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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Suit on Obama Citizenship Goes Forward

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-- Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Friday, August 22, 2008

Suit Filed Against Barack Obama in U.S. District Court

Important News

Philip J. Berg, former Deputy Attorney General for the State of Pennsylvania, yesterday filed suit in U.S. District Court seeking an injunction to immediately halt the campaign of Barack Obama to be President of the United States. Mr. Berg stated his belief there was a high likelihood of success of the main petition which alleges that Barack Obama, a.k.a., Barry Soetero, etc., is not a natural born citizen of the United States.

I have been looking at this issue off and on for the last two weeks. I have consulted the government records office of the State Library of Virginia, < Snopes.com >, and have read the entire petition of Mr. Berg, as well as his supporting document, among other sources.

It is clear to me there are, in fact, unresolved issues regarding the birth of Barack Obama in light of his need to pass Constitutional muster regarding his citizenship. Whether these matters can and should be decided in a court of law is for the court to decide at this time. There are several aspects to this case which need to be discussed. Because I am rushing to post this, I will not be able to wade through all considerations.

For now, I will take up the matter of Sen. Obama's supposedly fabricated birth certificate. After consulting the web site of the Annenburg Foundation, it is not clear to me this document is actually a forgery as claimed by many. However, it is also not clear to me this document proves incontrovertibly that Barack Obama was actually born in Hawaii, or whether upon returning from Kenya after Obama's birth there, his mother simply sought a U.S. registry of his birth.

As for < Snopes.com >, unfortunately, I find their posted explanation to be incomplete and thus unsatisfying. They evidently attempted to pass judgment before getting all the facts, as presented in Mr. Berg's suit.

Again, I am giving a very brief summary here. Because of the importance of the Presidency and the importance of this election I urge everyone to at least read the complaint of Mr. Berg in full and his supporting document.

I hope to re-visit this issue soon.



Thursday, August 21, 2008

Clinton Delegate Contacted by Obama Supporter -- Audio Record

At the URL below you can watch an amazing audio and video record of a phone call of an Obama-for-President volunteer to a Hillary Clinton delegate.

The video speaks for itself.

It is an honor to bring this to you.


What Really Happened in Georgia

Thanks to the webmaster at "whatreallyhappened.com" for the following information on the situation in the nation of Georgia.

Remember that what started this conflict was that a still-unidentified artillery unit shelled a Russian camp killing ten men and wounding thirty more.

Such an act is a provocation that was guaranteed to produce a reaction from Russia.

Now, ask yourself why Georgia would do something that stupid.

Then ask yourself who else in the area had artillery.

I don't have answers to those questions. The main thing to remember is that under its constitution Russia was forced to act when its citizens were killed.

But the larger question is Why would Georgia create a crisis? What would be the purpose? And was any foreign power backing Georgia?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Clear Picture of the Political Landscape Now

Many thanks to the web log named "londonamerican01" for a most incisive commentary on the current political situation leading into the Democratic Convention (see link below or click on title above). Democrats are beginning to wake up to the realization that Barack Obama has quite possibly peaked in popularity and will never return to his previous heights. He simply is not succeeding in the battle with a semi-senile Republican near-nominee.

The newest thinking is that Barack Obama must pick Hillary Clinton for Vice-President in order to win. This would be a little like Catherine the Great marrying the King of Prussia. Who would be the true leader?

Thus, why don't the Democrats go ahead and nominate the person who would truly be the stronger candidate for President -- Hillary Clinton? Is there some other person? Joe Biden? Bill Richardson? Christopher Dodd, Jimmy Carter?! How about Dennis Kucinich, my choice in the Democratic primary?

It should be plain the only alternative to a weak Barack Obama is Hillary Clinton. I have several criticisms of Sen. Clinton, foremost of which was her support of welfare "reform" in 1996, a plan which lead to great suffering among the poor. But the Hillary Clinton of 2008 seems wiser, smarter, and more capable. Is the real reason she is not the nominee her willingness to take on big business interests, especially big oil? Is her opposition to big oil the reason for foreign money flowing to Barack Obama?

Floor gendarmes are not going to discourage members of PUMA and the Just Say No Deal coalition, who have the power of the Internet at their disposal. With new television commercials by The Denver Group set to air this week-end, it seems clear the true nomination battle is only just now beginning to heat up.

Long live American democracy!


Clinton Floor Whips -- Developing Story

So far, I see no reference on my favorite pro-Clinton web logs regarding this fairly amazing story of Clinton floor whips at next week's Democratic convention (see earlier posts).

I do feel certain that any attempt to "control" certain Clinton delegates will likely fail, though I never did take too seriously the possibility of raucous behavior in the first place. And I am quite certain that the PUMA movement will not be brow-beaten into changing their stance that Hillary Clinton should be the nominee for President. (In an effort to be complete, there are members of the PUMA coalition who claim not to be fighting for this goal, but a more general one of voter empowerment and keeping the Democratic Party democratic. Also, a minority of PUMA members claims they will vote for John McCain in November.)

When a person wins the popular vote and enough delegates to deny any other candidate the nomination outright, it is clear that candidate deserves to be treated with respect. The same is true of the delegates pledged to that candidate. Through a certain process of struggle, those delegates are slowly earning more respect and a measure of decency at this planned convention.

A certain beautiful turmoil is now roiling the Democratic Party as a result of an attempt by party leaders to squelch any remaining embers of the Clinton candidacy. That this effort has failed should be as plain as the nose on your face.

Update on Clinton Floor Whips

The report regarding Clinton floor whips (see post below) is from The Politico. You may click on the title above or cut and paste the URL below.


Hillary Clinton Floor Whips to Whip Supporters Into Line

Web reports say Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have agreed to the establishment of floor whips for Hillary Clinton at next week's Democratic convention. The rather confused report I read at Yahoo News said the floor whips would make sure Clinton delegates do not go too far in their demonstrations and upset a unified front coming out of the convention. The report also seemed to indicate the floor whips would pass out Hillary Clinton signs to supporters.

I will post more when the matter becomes clearer.

Coming soon: Democratic Convention Planning Confused

Monday, August 18, 2008

Participate in the Survey -- A Reminder

Please be sure to look at my survey and participate if you wish. This timely survey helps us all think about America's options now. You may wish to look over this web log first to get some ideas about what others (including the author) think about current issues.

In any event, all conscientious citizens are warmly encouraged to participate. Simply click on the title above or cut and paste the link information shown below.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer

I think each of these words applies to our summer here in America. Your blog author has been on vacation and is now beginning to catch up here. Please check back for more postings soon!

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