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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hillary Clinton Withers Trump on Mexico Trip

Trump Stumps -- in Mexico

From CNN's Breaking News today --

Here is some background on D. Trump's improvisatory trip to Mexico today.  The world should not be fooled that this is some kind of foreign policy success.   --   DT  

Some Polls Have Presidential Race Tightening...

...But -- "Read the small print."    

Polls can be uncertain even as polling techniques have improved over the years.  Thus, any article about polls from journalists should be read critically.

However, this article from The Hill is useful, particularly in the way it describes the "unfavorability" ratings of the two major candidates as a "wild card."

The reader is advised to read all the way through the article, as the news gets better toward the end.  

Note:  Donald Trump is a demagogue -- arrogant, ill informed, ethically challenged.   He remains decidedly unprepared for the White House.  For these reasons he represents the most dangerous gamble in American Presidential electoral history.   

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

If Black Lives Matter (And They Do) There Is Much to Lose With a Trump Victory

In this moving and informative article a representative person of color speaks convincingly about what he has to lose if Donald Trump were to win.

What does he have to lose?  In a word: hope

Highly recommended.

What Blacks Have to Lose

Monday, August 29, 2016

Democrats Encouraged By Republican Weakness In Some Suburban House Districts

Quickly --

The New York Times is reporting Democrats are seriously considering expanding their list of targeted House districts this fall as Donald Trump's slump shows signs of being long-lasting.

Should new Democrats taking seats in the House of Representatives lean centrist and/or left, a President Hillary Clinton could find some success with her legislative priorities.

More here:
Democrats Look to Expand House Gains

Sunday, August 28, 2016

TV Co-Host Makes It Clear: Trump Advisor Has Crossed a Line

I respect Mika Brzinski very much for her comments regarding the statements by a Trump advisor advocating violence.

Trump is a radical fringe candidate of what is now essentially a fringe party, formerly known as a legitimate political party, the Republican Party.

"Morning Joe" Co-Host Clarifies What Is At Stake in Current Presidential Election

Friday, August 26, 2016

Trump Campaign Manager Faced Charges of Domestic Violence

Rush Link

According to a Politico report, new Trump campaign manager Stephen K. Bannon was charged by a Santa Monica, California, prosecutor with acts of domestic violence and attempting to dissuade a witness.

Bannon, Trump campaign manager

The charges, filed in 1996, were later dropped when the victim/witness, allegedly Bannon's then wife, failed to appear in court.


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Clinton Campaign Planning to Run Out the Clock

The Clinton campaign is working on a calculated strategy to simply run out the clock until November when she will win the Presidency despite any continuing controversies regarding her e-mail server or the Clinton Foundation.

The Clinton masterminds are betting that Americans are sick of the e-mail server issue particularly.  And the Clintons have already addressed to some extent concerns about the Clinton Foundation by limiting donations from questioned sources.

It does seem voters are fairly set in their opinions of both Mrs. Clinton as well as Donald Trump.  With Hillary doing better in the polls on essentially every issue, Trump the Horrible would have to do much better.  And in my book he still is not an appropriate candidate for any major political party.

Hillary Clinton Planning to Run Out the Clock

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

History Shows Trump Charges of Election Stealing Are Very Dangerous

via Patriot in Exigency --

The Republican Party must act responsibly and put a stop to ridiculous, dangerous charges of election stealing by Trump.

And immediately is not too soon.  See why below.

Washington Post Columnist Says Republicans Must Put a Stop to Trump Election Stealing Claims

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Clinton Campaign Warns Against Complacency

Seasoned politicians know complacency can be a killer when it comes to elections.  Currently, the "Brexit" vote is being held up as the most recent example of an unexpected outcome.

From my own vantage point, I agree very much with the warnings.  It is most unwise to underestimate any Republican attack machine.  And although late in coming, the Trump television ad campaign which has started is a sign the fall election will not necessarily be a romp for Mrs. Clinton.  The article attached here gives some examples which I won't repeat now.

Suffice it to say that supporters of Hillary Clinton will indeed need to stay very engaged with wallets open in order to secure the Presidency.

Clinton Campaign Warns Against Complacency

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Continuing Turmoil in Trump Campaign Land Not a Good Sign for America

Latest shake-up a foul omen

As details of Trump's latest campaign shake-up spill out, Trump clearly steers a return to his darker side.  Whatever reasons are being given for the new leadership arrangement, the more ominous facet of Trumpism comes once again to the fore.

Trump's Latest Campaign Shake-Up

Hillary Clinton Cautions Against Campaign Complacency

Quick Link --

Mrs. Clinton once again demonstrates her experience and savvy with campaigning.  She knows the pressure must be kept on when millions of dollars are being used against her.  Wise advice from Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton Cautions Against Complacency

Monday, August 15, 2016

No Crystal Ball

At present I am trying to digest and amalgamate the various articles available on the Presidential election.  Two old (trite) sayings come to mind:  1)  Don't count your chickens until they're hatched;  and 2)  It isn't over til it's over.  Please forgive the tired sayings but I am presented with the need to be complete in my thinking and analysis.

Something tells me it is not wise to call this election over.  However, I must say up front there is good reason to believe in the soundness of the average American voter's ultimate sanity when presented with a character as dangerous as D. Trump.  It goes without saying on this blog that he should never have been nominated.  There is truth in the assertion that the Internet as a political force snuck up on the pundits.  Thus, a candidate wielding a Twitter account could lambast and even drive a news cycle -- at least during the Republican primaries.

Tweeting, or "twittering" as I sometimes prefer, isn't working so well for D. Trump anymore.  He is clearly at sea when it comes to a general election with its various constituencies and rapidly swirling contingencies.

So how seriously should we take this Trump candidacy?  I contend it should be taken very seriously.  It should be taken seriously enough that very vital efforts should be made to defeat him.  At the same time, nodding to the Bernie Sanders supporters -- who had a point, we must look at our whole system and figure out how a person of this ilk could have made it so far.

This is, then, a rather circular post trying to assess accurately the Trump challenge.  I plan to have more to say on this in future days.  

Friday, August 12, 2016

Campaign Shocker: Clinton May Be Competitive in South Carolina

In the past week I have followed new polls showing Hillary Clinton leading in South Carolina.  Some have even wondered whether Alabama might be the next competitive Southern state for the Clinton campaign.

Now comes word of a poll by Public Policy showing Clinton closing the gap in South Carolina, a state comfortably won by Mitt Romney four years ago.

With southern roots in Arkansas, Mrs. Clinton appears to be doing something Jimmy Carter did a generation ago -- peel off Southern States for the Democratic ticket.

Of course, one poll does not prove much of anything.  However, coupled with recent polling in bordering Georgia, as well as North Carolina, it appears that Trump is simply too wild for many in the South.

Clinton Competitive In South Carolina According to Poll

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Retired Republican U.S. Senator Strongly Urges Republican National Committee to Replace Trump

Gordon Humphrey, former U.S. Senator and a Republican, has urged the Republican National Committee in no uncertain terms to replace Donald Trump as the head of the national ticket, citing yesterday's comments by Trump on the Second Amendment.

As Edward R. Morrow said once of the situation with Joseph McCarthy, McCarthy was simply taking advantage of a situation of fear created by others.  Have we not reached the same point with Trump?  If Republicans cannot make this change do they not become complicit in continuing to float a dangerously erratic and morally challenged candidate?

Senator Urges Republican National Committee to Replace Trump

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Trump Second Amendment Comment Called Veiled Threat

Rush Post --

Trump comment on second amendment people easy to misinterpret.  Or was the threat intentional?

NBC has more:
Second Amendment Comment Called Veiled Threat

Utah Less Than Reliable For Trump?

For at least several weeks now reports of Utah's less than robust support of Trump have been percolating up from the salt sands of that scenic western state.

Now, from The New York Times comes a new report of deep misgivings by Mormons remembering terrible persecutions in decades gone by.  Trump's anti-Muslim rhetoric sounds all-to-familiar to Mormon ears.

Could Utah vote for a Democrat for the first time since 1964?  Common sense says if it could happen then it could happen this year.  But how long is the road to a Clinton victory in Utah this year?  The Times, at least, claims concerns about Trump are growing by the day.

Utahans Struggle With Trump's Anti-Muslim Rhetoric

Nuclear Weapons Still a Critical Issue

The link below leads to an important article on nuclear weapons in our time.  With an Obama proposal to "modernize" nuclear weapons there is concern of a new arms race.  This article is several months old, yet it does give a good picture of the issues involved as well as Hillary Clinton's stated concerns about a new arms race.

With concern about Trump's mental stability in light of the vast nuclear arsenal of the U.S., it is most wise and prudent to consider the difference between a Trump administration and Mrs. Clinton's stewardship.

Nuclear Policy Under a Hillary Clinton Administration

Donald Trump, having secured the Republican nomination by undemocratic means, is an illegitimate candidate for President and thus should not be normalized in any way.  

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Bernie Sanders' "Revolution" Said to Be Continuing

Details and comment coming soon

Bernie Sanders "Revolution" Continuing

Hillary Clinton Appears to Be Broadening Campaign

Could Mrs. Clinton be broadening her appeal rather than deepening it?  If recent polls are correct, Hillary Clinton appears to be expanding her base of support from the expected large Democratically-oriented states to states which have most often been Republican in recent years, such as Georgia and Arizona.  Other states may be coming into play as well, according to Clinton campaign sources as reported in the article below.

It remains to be seen, of course, how deep her support will end up being.  But for now, it appears Trump is still reeling following last week's series of gaffes.

Trump's only major bright spot is in the fund-raising department.  This could still spell trouble for Mrs. Clinton.

Hillary Clinton Campaign Reaching Out

Donald Trump, having secured the Republican nomination in an un-democratic manner, remains an illegitimate candidate for President.  He is also manifestly unqualified in other ways for the most important office in the world.

Friday, August 05, 2016

Democrats Attempting to Destroy Trumpism.

A Worthy Goal

With a convincing Democratic convention behind them and buoyed by recent positive poll numbers Democrats are beginning to focus on not only electing Hillary Clinton President, but making sure a Donald Trump never arises again.  This is a worthy and much-needed goal.  

At the same time, Clinton supporters are wisely refusing to rest on their laurels, and are instead preparing for an unpredictable ride to the White House.  In politics almost nothing can be taken for granted.  

So while there is every reason to believe Mrs. Clinton can be elected, her victory must be earned.  Fortunately, professional Democratic operatives seem to know this.  

Democrats Want to Destroy Trumpism

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Trump Campaign Disarray Said to Be Worse Than Generally Known

Trump speaks to Republican Party Chairman Preibus at Republican convention site early on afternoon of acceptance speech.

Reports of Trump campaign disarray go back at least six months.  One gets the picture of a campaign eternally on the edge of despair and dissolution.

This week reports of the Trump campaign in virtual chaos have reached a crescendo.  There is even a report (which I can believe) that the possibility of the Republican Party replacing Trump on the ticket is now "on the table."

And why would they not replace him?  The reason given is that unless members of Congress feel they are about to lose control of the institution they will continue their support of Trump as their candidate.  But this job of continuing to shill for Trump has been getting harder by the week.

Something will have to be done.  As I have said here for many months Trump should never have received the nomination.  Now that he has it, he seems in danger of losing it.  That would be good for the country, and good for the Republican Party.

Summary of Reports of Trump Campaign Disarray

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Court Strikes Down North Carolina Voter I.D. Law

Quick Link --

Federal Appeals Court rules against North Carolina legislature's attempt to restrict African American voting.

 Via Sojourners Online:
Court Strikes Down North Carolina Voter I.D. Law

Monday, August 01, 2016

Monday Morning Reconnoitering

Polls are showing an average pick-up of around 7% for Hillary Clinton following the Democratic Convention last week.  This represents a "bounce" from her previous averages.

But what of the supporters of Bernie Sanders?  How are they feeling?  Where will they place their trust now?

The article below gives a good summation of the situation regarding the left flank of the Democratic Party.  I sympathize with the Bernie Sanders supporters.  At the same time I see no point in supporting Jill Stein for President.  We simply cannot afford another debacle as in 2000.  

But supporting the movement for social justice must continue.  There are many ways to do this.
For now we can be glad that at least the Democratic Party platform includes several of the Sanders' proposals on health care and college tuition.  At least it is a start.  Now it is up to all of us to continue the effort for peace and economic fairness.  But a Trump in the White House is simply inconceivable.  We must fight for justice while being smart about electoral politics at the same time.

Where Do the Sanders Supporters Go From Here?

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