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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Still, Still Here (After All These Years)

One Twitter post read, "Is there a card that says Hillary Clinton won?"  (or words to that effect).  I'll skip over for the moment the outrageously mean-spirited comment of the Head Bird about the Oscar announcement fiasco.  (See CNN for details on the unfortunate incident.)

There may not be a literal card announcing Clinton as the winner, but regular readers have certainly read the news here.  Those who have followed the links to Greg Palast also have the evidence.

Think about it for a moment.  Would Americans really take leave of their senses in common-sense states such as  Michigan, and Pennsylvania?  After everything that was said and happened in the campaign of 2016?  And after exit polls (which record the statements of actual voters) clearly showed Hillary Clinton winning not only the popular vote but the Electoral College as well?

The only truth which matters is the actual truth.  And sometimes it takes the actual truth a bit of time to catch up with actual people.  We are in the early weeks of the process.

Lest there be any doubt:  Hillary Clinton won the Presidency, just as virtually every poll before and after the fact said she would.  But don't take my word for it:    gregpalast.com

Friday, February 24, 2017

How Republicans Stole Election 2016

And How They Plan to Steal the 2018 Mid-terms

from Patriot in Exigency --

Here is video of Greg Palast's talk on the Stolen Election of 2016 webcast live last evening.  I had the privilege of watching the live event.  Intermingled with requests to support his work, the webcast was a valuable re-telling and up-dating of the events surrounding the stealing of Election 2016 by mostly Republican operatives in some thirty states.

Particularly valuable was information about how they plan to pull the same stunts -- and more -- for the 2018 mid-terms, starting now.

A must-see.

Video of Greg Palast Talk on The Stolen Election

Monday, February 20, 2017

Protest Music Said to Be Spreading Like Wildfire

A new wave of protest music is spreading like wildfire across the industry, from viral videos to awards show stages.
                                                                                                       -- Vanity Fair

A wide variety of musical artists has begun protesting the new Administration in Washington, according to Vanity Fair.  From chart toppers to Indie pop, musicians are raising the alarm of a presidency out of control.  

It is a sign of the times that barely a month into this new tenure, there are already serious questions about how to bring the Administration to an early end.  And musicians are not merely hopping onto the bandwagon, they are leading it.  

God bless our long line of protesting musicians from Woody Guthrie to today.   

Protest Music Spreading Like Wildfire: Vanity Fair

Note:  Musical examples have not been previewed.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Colorado Newspaper Fights Back Against Scurrilous Attack

 If politicians can get away with undermining legitimate publications, we won’t have a press for the First Amendment to protect.

Quick Link --

Newspaper Fights Back

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

White House Turmoil Reaching Crisis Proportions

Television news viewers as well as newspaper readers in the United States are already aware of the resignation of the National Security Adviser.  Others around the world may not be so aware of how serious is the turmoil surrounding the White House at this time.

The Musical Patriot for several reasons has decided to shy away from the turmoil at this time.  One reason is that all this was predicted by so many before the election.

The main issue remains the stolen election of 2016.  That is the story that must be reported on.  The good news is the main facts are already available.  Brad Blog, for one has covered this story as has Democracy Now. 

As one writer has said recently, Trump has never served in government before.  And he promised to shake up Washington.  We should not be surprised to see the current turmoil.

Lest I leave on a note of cynicism:  the current tumult can be prelude to constructive change in America.  Indeed, I believe it will prove to be exactly that.  

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Interest in Democratic Socialism Surges: Report

Quick Link --

Finally, some good news amidst the murk.

(More comments to follow later.)

Democratic Socialists Experience New Energy

N.B.  Military leader Trump stole election 2017 according to respected journalist, Greg Palast.

The Musical Patriot does not recommend turning over buses but does support certain of the aims of democratic socialism.    See linked article.   

Friday, February 10, 2017

Who is Really Responsible for Trump Now?

We need to stop talking so much about what Trump will do and begin speaking in terms of what Congress lets him do.

Ezra Klein, Vox

Of course we should be concerned about what Trump does, says the author.  And yet it is Congress which has the power to stop Trump under our system.  

The public must continue to pressure Congress to stop Trump.   The article below tells just how they can stop Trump.  

So, what can we the people do?  There are many things.  One thing which can and should be done -- peacefully! -- is marching with the names of our offending Representatives and Senators on signs all over their districts.  We must publicly hold them accountable.  

As other specific ideas arise I will share them.  

This blog is committed to non-violent action to stop the stealth military leader from proceeding with all Draconian, un-American plans.  

Renewed Interest In 'Fascism'

I am interested in letters in today's Washington Post criticizing a writer who had denigrated renewed interest in the subject of fascism after our new military leader came to power.  This shows the letter writers are thinking clearly and have the correct passion.

Then I found an article from last month's Post which quite clearly shows that D. Trump is a fascist; not in the sense of a Hitler or a Mussolini, but in the more general sense of a person who believes in a strong government directly supporting a strong business elite.  This article says very well what I have been trying to say for months.  

Let us not allow the word "fascism" to scare us or anger us.  We must bear witness to the truth and act according to our consciences.  

Washington Post contributor: 

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Good Web Site For News of Military Leader Trump

For those wishing to keep up with news of the designated commander of the military Trump, the following web site is doing a good job.


N. B.  D. Trump as president is the result of a stolen election as told of by Guardian journalist Greg Palast:   www.gregpalast.com

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Still Here In These Important Times

It appears at this time protests against the leader of the military are only beginning to heat up, and his supporters are not particularly rushing to defend him.  This is beginning to create a certain situation of slide in the Executive branch of government.

Wanting to be careful in these important times, I am avoiding panic and reading up on events as warranted.  With so much going on it is difficult at times to know just what to write.  Since my steadfast position is that President No. 44 (not counting Cleveland twice) is not legitimate, the only reason for delving into all the machinations in Washington is to paint a picture of disarray leading to the peaceful removal of a usurper.  We see now that not only is it important to get our elections right for the sake of accuracy and simple decency, it is eminently practical as well, for a President without popular support is dangerous for the health and safety of the nation.

God bless America.

Friday, February 03, 2017

Musicians Speak Out About Muslim-nation Travel Ban

Partly in honor of my blog title -- 

musicians speak out about what is essentially a Muslim ban by the designated chief commander of the U.S. military.*  This is an important notice.  As with most web sites, I cannot vouch for the comments section.  Anyone offending by profanity should avoid it.  For this reason, those under 13 should not access this web page at all.  

Bravo for our musicians!

Musicians Speak Out About Muslim Ban

*The Musical Patriot is adopting this term for the new stealth occupant of the U.S. White House.

Resistance and "Rebel Alliance" Movements Gaining Traction

Minnesota Republican legislators must be running scared if they have to pass a measure in committee to punish protestors by requiring them to pay for supposed law enforcement costs.

Meantime, also on Daily Kos, a poster sees many hopeful signs.  I haven't had the chance to check out the claims made about the ACLU.  At any rate the post is hopeful.  I thought you would be interested, dear reader.

If memory serves, Anthony Romero of the ACLU just pointed out a couple days ago that there is a big difference between today and Nazi Germany.  In Nazi Germany there were no large protests against the Fascists, so the Fascists largely reigned unchallenged.  Today, protestors are making news standing up to the Herr Twitler fascist administration and the local GOP fascist administrations, which helps to encourage others to join-in or otherwise support the protestors.

There are large numbers of people who will join the Rebel Alliance so long as they see strength in numbers and not sticking their heads out alone [sic].  The same was true in Nazi Germany, but there was never a public movement strong enough to create a critical mass big enough to attract those who didn’t want to stick their heads out on their own.

There are huge positives going on.  The ACLU reported they received more donations in a single day than they normally receive over a couple years.

  --   Smeagel4T

(lightly edited for clarity)

The Method and Purpose Behind the Madness

Rush Link ---

More soon.

What Is Really Happening in Washington

Wednesday, February 01, 2017


Justin Trudeau for President of a new United States and Canada

The Advantages

  • He has a working, sound mind.
  • He is still young and good-looking.
  • He has a different heritage (?) and can unite disparate groups.
  • He honors people of different religions rather than disparages them.
  • He was elected legitimately by the people.
  • He still has a certain level of respect of his people.
  • He has the respect of the international community.

The Disadvantages

  • He wasn't born in the U.S. (?)
  • He is still young and good-looking (see above).
  • He doesn't own wonderful, luxurious hotels all over the world.

Thus, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.  

Hoc est verum.  

(Secret language to mystify those who need mystifying.)  

We the People Struggle to Regain Control of Civil Discourse

Rogue Group of Bloviators Threatens Democracy

Since I have written much on this general topic here already, I may possibly be excused for brevity now.  When we have a former head of Breitbart News in a powerful position in the White House, it is hardly necessary to have a far-right presence in the ether zone.  But, of course, we are plagued with it anyway.  This "right-sphere" is justifiably criticized for being a threat to our civil discourse, and thus our form of government.  Many examples can be given, including "white supremacy" groups (for which Bannon has espoused affinity).

This situation has caused John Dean, former White House counsel, to express deep worry that Trump the Terrible will be able to get away "murdering" the Constitution.  (My terminology.)  Yet, I believe the American people can rise to the occasion with an organizing effort and with sustained work to resist Trump.  We should start with the fact that the Election was stolen for Trump.

But why and by whom?  That is the coming investigation needed by America.  This investigation must start at once.  

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Bill Clinton Warns on Rising Nationalism

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