despite supposedly having more "choice."

I'm definitely looking forward to reading this book.  

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