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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Latest from Greg Palast on Vote Recounts

At this link --  Greg Palast on Vote Recounts -- Greg Palast clears the air regarding the up-coming vote recounts in the mid-west.

Palast puts it bluntly:  the recounts are not about Russian hacking.  The main issue are so-called spoiled ballots, or "spoilage."  This occurs when computerized scanning devices mis-read ballots.  This happens all the time, according to the experts.

We all need to keep close eyes on this process.  I realize how tempting it is to get caught up in the Trump "transition" -- cabinet choices, policy announcements and all the other accouterments of an in-coming President.  Yet there is only one problem.  No one has been elected yet.  Merely a technicality, you say?  The forth-coming recounts may show why this matter is no mere technicality.  

Trump Has No Legitimacy, No Office, and No Mandate

Donald Trump, a man unfit to be president, is not yet the president-elect. He is a president-in-waiting until the 538 members of the Electoral College cast ballots Dec. 19. 

This is the article I have been waiting for from Huffington Post.  Finally, someone else has said it:  Donald Trump is not the President-Elect -- yet.  If ever.

Donald Trump Is Not Yet the President-Elect

 W E   M U S T  R E S I S T   T R U M P  

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

No Democracy, No Loyalty

Esteemed investigative reporter Greg Palast has done yeoman's work in helping to make clear the election of 2016 was vastly dishonest.  Earlier posts here have delved into this subject.  What we are faced with is a clear-cut attack on democracy.  The attack has a face:  D. Trump.

But Trump has backers.  Other sources have detailed some of these backers, though I personally have yet to see a detailed report on this subject.

It is clear that the Trump campaign and now erstwhile and supposed Presidency was planned.  Such things don't simply happen in politics.  What were the quid pro quos  involved in this crime?  And who is to be held accountable?

In coming days I plan to place here resources which you may consult to understand better how we got to where we are now.  For now, rest assured that as the Good Book says,  "Beware.  Your sins shall find you out."  This is true of each one of us.  Let's hope the pearly gates have a very wide berth for miscreants such as we.  

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Fact-Checking the Discussion on Green Party-sponsored Recount(s)

From 'Resistance' to 'Contested'


5:52 p.m. --

A phrase from the Civil Rights movement of many years comes to mind:  "Keep the faith, baby!"

5:00 p.m. --

Frantically looking for MSNBC's AM Joy embed so I can post it here.  For now, check here:

4:45 p.m. --

In this panel of my blog I will begin fact-checking the rather astonishing news that the Clinton campaign is joining the re-count in Wisconsin.

First, media persons are talking about whether the intention is to "overturn" the election results.  Of course it is not, nor can it be an attempt to "overturn" anything.  The purpose is to establish whether there has been a fair and verifiable vote.  As readers here know, it has been my contention for weeks that Donald Trump has yet to be elected to anything.  It is not just a matter of allegations of election stealing.  For the fact of the matter is Hillary Clinton incontestably won the popular vote.  And the Electoral College has not yet met.  If you have been following this blog you already know that there has thus been no vote for Trump.  What I have said so far is simple truth.

It is long past time for the experts to enter the field.

Coming soon -- video on this subject.  

What a Difference One Weekend Can Make

From 'Resistance' to 'Contested'


While all Americans were enjoying various activities surrounding turkey and football;  and some were celebrating an election "victory" and others were mourning a "loss"  -- who knew clever Dr. Jill Stein was planning what ends up being an assault on the bogus Trump take-over of the Executive branch of the United States government?

Further, while media was sparkling over the expected Trump ascendancy (such as the "Entertainment Tonight" palavering);  and others were filled with indescribable dread over that same ascendancy -- an effort to simply count the vote (much as in 2000) was being put together by the Green candidate for President.  With the Clinton campaign now officially supporting the effort, suddenly a Trump presidency no longer seems like quite such a sure thing.  

If Mrs. Clinton and her campaign can learn from the mistakes of 2000, such as not focusing only on computer anomalies and instead looking at the whole range of voter suppression efforts, we may see an uncovering of the stealth election of 2016 at a minimum, and a different President at the most.  

As in 2000, we again go into uncertain territory.  The difference this time is we have now been down this road twice in one lifetime.  Let's hope the outcome is more honest this time, no matter what one may think of either candidate personally.  

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Jill Stein Acts Presidential

Urges Vote Recounts in Three States

Will the efforts to contest the vote counts in several states stop Donald Trump from entering the White House?   We cannot know for sure, but absolutely an investigation must be held.  

Jill Stein Urges Recounts

Romney for President -- 2016?

Some people think it would be a good idea


See original post from November 21, below.  

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Trump Election Still Not a "Done Deal"

For nearly two weeks this web log has carried a banner claiming Trump has not been elected to anything.  This is true.  Even more astutely we can say Trump has not been elected to anything by anyone.

Now comes a new effort to deny Trump the majority in the Electoral College throwing the election into the House of Representatives.  The article below helps explain why this would not be the worst thing.  Democratic electors are working to elect a compromise candidate -- someone other than Hillary Clinton.  

Normally, of course, we would avoid sending the election to the House.  But the idea now is to cause a re-assessment of the Electoral College as an institution.  

I still support the Electoral College.  The best solution is to do all we can to establish a fair and just economy, not one ruled by oligarchs who can dictate elections, no matter the method of voting.

One thing we definitely do not want to do is mandate electors to vote for the "popular vote winner."  Such a requirement raises the question of who would certify that the vote was fair, untainted, and legitimate.  Such a certification this year is clearly impossible.  

But under these emergency circumstances any responsible suggestion for upsetting the illegitimate Trump parade is welcome now.

Effort to Deny Trump Victory in the Electoral College

Investigative, statistical reference for this post:   gregpalast.com

Why not forward this article to your concerned friends?   

Resistance to Trump Now Organizing on Multiple Levels

Quickly --

After getting over a certain level of shock, all kinds of people are beginning to organize to neutralize Trump politically.  We are in a more hopeful place than we were two weeks ago, with much much work to do.

The hope starts here:

Obama Group Plans Resistance to Trump

Monday, November 21, 2016

Romney for President -- 2016?


Via Princeton Election Consortium --


Not likely to happen, but if just 36 GOP electors flipped to, say, Romney, it would go to the House. The “faithless electors” would, at most, face a fine. They have basically nothing to lose. Romney would easily win in the House; he’d get all the Democrats and all but the most insane Republicans. American democracy would be rescued from the scrap heap of history....
Just putting it out there.

The Enemy Now is the Profit System In All But Name

Almost two weeks after the sham election of 2016, the anti-Trump movement is clarifying its mission and honing its weapons of resistance.  In what is really an amazingly short period of time organizers have correctly identified the lost central issue of this election year:  the economy.

While the Democratic Party built an electoral strategy around pursuing marginalized groups -- and to that extent had the right idea -- the new movement seeks to make the economy the central issue, no matter what one's background.  The article here puts this into clear language, a very helpful thing.

From this point on, it is hard to see the corporatized version of the Democratic Party leading the way.  It must now be new leaders.  I am ever so glad to see these leaders begin to emerge.  It is going to be most interesting to get to know them and hear what they have to say.

Strategy for Permanent Anti-Trump Movement Emerges

N.B.  As with almost all articles appearing now, it is taken for granted that Trump "won" and Clinton "lost."  Readers here know this is not the case.  But let us not miss the import of the anti-Trump movement, one which is getting it right on the matter of the economy.  This in and of itself is a major step forward.  

Friday, November 18, 2016

Note to Readers

The Musical Patriot in Transition

This blog shall be in transition over the next several days.  With the second "defeat" of a Democratic candidate for President who yet had won the popular vote -- all in only sixteen years -- it is time to see what is best for this blog in terms of format and content.  

For now America enters into a serious time.  There are new dangers and new challenges.

And yet, for all this, Americans are still essentially a good-spirited people.  

The main problem is the lack of information.  This is the fault of a profit-oriented media, set up more along the lines of entertainment now, than education and honest news-reporting (with a few exceptions, of course).

This blog was not in existence in 2000, the last time there were major allegations of election-tampering.  And make no mistake there was election tampering then and now, as well as in 2004 and beyond.  

For those who come here regularly, you shouldn't fear.  I will be around.  There is a week-end coming which will allow some time for reflection.

In the meantime, The Musical Patriot  will remain up.  And I expect I will be posting again next week as pertinent information arrives at my desk.

Thanks for your interest in The Musical Patriot.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Word Is Out: The Election WAS Stolen -- for Trump

Throughout the US election campaign one of The Donald’s main refrains was   “this election is rigged.”Turns out this particular Trump election rallying cry wasn’t a lie… Well, not entirely.

                                                                                                      -- The Economist

Here is another telling of the story of the stolen election of 2016.  Before the trail runs cold we must find out just who was behind this hideous distortion of the right to vote.

I have written of Greg Palast's work before.  He is a diligent watchdog of a reporter.  And it is clear, that as in 2000, what we had last week was a stolen election.  Yet, the people knew who the stronger candidate was and voted for her, even though she was deemed not personally popular.  (Was this an election for high school homecoming queen?)

As the Trump transition sadly collapses, Americans and the world deserve the facts as reported here:

Now More People Know: This Election Was Stolen --- for Trump

Please share this article with everyone you know.  

Anti-Trump Protests Roll On With No End In Sight

Marchers protest Donald Trump in Washington, D. C. recently
Protests over the declaration that Donald Trump has been "elected"* continued for a seventh straight day on Tuesday in locations across America.  CBSN has more below.

Protestors of the peaceful kind are to be congratulated and thanked most heartily for their brave and timely demonstrations against the vitriol spewed by D. Trump in the recent campaign over the last year and a half. (year and a half!)  

It seems that whoever thought of the possibility of protests after last week's sham election did not anticipate them being led by high school students.  I have been fairly amazed at the clarity of statements coming from student leaders in places like Washington, D.C.

And yet this should not be surprising, for students in that area would be most profoundly affected.

There is still time to stop Trump.  Only a citizenry mesmerized by the media would think otherwise.  Such thinking is myopic and stiffened into calcification by disinformation, including, perhaps, from Russian sources.

Protests Entered Seventh Day Yesterday

*Donald J. Trump has been elected by no one to anything.  In its simplicity, this statement is true.  the people elected Hillary Clinton as the best of the two leading candidates.  And the Electoral College has not even yet met.  With new turmoil in the Trump transition, there is no iron-clad guarantee they will end up voting for him in the end.  These are strange times, and strange times father strange events.  We shall wait and see.

Photo courtesy Counterfire 

Monday, November 14, 2016

Maryland High School Students Walk Out of Class to Protest Trump

America Divided



Quick Links -

Students in a Maryland high school walked out of classes this morning to protest the ascendancy of Trump.   

Washington Post Text:
Maryland Students Walk Out of Class, Head to Downtown Silver Spring

Maryland Students Stage Walk-Out to Protest Trump
most of video is cinema verite

N.B.   I am grateful to all peaceful and purposeful protestors who are busy protesting the implementation of a Trump Presidency.  Trump is a misogynist, has a history of fraud and deceit and is a sexual predator.   

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Protestors Swarm I-395 Tunnel In Washington, D. C.

Here is good video of protestors in Washington, D.C.   It is obvious this is a peaceful protest by people who have every right and reason to protest the hideous Trump so-called victory.

Coming Soon on The Musical Patriot:  Anti-capitalism set to become driving force of the new left

Friday, November 11, 2016

Greg Palast Has More Information on the Stolen Election of 2016

Critical Information on Republican/Trump Dirty Tricks

[Be sure to scroll down for special video.]

Sometimes it is difficult to understand how there can be evil in the world.  In fact, certain philosophies and religions have denied even the concept of evil.  

I, however, make no such denial.  Evil is real, all right.  And we must know it in order to confront it. Our very lives depend on this.

The link below provides absolutely crucial information about the Selection of 2016.  Greg Palast says there is more work to be done but it is already clear to him that Hillary Clinton did indeed win the election.  We must decide who is right:  Greg Palast or the dissemblers in the media who are so busy "explaining" how even the exit polls could "be so wrong."  

A must read.  

Latest Up-date from Greg Palast on the Stolen Election

NBC Video: Thousands Protest Trump in U. S.

Contains invitation to "Join" video channel  

Thousands Protest Trump Across U.S.

Election Fall-out

Brief Status Up-date

I am sorry I was not able to be on line yesterday.  However, today I will be trying to catch up on the fall-out from the election.

The biggest news are the demonstrations now occurring from coast to coast protesting the alleged Trump win.  I use the word "alleged" for this reason:   Technically and in point of fact Trump has not yet been elected to anything.  As I wrote a couple of days ago some may call this a technicality.  However, in the case before us now, the person who won the popular vote is being denied the office.   The merits of the Electoral College can be debated;  I have been a supporter of retaining the Electoral College.  

At any rate, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote and the Electoral College has not yet "met."  Therefore, if anyone can be said to have won the vote it would be Hillary Clinton.  There are many facets to this including all kinds of issues such as "unfaithful electors," and vote certification (which has not universally happened).  It seems that  the votes in California have not even been completely tallied and will not be until December!

Thus the protests against Trump are not only right, they are timely.  The New York Post even wrote about the possibility of electors voting for someone other than the popular vote winner in their state, something which apparently is legal in enough states to make Hillary Clinton President -- the Hillary who won not only the popular vote but a sizable number of Electoral College votes.

The most important consideration is the allegation made by the highly esteemed reporter, Greg Palast, that this was in fact a "Jim Crow" election.  I'll have more on this in the future.  For now you may visit his web site at < www.gregpalast.com  >.

The matter of the protests is likewise something I will be reporting more on.  I am very, very grateful to those persons who have peacefully protested this travesty of an election -- an election which resulted in a truly unbelievable result.  

The Not My President Hashtag on Twitter

Image Courtesy gregpalast.com

Wednesday, November 09, 2016


Source:  New York Times

Blogging the Election

Up-date:  Clinton Lead in Popular Vote Remains at 1.2% ("New York Times")

From Wednesday morning --

Rush Post 

An election system designed over 200 years ago, aided and abetted by the media and other factors has once again declared the loser of the popular vote to be the President-elect.  The New York Times is reporting that Hillary Clinton leads the popular vote by 0.6%.   

It is extremely unfortunate that a Democratic candidate who wins the popular vote is forced to concede before all the facts are known.

Just what do I mean by "all the facts?"  First notice that I am saying all the facts are not known at this time.  What we do know is that respected reporter, Greg Palast, an American investigative specialist and writer for the Guardian has reported that he has in his possession a list of 100,000 names drawn up by the Republican Secretary of State of a major battleground state -- names of people who have been targeted for elimination from the voting rolls.  Let that sink in for a moment -- 100,000 persons who otherwise would have been able to vote.  

This issue of voter suppression will be a matter I will be looking into today and beyond.  

Until the picture is clearer, it is far from certain that Trump is entitled to an Electoral College victory. But certainly he has not yet gained a popular vote victory, to say the least.

Live "New York Times" Vote Feed

Greg Palast Reports:
Ohio Stolen?

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Nice, Live Vote Projections from The New York Times

Live Vote Projections

watch especially the shifting Senate control needle

Recommended Live Vote Count

Here is what Princeton Election Consortium recommends as a good site for tracking live polling results state by state.

Live Vote Count

Rep. Nancy Pelosi Is Interveiwed

Leader Pelosi is beautiful in both substance and appearance.  And by appearance I mean her appearance of character and caring, her smile, and the glint in her eye.

She says our democracy can survive even a candidacy likes Trump's.

She further says the Democrats didn't "message" their positions properly.

Blogging Election Night Coverage 2016

First, I am very happy to say I am grateful for the live streaming of PBS Newshour coverage of the election results tonight.  

Having said that, it is my duty to offer critique.  So, some calls have already been made.  I must report there are no results, no candidate photos for anyone else but Clinton and Trump.  Just saying (as they say!).  

"Nation" Magazine Editor Says Media System Broken

Katrina vanden Heuvel
Along with the famous Andrew Sullivan article in Atlantic earlier in the year, this article by Katrina vanden Heuvel is among the best of the 2016 election season.  I do not wish to duplicate all her main points here because she has stated them so very powerfully.

She says essentially what I have been saying: the media malpractice of 2016 has in itself become a campaign issue.  And she further says what few dare say:  the reason for the malpractice is the wrong motivation of the media.  That is, if it doesn't improve ratings -- read, climate change, health care costs, education concerns -- it doesn't merit coverage.

On the other hand, if it involves vitriolic accusations (the e-mail non-issue), bedroom activities (Trumpian behavior), or violence (Trump rallies), the media is "there" in a flash.

As vanden Heuvel says, serious examination of the media must begin tomorrow.  Or in my case, today.

Media System Broken Says "Nation" Editor

Clinton To Be Named Queen?

Fantasy Satire

May 17, 2017

The National Monarchist League yesterday released a poll showing a bare majority of Americans -- 50.999% -- favor naming Hillary Clinton Queen of the United States after months of partisan bickering in Congress.  

Republicans, who have long pilloried Pres. Clinton, have taken obstructionism to new levels by drawing numerous lines in the sand over the budget, Supreme Court and other court nominations, as well as pet policy in the White House.  A hellacious row ensued, after the Presidential dog ruined a set of 1809 drapes hanging in the Red Room.   Congressmen from "red" states were particularly outraged over the executive canine's misbehavior.  

The Monarchist League, which promotes royalty as "a salve" for emotionally wounded Americans, reported huge growth by its various formerly unknown chapters in 48 of the 50 states.  Washington, D. C. has no monarchist chapter and is the only place in America with an operating democratic (small "d") chapter.  Some monarchist chapters have grown from only two or three members to twelve to thirteen, a ten-fold increase.  

Manufacturers of tiaras and purple robes are said to be delirious over the polling results, as they have seen their business suffer ever since the Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776, sealing the fate of King George and every other English king and queen to follow.  

Mrs. Clinton, whose husband is a descendant of royalty, said at a White House dinner this week that this is only a normal division within a marriage.  However, observers note that she never specifically disavowed royalty in her 2016 campaign.

For his part, Dan Rather went on Twitter to write this about the proposal to crown Hillary Clinton Queen.  "Just tell me where to line up and bow down."

Republicans are astonished that their intransigence has had the opposite effect of limiting Clinton's power.  In fact, it appears more likely than ever that her power will be greatly enhanced when she can follow Queen Latifah to the throne of glory.

                                                                          -- 30 --  

The Voter's Diary

Just back from voting

I have just finished my public duty of voting in the federal election of 2016.  The process was quick, a little intimidating, but mostly pain-free.  The voter identifying process was a bit painful as this was never required in years past.  Also, having to show my I.D. twice instead of once seemed unnecessary.  The purpose seemed to be to keep anyone without an I.D. from even entering the polling place.

Otherwise, the ballot itself was simple, of the optical scan variety.  I was able to vote a straight party ballot (though not because the ballot was set up this way).  I also made my choice on two proposed state Constitutional amendments.

Now that the voting part is over I am looking forward to a nice holiday season.  I am also hoping certain politicians can remember what is truly important in this life and what is of secondary importance.  Our country is important, but of more importance is our way of life, our values.  To the end that voting reinforces our values, may today be a day of purpose and -- to the extent possible -- pleasure.  

Hillary Clinton Shows Style and Grace on Election Day

Blogging Election Day 2016

Multiple videos at this Washington Post link:

Hillary and Bill Clinton Vote This Morning in New York

Long Lines May Indicate High Turnout

Long lines early on this voting day may indicate higher-than-expected turnout.

Election Day Special

Election Day History and Customs

from The Old Farmer's Almanac

There's even an election cake recipe

After an unbelievable election season featuring the most unqualified candidate ever put forward by a major party, we begin Election Day with a respite in the time of storm.  The article below is interesting and fun.  There is also a link to the origins of several holidays.  

Monday, November 07, 2016

Hillary Clinton Campaign's Final Days: A Video Photomontage

Courtesy of Huffington Post.  

Hillary Clinton, Arts Advocate

Essentially totally lost amid the hub-bub and fear of this unprecedented American Presidential campaign are the candidates' positions on the arts.  I have no idea what Donald Trump's position is on the arts, but a bit of research reveals Secretary Clinton to be a strong supporter.  In fact, I am astonished at the breadth of her support over the years.

In fact she has been awarded a prize for her support of the arts.  You can read more at the fine notice here:

Hillary Clinton on the Arts

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Comey "Clears" Clinton -- Again

FBI chief Comey, who rocked the political world last week with a letter to Congress about supposed new Clinton e-mails, today announced those e-mails were inconsequential as far as any crimes were concerned.  This was no surprise to those who may have closely read the coverage in The Washington Post. 

Yet damage was done to Mrs. Clinton.  Not only did it do damage to her campaign, but it added to the hyperbolic maelstrom of malcontent from the Republican camp.  Already there is scurrilous and wild talk of impeaching a new President Hillary Clinton, despite a total lack of any high crimes or misdemeanors.

It looks like this is the kind of scathing take-no-prisoners approach to politics from Republicans which we may have to endure after the election.  Yet, it is completely unnecessary.  

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

American Democracy At Risk

Washington Post reports on Russian involvement in U.S. election

Today's Washington Post  reports on the American media's witting or unwitting participation in Russian attempts to influence the U.S. election.  

Eric Chenoweth of the Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe writes about the WikiLeaks release of "information" from the private e-mail accounts of persons associated with Hillary Clinton.  The first alarming thing is the statement that WikiLeaks has acknowledged trying to defeat Hillary Clinton.  The second item of major concern is the evidence that Russian actors have been behind the hacking of the e-mail accounts.  

This whole issue is deserving of much, much more attention than it has so far received.  The matter is profoundly urgent.

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Comey Must Go

In a democracy, everyone is entitled to his opinion as they say.  And my view is that James Comey must resign as head of the F.B.I.  While information about the latest fiasco over the seemingly interminable e-mail issue continues to leak out, it is clear Comey behaved irresponsibly and has grievously harmed the reputation of both the F.B.I. and the Justice Department.

Coming as it has so close to the election there is no remedy but for Comey to leave.  The Boston Globe and others now agree.

We can thank Mr. Comey for his service and admit that Republican politics have affected him adversely.  But his latest non-disclosure coming so close after his summer press conference on the same issue means the nation must have a new start at the F.B.I.   What we need now is an individual who values the country's needs above his own personal needs.  

Comey Must Go: Boston Globe

Featured Post

Bill Clinton Warns on Rising Nationalism

Rush Link -- Bill Clinton on Rise of Nationalism