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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Anti-Trump Protests Roll On With No End In Sight

Marchers protest Donald Trump in Washington, D. C. recently
Protests over the declaration that Donald Trump has been "elected"* continued for a seventh straight day on Tuesday in locations across America.  CBSN has more below.

Protestors of the peaceful kind are to be congratulated and thanked most heartily for their brave and timely demonstrations against the vitriol spewed by D. Trump in the recent campaign over the last year and a half. (year and a half!)  

It seems that whoever thought of the possibility of protests after last week's sham election did not anticipate them being led by high school students.  I have been fairly amazed at the clarity of statements coming from student leaders in places like Washington, D.C.

And yet this should not be surprising, for students in that area would be most profoundly affected.

There is still time to stop Trump.  Only a citizenry mesmerized by the media would think otherwise.  Such thinking is myopic and stiffened into calcification by disinformation, including, perhaps, from Russian sources.

Protests Entered Seventh Day Yesterday

*Donald J. Trump has been elected by no one to anything.  In its simplicity, this statement is true.  the people elected Hillary Clinton as the best of the two leading candidates.  And the Electoral College has not even yet met.  With new turmoil in the Trump transition, there is no iron-clad guarantee they will end up voting for him in the end.  These are strange times, and strange times father strange events.  We shall wait and see.

Photo courtesy Counterfire 

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