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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Was John McCain Just Elected by the Supreme Court?

At the article referenced below, respected voting rights activists Harvey Wasserman and Bob Fitrakis present evidence showing the recent Supreme Court decision upholding Indiana's voter I.D. law makes the selection of John McCain as the next President much easier. I do not claim to be a voting expert. However, I have spent over forty-five hours researching the election of 2004, especially in Ohio, and believe the election was indeed stolen for George W. Bush by various means.

While this may seem surprising and implausible to some, what was truly surprising to me at the time was the almost total lack of questioning both by and of the major media. Even the first real Congressional contest of a Presidential selection since the nineteenth century was only marginally covered. Today, there is more questioning of the so-called mainstream media than ever before. This questioning is natural, healthy, and justified.

There are other articles on this subject at the web site referenced below and I invite the reader to make up his or her own mind.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Getting a Perspective on History

On this primary election day in Pennsylvania, my mind goes back to the past two Presidential elections and the shenanigans attending them. That there was foul play in both I am quite certain. And my readings tell me that it is unlikely we will have a clean election in 2008 either. Thus, while I very much respect the democratic process in principle, in practice what we have in the U.S. now is not democratic, nor is it much of a process.

And so, while I still believe it is important to vote, it is clear much more needs to be done than simply running candidates and having people show up at the polls. For starters, there must be free air time given to credible candidates. (And, especially early in the process, the meaning of the term "credible" needs to be expansive.) Next, corporations must be barred from participating in any way in the voting process. Third, our voting needs to be brought up to international standards, something which is not now the case.

We are now just beginning to get enough distance from the elections of 2000 and 2004 to begin to put things into perspective. It is important to do so in order to avoid being misled as the "election" of 2008 approaches. For several fine articles with details about the election of 2004 see the hyper-link below.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Historic Speech of Vice-President Al Gore

Here you will see excerpts from an important speech by former Vice-President Al Gore. In this speech of January 2006, Mr. Gore speaks passionately about the need to restore Constitutional government in America.

Although the Democrats have regained control of Congress, much work remains to be done for there are still numerous tyrannical laws passed secretively by the former Republican-dominated national legislature. Many of these laws have been described here in previous posts.

Contained in Mr. Gore's comments is a call to action. A specific set of actions is not delineated here, though he does give something of an action plan in his book, Assault on Reason from 2007. In any event, surely we have the means to effect an important change. The question is whether enough people understand what is at stake. I tend to agree with the Vice-President that a new day can be at hand provided we follow through on the knowledge already available. This democracy can and must be preserved in our time.

Truckers Protest

Truckers across America are rising up in protest against not only high fuel prices but high prices in general as well as government bail-outs of big businesses such as Bear Stearns.

In this video you will see something of the protest in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, on March 31. In coming days, I plan to write more about this important protest movement.

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