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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Michael Moore's Five-Point Program

Resistance Can Be Planned

It is still not too late to demand that Congress reject the illegitimate and even illegal electoral votes in key battleground states -- states where votes were suppressed in at least nine different ways according to Greg Palast.

Let us do what we can to continue to make friends aware of the stolen election and to have them concentrate efforts on Congress.

Then, we can use Michael Moore's program as Plan B.  

Monday, December 26, 2016

Last Chance to Stop Trump Through the System?

According to the careful research of experienced reporter, Greg Palast, what happened in November was a stolen election at the level of the federal officers, including the President.  References to his stellar work can be found on this blog.

There remains one more way to stop a Trump Presidency under normal procedure.  That is for Congress to reject Electoral votes on January 6 in sufficient numbers to send the election to the House.  The House would then have to elect a President.

Normally an optimistic sort, I must admit that unless people become aroused enough to demand such a procedure there leaves little other option for stopping the mogul from Manhattan, except...

There are always miracles, of course.  And believers should definitely be praying for a miracle now.  Miracles do happen.

Second, the public can bombard Congress and the White House with petitions for action to stop such a dangerous person from becoming President.

Third, and crucially important -- yet often overlooked -- the media must help get the word out about the voter suppression tactics used by Republican operatives in this and other elections.

Fourth would be a mass political movement of the Arab Spring type.

So, there are possibilities.  Perhaps we could start with the first objective above.  There isn't much time.  We must begin forthwith.

Congress Can Reject Electoral Votes

N.B.  For those interested in fairness, there is also strong evidence that Bernie Sanders won California in the primary there.  

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Best Wishes for the Holidays

Whatever your faith, I wish for you, dear reader, the very best at this time of the year.

N.B.   The Musical Patriot is on partial holiday.  Posts will appear as warranted.
Thank you for being a loyal reader of The Musical Patriot.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Pro-Trump Electors Prove Faithless

Is non-violent civil disobedience next?

Contrary to the popular use of the term 'faithless', those in the Electoral College who today voted for D. Trump are showing their lack of fidelity to American values -- including one person, one vote;  the rule of law, including equality before the law;  the U.S. Constitution including freedom of the press and religion, and the emoluments clause;  respect for those less fortunate including the sick and the disabled;  contempt for veterans such as John McCain;  contempt for women;  contempt for study;  contempt for the desires of the American people for a stable world politically.  

[More content coming soon.]

Abolish the Electoral College?

If the U.S. Constitution is a work in progress, that would include everything in it, including the Electoral College.  And in a very real sense, this blog post can only be a part of the process as well.

For I believe that the Electoral College as it now functions can certainly be looked at.  However, abolishing the Electoral College in favor of a simple popular vote needs to be looked at very carefully -- much more carefully than it has so far.

It is tempting and indeed it as alluring to consider a system which seems to extend democracy to an area perceived as undemocratic this year, as in 2000.  However, my study of the issue so far indicates that while modernization may indeed be in order to address a more urban nation, outright abolition may not, in fact, be the answer.

Among my concerns are the problem of certifying the vote.  With strong and credible allegations of a stolen election this year, how can we be sure the vote that is announced is correct, especially in a close election.  Who would do the certifying for a national office such as the Presidency?

As for this year, should the Electoral College vote for D. Trump, America's demagogue, the results must be challenge before Congress, which has final authority over accepting of rejecting the votes of any state.

What I am presenting today is only the tip of the iceberg, of course.  But I do believe rather than a wholesale abolition of the Electoral College, better to get big money out of politics.

More on this subject coming.  

Sunday, December 18, 2016

"Saturday Night Live" Spoofs the Trump/Putin Liason

Why the Electoral College and Its Members Supercede State Law

This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.
                                                              -- Article Six, U. S. Constitution

Citizens urged to stop harrasing Republican electors

Fine article and interesting comments:
Important: An Elector Speaks

[This post is under construction.]

Opposition to Impending Trump Presidency Continues to Build

Rush Post 

Somewhat surprisingly from my point of view opposition to a Trump Presidency has built to something like a fever pitch in some circles over the last several days.  Protests were already in the works and this preparation seems to have laid the groundwork for a swelling of public outrage over Russian influence over the election as well as Republican dirty tricks.

If Americans were really so distressed over a Hillary Clinton Presidency why is she now leading in the popular vote by around three million?  And with Dr. Jill Stein and Greg Palast doing such good work in exposing Republican voter suppression tactics, especially in battleground states, it is evident that Trump won no Electoral College vote.  This has been particularly true since the Electoral College does not vote until tomorrow.

And now come polling results that indicate a majority of Americans want a delay in the Electoral College vote until the truth about alleged undue Russian influence on the election is understood better.*

The article below, though a bit wordy, gives a good summation of all the reasons why D. Trump, even if selected by the Electoral College or even the House of Representatives, would be illegitimate.

Any Trump Presidency Could Only be Called Illegitimate

YouGov Poll

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

How the Electoral College Can Save America from Trump

Lawrence Lessig is the best writer on the subject of the Electoral College I have run across on line.  This well-reasoned article is a very clear and useful essay on what the Electors can and should do to stop the worst aspects of fascism from entering the White House.

Our current situation is a national emergency.  Today's New York Times article on Russian interference in the U.S. election process demonstrates this amply.  It is past time to take this matter very seriously.

We can start by forwarding the article below to friends and family.  Then we can take to heart the admonition to create an energy from the bottom up, so our leaders will be forced to do the right thing.  Let us be non-violent, but let us act with all due dispatch.

The Electoral College Can Save America from Trumpism

Just Thinking

Why do ever so many journalists, pundits, and activists persist in using words such as "likely/unlikely," "probable/improbable," as well as "odds," and "chances"?   An example:  It is very unlikely, such as such will happen.

I have checked the dictionary definition of "likely."   It leads to "probable," which itself leads to other words such as "speculation."   Thus, saying something is "likely," is akin to merely speculating.  Of course, speculations do often turn out to be correct.  But often they are not correct as in "It is very unlikely Donald Trump will be nominated by the Republican Party."  

What we need is a little less speculation, and a little more action.  
Coming Soon --

More on how the media has let us down, and a few instances provided the information which can save our democracy.  

Sunday, December 11, 2016

New Tool for Contacting Electors


Rush Link --

The link above will take you to a site offering a quick link to the e-mails of members of the Electoral College.  I advise investigation of this web site as it could prove quite useful.

Note:  One should treat members of the Electoral College with the same deference one would treat a sitting member of Congress.  Also, if you decide to write to protest D. Trump, please do proof-read your document carefully.   (Just a suggestion from Prof. Patriot.)

President Obama Tells Us What Is at Stake If Obamacare Is Repealed

Anti-Trump Effort in Electoral College Continues to Grow

Effort Slow But Steady;  Already Tops Previous Record Number of Electors

An elector in California has become the tenth member of the Electoral College to join the anti-Trump effort in that important voting body, Politico has reported.  This is said to be the largest number of protesting electors since 1808.   

Every effort must be made to oppose Trump.  This is clearly a time for courage, and Elector Vinz Koller of California is leading the way.  

Hitler Could Have Been Stopped

It is commonly known that various nations in Europe -- Britain, France, and Russia -- could have stopped Hitler.  What is less often understood is that Hitler could have been stopped within Germany itself.  This from a 2009 article by John Hawkins on Hitler from the Town Hall web site.

There are other reasons why Hitler was able to come to power, other than the ten given.  One I can think of immediately, is an economic system which emphasized power from the top down.  There are also deeper psychological reasons.   Some of these are explained in an article I link to in "Best of" here.

Reading this article, I see a clear similarity to the U. S. now.  What a pity.  And yet, I believe we still have time to stop an autocratic demagogue, if we only will.  Let us be about the business of looking deep, and finding that will.

Ten Reasons Why Hitler Came to Power

Friday, December 09, 2016

Quick Post --  (via Patriot in Exigency)

The recount effort in three states initiated by Jill Stein and the Green Party continues the fight to review the highly questionable Presidential election results in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.  In spite of attacks from Republicans, Dr. Stein is refusing to give up.

Details here:
Jill Stein Recount Struggles Through

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

'Hamilton Plan' Gets a Hearing and a Convert

The plan of the self-named Hamilton Electors is getting a hearing in the larger press and public, including now The Washington Post.  The main tenet of Hamilton's that the electors should meet in toto, may or may not happen.  However, the idea that the Electors have the right to do so, or at least communicate with each other and develop a strategy already seems to be settled.

This only bodes well for the democracy.  The latest development is a Texas elector who says he will not vote for Trump.  Salon calls this gaining steam.  I call it at least gaining a little steam.  At least it is a step in the right direction and this is already a far cry from the days immediately after the election in which the ringing (and false) proclamation that Trump was the "President-elect" was off-set by courageous and patriotic young people who had another view and were willing to take to the streets.

Now with Trump spitting out new proposals in haphazard fashion, unnerving friends and foe alike -- both domestic and foreign -- business leaders have begun to voice concern about what they regard as inappropriate meddling in their affairs.  Whether or not this is true, Trump seems to be "transitioning" on the fly.  There is little rhyme or reason to his "madness."

Is this already prelude to a fall?

'Hamilton Plan" Gains

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Representatives Urge Investigation of CrossCheck Program

Avid readers here are aware of Greg Palast and his investigation of the infamous Crosscheck program.  This program claims to identify individuals who have voted in two different states.

Rep. Alcee Hastins says, however, that standards are too loose resulting in disenfranchisement.

Several U. S. Representatives have written to Attorney General Loretta Lynch asking for an investigation of this program which appears to break federal law.

We must demand this matter be investigated and exposed forthwith.

Article page includes link to petition.

U. S. Representative Has Asked for Investigation of Crosscheck Program

Monday, December 05, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Judge Orders Michigan Recount to Begin at Noon

Happening Now in Michigan

A judge as ordered the recount in Michigan to begin at noon.  

For the time being the recount effort seems to be the best way to bring some truth and sanity to our country's political mess.  

Judge Orders Michigan Recount to Begin

Sill With Hill

Readers may be interested in the Daily Kos fund-raising effort associated with a petition to urge Hillary Clinton's election in the Electoral College.

America's system of government is in peril and her economic system is on trial.  The latter will be the focus of a coming post.

Daily Kos Pro-Clinton Fund-raising Effort

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Trump Campaign Hits Back Against Recount Efforts

2000 Redux

The Trump campaign has filed a slew of lawsuits attempting to stop the full counting of votes in key swing states.  Read more here.

Trump Campaign Goes All Out to Stop Vote Counts

N.B.  The reference to Bush v. Gore appears to be wrong.  In that Supreme Court decision the Court specifically stated that its rationale applied only to this particular case and no other.  At least that is what was reported at the time.

Greg Palast Gives a Good Up-Date on the Vote Recount Situation

Trailer for "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy"

Friday, December 02, 2016

Hamilton Electors to the Rescue!

Alexander Hamilton, U.S. Founding Father



After more than three weeks of demonstrations, hoo-ha, and angst, finally comes a movement that can do real good -- the Hamilton Electors.  

While it would have been far better for the Republican vote-suppression effort to be exposed -- and indeed it is still not too late for that -- this effort on the part of electors of conscience to save America from a demagogue is most admirable indeed.

I must leave this issue for the moment in order to beat a dead-line.  But I trust the following link will be of value to you.

God bless America!   

Hamilton Electors Seek to Thwart Trump Presidency

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Bill Clinton Warns on Rising Nationalism

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