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Monday, October 31, 2016

Hillary Clinton Leading in More Than Polls

In a sign of the strength of the Clinton campaign USA Today reports Ms. Clinton has a huge lead in total number of positive ads which have aired compared with D. Trump.

This is also evidence that the Clinton campaign remains strong -- in ad dollars, get-out-the vote efforts, as well as polling numbers.  The biggest enemy is likely not Trump, but complacency, with ill will on the part of the media a strong second.

Hillary Clinton Leading in Ad Numbers

Sunday, October 30, 2016

If Hillary Clinton Drops in the Polls

in any major way it won't be because of "Comeygate."

Below is an excerpt from Dr. Sam Wang on the Princeton Election Consortium web site.

Due to political polarization it cannot be expected that the muddled news story about FBI Director Comey's supposed discovery of new questionable Clinton State Department e-mails will affect the Presidential race to any great degree.  

Further, there will likely be new derogatory news stories about Trump.  In fact, The Washington Post already has one on page 1 today.  

There is no need to panic about the Presidential race.  However, it is a good time to renew questioning of the media's methods.  


Dr. Sam Wang on "Comeygate:"   

  1. The national race will not change meaningfully. This is not a story that changes anyone’s mind. Maybe the margin (national or Meta) between the two candidates will move by 1 percentage point when aggregated…2 points max. It doesn’t change the high likelihood of a Clinton win.
  2. Journalists and pundits will continue to feed hysterics by fussing over the Comey story. They may even attempt to use polling evidence to justify their coverage. However, note that national polls had already tightened by 1-2 percentage points, even before Comeygate.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Decline of the Republican Party Should Not Signal the Decline of America

In the Washington Post article linked to below, the writer tell it as it is.  Trump should never have been nominated in the first place.

The unseemly trinity of Trump, Republican Party, and the media are responsible for this colossal mess.  Those who made the mess should be expected to clean it up.  Sadly, that appears quite unlikely.

Trump Should Never Have Been Nominated

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

News Notice

Colin Powell says he will support Hillary Clinton

Source -- Huffington Post:

Presidential Campaign Grinds On; Clinton Fights Complacency

The Presidential campaign grinds on with a dangerously unqualified Republican and a smart, robust Democratic candidate whose credentials are so far superior as to be in another league entirely.

Yet, experience shows that being consistently in the lead as Hillary Clinton has been essentially continuously for many months, also has its dangers.  Some of these are described in my sister blog, Democratic Campaign Watch.

The Clinton campaign claims that Donald Trump is now spending money he has been hoarding for weeks.  I have not had a chance to review the figures yet.  However, I do know that no matter how deeply unpopular Trump is, his core supporters are aggrieved and motivated.  These supporters coupled with millions of dollars raises important concerns in my mind.  Some of these concerns having to do with Trump's fascist tendencies have been explored here previously.

The big danger now is complacency on the part of Clinton's supporters.  Ms. Clinton will continue to need money for organizing and media.   The history of this campaign shows that Clinton does best when directly contrasted with Trump as during last summer's conventions and the debates.  Absent this kind of contrast and exposure, Clinton has done somewhat less well.  Thus any complacency could -- at its worst -- represent disaster.  

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Tom Hanks, America's Dad

Tom Hanks on "Saturday Night Live," reassures America.

Includes one instance of mild adult humor

Friday, October 21, 2016


Evan McMullin Now Leading in Utah for First Time According to Poll

Evan McMullin, independent candidate for President

One poll does not an election make; but this is quite major, although not totally surprising.

Not Too Late to Abandon Trump

While certain writers on line currently say it is too late for the Republican Party to dump Trump (and absent a withdrawal by Herr Trump this would indeed be difficult), it is not to late for Republicans to disown him.  Of course, they may no longer be able to call themselves Republicans.  Why not work now to establish a new party?  It could be called many things, the New Conservative Party, for instance.  Or if they wanted to re-establish the broad-based Republican Party of Nixon, Goldwater, and Rockefeller, they could call it -- I don't know -- the Pachyderm Party.  

This option is the only one which makes sense, other than supporting Evan McMullin, who at least may have a chance to win in Utah.  But having allowed self-interested movements such as the tea party a strong foothold, it is going to be extremely difficult to work within the old Republican Party.

Not to Late to Abandon Trump

Trump Threats Over Election Fraud Mostly Hollow

According to an online legal web site, Trump's options, should he claim election fraud, are limited.  The article at the link below explains that fairly narrow range of options.  He can file lawsuits, he can send protestors into the streets, and he can attempt to utilize a compliant media megaphone.

The concern is he could
try to arouse millions of his voters into some kind of civil disobedience or worse.  My concern is over the months to come whether Trump could cause trouble worse than the Tea Party movement of early 2009.

What would stop him from initiating something like this?  He can certainly try either through his own cable channel (which he has said is not going to be created) or through some other kind of organization.  His ability to do that would depend on just how aggrieved persons might be and how strong Clinton's hand is after the election.

A landslide for Clinton would certainly help.  A watchful eye from Pres. Obama would be essential.  And a vigilant public alerted to possible trouble from Trump would be critical.

Trump Threat Not to Accede to Clinton Win Mostly Hollow

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Humanitarian Crisis Looms in Aleppo

As the U. S. prepares to elect a new President it is an optimum time to re-visit the Syrian situation.  While I do not believe there is a white knight among any of the "actors" in the Syrian conflict, perhaps the U.S. position has merit after all.  With a Hillary Clinton win growing more certain it is helpful to review the facts of the Syrian situation since a new Clinton administration's policy would be an important force in the entire mid-East area, including in Syria.

Ms. Clinton has largely supported the Obama administration policy.  While I have been critical of the earlier lack of success on the part of the Obama administration in Syria, it is good to hear all viewpoints.

The article below is very useful in pointing out the impending vast humanitarian crisis in Aleppo.  Let us hope and pray that somehow tragedy there may be kept to an absolute minimum if not eliminated altogether.

In Aleppo Humanitarian Crisis Looms

The Republican Party Is No Longer a Major Party: Beginning Evidence

A sub-theme of The Musical Patriot has been and will continue to be that the Republican Party is no longer a major party, certainly not a responsible political party.  Articles in the press and media along these lines are beginning to pile up.  There are one or two in today's Washington Post. 

There has been an imperious announcement from Sen. John McCain that contrary to long-standing custom the Republicans will supposedly not even consider any Supreme Court nominee put forward by a President Clinton.  This outrageous assertion can mean only one thing:  Republicans are no longer seriously interested in participating in the leadership of the country unless one of their own is an occupant of the White House, even if that person were to be someone McCain himself has disavowed.  Or perhaps McCain has not thought of it this way.

And this is the scary thing.  Republicans have trouble thinking of what is best for the country.  There are exceptions to this, of course.  But all too often Republicans seem only to want power for the sake of power.  There is a disdainful and even noxious attitude toward what it takes to participate in democratic government.  It is this attitude which raise red flags for me and others.

McCain, a Senator who took months to reject Trump, deigns to try to dictate to the entire Senate which White House occupants get to have their nominees considered.  This clear departure from long, long tradition -- a tradition flowing from the Constitution itself -- is shockingly dangerous and not to be condoned in any fashion.

Reference article:
McCain's Unprecedented Blocking of Presidential Nominees

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

President Obama Advises Trump on How to Be a Man

President Obama has advice for Donald Trump:  stop whining about a rigged election.
Trump's diatribes about a rigged election are not only tiresome at this point, but are having an undermining effect on the democracy.

Apparently, if large numbers of people see Trump as unqualified, often incoherent, morally challenged, inept, and demeaning of others -- this makes them conspirators.

This article is well worth consulting --

President Obama to D. Trump: Stop Whining

Friday, October 14, 2016

The Republican Party After Trump

This, of course, is a huge subject.  There are those who wonder whether the Republican Party can even survive Trump.  And it may not.

What is most important is that the Republic survive.  And it seems that it will -- if only barely.
Our task now is to reinforce the democracy, to make correctives so Trumpism as a proto-fascist movement never emerges again.

To do this, we must provide for the needs of our citizens in a way the profit system never can.  We must ensure work which provides a living wage for families.  We must provide health care for all.  We must make provision for a healthy and secure retirement.  Our young people must receive an equal, practical, and effective education.  The environment deserves protection.  And all this must be accomplished without ushering in an authoritarian government.  An ambitious agenda?  To be sure.  But we must continue to strive for decency and respect for all.  Our children depend on us now.

Traditionalist Republican Opposes Trump

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Republican Control of Congress Increasingly Imperiled

Republicans are increasingly worried about losing control of Congress in the wake of numerous recent D. Trump controversies.  The New York Times reports today the searing division now playing out within Republican ranks is leading Democrats to believe they can and should commit new resources in targeted Senate and House races.

Republican fears in this regard and Democratic hopes are justified.

Republican Control of Congress Increasingly Imperiled

Monday, October 10, 2016

Trump Performance Called Disastrous

I must be honest:  Your Musical Patriot decided other activities would be better for his mind and soul rather than watching a debate involving the highly unqualified, impertinent, rude, and salacious Donald Trump.  So I read a book by an African-American doctor and listened to organ music instead. I was happy as a clam.

Fortunately, the Internet allows me to see just what I need to see to make up my mind about what happened.  Following the link below will begin to give you some idea of the tenor and content of the event.  (Whatever her relatively minor faults might be, I feel sorry for a former First Lady and Secretary of State having to participate in something like this.)

America can and must do better.  To wit, see my notice at the bottom of this post.

Trump Performance Called Disastrous

Musical Patriot in Transition

As we go into the closing weeks of this very long and excruciatingly painful election season, it is time for this blog to transition (back) to a forward-looking blog, one which tries to be constructive in building a better and more just United States of America.  I believe the U.S. to continue to be the best hope of the world, if her people's better natures can be harnessed.  I am looking forward to this change in focus.  

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Far-Right Xenophobia Defeated in Two European Nations

Here is some good news in the effort to oppose far-right xenophobia:
Two Successful Efforts to Oppose Xenophobia in Europe

Open Rebellion Among Republican Leaders

Mormon Newspaper Abandons Trump

Continuing to help you keep up with today's developments

Deseret News Urges Trump to Leave the Ticket

Keeping Up With the On-rush of Events

Briefly --

This link to The New York Times Twitter feed may be useful:

Election in Turmoil

Yet hope remains.

Is this not, after all, much like a reality TV show, a genre of which Donald Trump was once a part?  The most humane view of this crisis shows Trump to be just a normal person.  "I did something bad and now I have apologized just like my advisers told me to."  It is something like the rowdy bad-boy being sat down by his concerned roommates on reality TV and being given a good going-over.

But this is not just an ordinary person.  This is a candidate for President of the most powerful nation on earth.  We can and must do better.  Evidently, on Saturday members of the Congressional leadership still thought otherwise.

If readers are in any doubt about my position, it is still the same:  Stop Hate.  Dump Trump.

Good Washington Post editorial:
The Republican Party Re-considers

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Republican Opposition to Trump Grows

Americans should listen to the former Congressmen who write in a new letter that Trump is manifestly unqualified to be President.

This is what the pundits and media should have been saying unanimously from the very beginning.

That we have come so close to electing such a person is a travesty.  Be sure to read this article:

Former Republican Congressmen Oppose Trump

Donald Trump is a misogynist and egoist who is woefully ignorant of public affairs, lacking in patience and the judgment to be President of the United States.  

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Trump Represents Clear and Present Danger to Freedom of the Press: New York Times Journalist

And this goes directly, by the way, to why Donald Trump isn't getting the critical coverage he should be getting. He called me at home on April 27th to threaten to sue me. Some of the freelance articles that I have written were lawyered way beyond all reason, out of fear. And I've had two news organizations say, "We can't report that, because we're afraid that Donald Trump will sue us." This is an extraordinary thing for a politician to do. And the Supreme Court in this country has been very clear back to the 19th century that the highest and most protected form of speech is political speech. And this is all about -- falls under the rubric of political speech.

                                                            -- David Cay Johnston, author of The Making of Donald Trump

As Donald Trump threatens to sue The New York Times, courageous newspaper officials defend their actions to publish parts of his tax returns.

Via "Democracy Now":
Trump Endangers Freedom of the Press

Monday, October 03, 2016

The Character of Hillary Clinton

This wonderful video needs little additional comment.

First, as far as character is a component of the judgment process of any serious voter, this video tells much.  First is Hillary Clinton's seriousness about life, the political process, and the Presidency. Second, can anyone imagine Donald Trump speaking this way?  That is, can anyone imagine Donald Trump answering this question with this kind of clarity, depth, relevance, and sincerity?

It is time to be honest, America.

Thank You, E. J. Dionne

That a political party, a political system and a media blessed with broad constitutional freedoms have allowed a man like this to get so close to the presidency should be a matter for serious introspection.  And that introspection should start now.
                                                                                                    -- E. J. Dionne

The recent article by E. J. Dionne from which the quote above is taken is the media at its best. Mr. Dionne and a few others, mostly from The Washington Post and The New York Times, have led the way in calling out the media for their normalization of a man patently unsuited to the Presidency of the United States.  The media have not been the only ones playing this game.  Prominent Republican candidates have been playing the game, too, notably Christie, McConnell, Ryan, and Giuliani.

The Post's editorial yesterday addressed to any remaining undecided voters was an excellent advice book for unaware citizens who might yet be tempted by the Trump show.  The article linked to below is a good prelude to that editorial.

Voters in Ohio Offended By Allegations of Trump's Tax Evasions, Legal Or Not

According to a blockbuster report in The New York Times this week-end, Donald Trump declared a nearly $916 million operating loss on his 1995 tax return and would have been entitled to elimination of tax liability for multiple years as a result.

Voters in Ohio were questioning Trump's actions as Hillary Clinton prepared to visit the state.

The Washington Post  has more:

Ohio Voters Question Alleged Trump Tax Evasion

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