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Friday, September 28, 2007

The War

"Every war is the war for those who fight in it." So said Bill Moyers moments ago on his Bill Moyers Journal. He was referring to the Ken Burns documentary The War being broadcast this week on the Public Broadcasting network. And surely the Iraq War is the war for the men fighting it.

We in America, living our lives with our own daily concerns, often act as if we are oblivious to the reality of death in the middle east. Death comes suddenly there, at night and at day, often with no notice, except for the awful spector which haunts and permeates the very air. I am speaking of Iraq but also of Gaza, of Lebanon, and any place which bears the terror of violence.

To say that we in the United States are fortunate is something of an irony, because our fortune co-exists with our complicity in a policy which has brought devastation to the country of Iraq. It is true that our leaders and our media have lied to us. Yet, unlike in Hitler's Germany we do have the means to get the truth. There is the Internet and there are alternative media. Of course, it is also true that most Americans must work very hard to pay daily and monthly bills. For them, researching world events is a luxury, even if they happen to have research skills.

Thus one must return to the culpability of the press and media. They are the ones who knew or should have known the rationale given for this war was bogus. They knew or should have known this war was illegal under international and U.S. law. Yet, the overwhelming majority opted for position and access to the Bush administration over the truth.

Even as I excoriate the press, I admit I did not do all I could have. Yes, I called my congressmen before the Iraq invasion to express my opposition to the planned attack on Iraq. Yes, I had an "Attack Iraq? No!" bumper sticker. I still feel I could have done more.

A guest on the Moyers program stated tonight that we are seeing the final failure of the Bush administration policy in Iraq as refugees from the forlorn country run out of money and are forced to return. This is a huge and virtually ignored humanitarian crisis which we in America must face.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Election 2004 Up-date

A pre-cursor to this blog was a series of e-mails I sent out beginning several years ago. These letters to friends highlighted items of special interest.

Beginning almost immediately after the Election of 2004 I began sending links to articles questioning the announced result of a win for George W. Bush. At that time such questioning was being done by very few people. I received criticism, some of it harsh, for raising the possibility of a stolen election. Now, almost three years later, I feel more like an excavator than a radical. That is, I am now more of a historian, rather than a firebrand.

However that may be, the issues surrounding a Presidential election which was the first to be debated by Congress since the nineteenth century are still current. In the article referenced below, writer Michael Collins looks at the election break-down. How is it possible, he asks, that in an election in which the increase in turn-out in big cities, historically Democratic-leaning, was 66 per cent -- how was it Bush did so well, causing him to win the election? The article is must-reading. In a future post I hope to connect the import of the Dan Rather suit against CBS (and corporate parent) with the Collins article.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Astonishing Allegation

I use the word "astonishing" in the title of this post in the context of Presidential history, not in the context of the history of the current Presidency. The allegation in the article linked below is right in line with other lies told by this administration. Who can still believe that this Bush/Cheney administration represents the American people?

Briefly, Keith Olbermann of MSNBC has alleged that Bush claimed an attack on the Capitol was imminent right before the vote to extend Presidential snooping. Surely, this is a new low in Presidential machinations. It is to be most strongly condemned.


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Events Are a Prelude to Consideration

Important events have been numerous during the last two weeks. This, along with a busy schedule, has encouraged me to take a bit of time for reflection.

During this time I have begun reading John W. Dean's new book Broken Government which contains solid research and many excellent points. I will have more to say about this book later.

For the time being, I have felt it wise to be more thoughtful than usual about my postings here. As things come clear I will certainly post my conclusions.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

News of My Schedule

My September schedule has turned out to be rather hectic and exhausting. Thus when I am not busy I am resting. Unfortunately, that has meant an absence of more than a week from this web log. My schedule will once again be busy throughout the coming week-end. However, if there arises some free time, I will attempt to post here.

It is clear from a monitoring of events that a great deal is going on in the political world. And even more is going on, one can assume, behind the scenes. The world is at a critical juncture. One must decide which side one is on and act accordingly.

Be well, dear reader.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day Snapshot

On Labor Day 2007, it is time to reflect for a moment on the state of workers in America and around the world. We know from statistics that the welfare of workers in the U.S. is at severe risk -- from out-sourcing, from stagnant wages, and from diminishing health care.

Such a state of decline is not accidental. Such conditions are the result of greedy company owners trying to maximize profits at the expense of workers in order to enrich corporate executives and stock holders. The stock holders do no work, yet claim a share in the fruits of the labors of the workers. Such a system, I have seen, is evil in intent and effect.

It is hoped that the coming year will see a stiffening of the backbone of labor and an increasing resistance to a system which is so injurious to the best interests of working men and women.

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