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Sunday, May 31, 2009

"Torturing Democracy": Torture in Pictures

Bill Moyers has recommended a new documentary on the subject of torture and I am in process of checking it out. It seems clear this is an important work.

In the meantime, Moyers' comments and those of other journalists referenced make clear in a fresh way that Americans have been lied to by the advocates of torture. Americans have, then, been victims of a propaganda machine the likes of which have never been seen in America to justify something deeply against our moral values.

Please join me in reviewing this film.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Is Obama Constitutionally Eligible to Serve as President?

The photo below and the article which is beneath it relate to the questions surrounding Barack Obama's eligibility to serve as President. We must get at the truth so our country can be at peace on this particular matter.

Remembering Our Soldiers

The Alamo at San Antonio, Texas. A total of 2831 U.S. military dead.
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Latest on Obama Citizenship Suits

Regular readers of this blog are aware of the lawsuits brought by Philip Berg, the former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania regarding the disputed citizenship of Barack Obama as it relates to his eligibility to serve as President. I continue to regard this as an important matter. The web site of Mr. Berg is referenced below.

Many questions about Mr. Berg and his effort can be raised. What is not in dispute, I believe, is his sincerity, his mental acumen, and his professionalism. Certainly he is passionate but I have never known him to act out of pettiness or to grandstand.

I urge you to see the latest news and to act as you see fit.


Monday, May 25, 2009

The World Rushes On

Work has kept me extremely busy of late. However, yesterday I was able to begin to catch up with current events somewhat. So I plan to have a longer post here soon.

Of special concern this past week has been the rantings of the former President of vice, Mr. Cheney. His tirade was a piece of work, as they say on the street. This man has an extremely dark view of the world. It leads to a disproportionate fear and then to fear-mongering. Who needs this?

I look forward to writing more later.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Torture Continues at Guantanamo

I strongly support an independent blue ribbon commission investigation of the U.S. torture of these years. These practices are so far out of the mainstream of United States political and legal thought as to amount to a subversion of the U.S. Constitution. They are also against all morality and the tenets of every major religion of the world, including Christianity.

According to the article referenced below, torture is still continuing at Guantanamo! This, in spite of statements to the contrary by President Obama.

A useful, most valuable up-dating on the issue of torture. This article, however, is not for the squeamish.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Nature Busy Springing

As nature springs into action, I have been busier with work than I have in several months. This is good for the pocket-book, but taxing on the body. So my posts have not been quite as frequent. I am starting a new temporary assignment tomorrow and am hoping that I will be able to get into a rhythm in the various aspects of my life, including this web log.


I am finished watching the dynamic BBC series The Nazis. A Warning from History. I will have more to say about this series later. However, I can say now that the concluding portion of the series did not disappoint with stunning video and a clear statement about the denouement of the Hitler dictatorship.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Nazis. A Warning from History, continued

Since my last post I have watched Parts 3-5 of the important BBC series The Nazis. A Warning from History. I have been taken from the early years of the Nazi regime through the development of the killing systems at the death camps. Throughout, the treatment has been thoughtful and quite complete in this format.

Notable is the feeling in the interviewer's questioning of former Nazis. The insistence of the questioner as he probes a former Lithuanian soldier who shot Jews is most appropriate.

As I have said before, we dare not let the horror of the Nazi killing spectacle dim. Documentaries such as this help us remember some of the techniques used by those brutish German fascists of the 1930s and '40s, and possibly avoid a repeat in our time.

Soon I will have more to say about this landmark documentary series.

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