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Just Published
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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Still Here In These Important Times

It appears at this time protests against the leader of the military are only beginning to heat up, and his supporters are not particularly rushing to defend him.  This is beginning to create a certain situation of slide in the Executive branch of government.

Wanting to be careful in these important times, I am avoiding panic and reading up on events as warranted.  With so much going on it is difficult at times to know just what to write.  Since my steadfast position is that President No. 44 (not counting Cleveland twice) is not legitimate, the only reason for delving into all the machinations in Washington is to paint a picture of disarray leading to the peaceful removal of a usurper.  We see now that not only is it important to get our elections right for the sake of accuracy and simple decency, it is eminently practical as well, for a President without popular support is dangerous for the health and safety of the nation.

God bless America.

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