Let it be borne on the flag under which we rally in every exigency, that we have one country, one constitution, one destiny. -- Daniel Webster


This web log was established in 2006 as a reaction against the far-right take-over of the federal government. George W. Bush was continuing in office for the sixth year in a row and the Iraq War was raging with no end in sight.

Early in the history of the blog, I discovered and watched a video entitle Theologians Under Hitler. This lead to my reading of the book which pre-dated the video. (I have the United Methodist Church to thank for learning about the video.) Watching the video and reading the book lead to a series of posts on a subject few people are aware of -- the appeasement by several well-known theologians of Adolf Hitler. I thought the analogy to the present day was apt and said so.

In 2008 I reported on the controversy over Barack Obama's citizenship. At a time when it was particularly difficult to engage with this issue, I insisted that -- at a minimum -- there needed to be better safeguards in place to make sure the Constitutional requirements for holding the office of President were being met. Partly as a result of this controversy I supported the effort to keep Hillary Clinton's name in play at the Democratic Convention. History records back-room dealing (not unusual at conventions) to make sure there was no challenge to Obama from the candidate who won the most popular votes in primary season -- Senator Clinton.

A milestone occurred in 2010, when I joined the launch of Kachingle, a support network for bloggers. To date I have a half dozen supporters who help keep the blog on the Internet.*

Most recently, I have been watching the Battle for Wisconsin, an epic struggle against big-money interests and average working people in the state which essentially birthed the Progressive movement. As I write this the fight goes on, with Republican leaders risking any oath of allegiance to the Wisconsin state Constitution.

*N. B. June 2015:  Kachingle's original model as a direct support mechanism for bloggers has been shut down for several years. 

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