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Monday, February 20, 2017

Protest Music Said to Be Spreading Like Wildfire

A new wave of protest music is spreading like wildfire across the industry, from viral videos to awards show stages.
                                                                                                       -- Vanity Fair

A wide variety of musical artists has begun protesting the new Administration in Washington, according to Vanity Fair.  From chart toppers to Indie pop, musicians are raising the alarm of a presidency out of control.  

It is a sign of the times that barely a month into this new tenure, there are already serious questions about how to bring the Administration to an early end.  And musicians are not merely hopping onto the bandwagon, they are leading it.  

God bless our long line of protesting musicians from Woody Guthrie to today.   

Protest Music Spreading Like Wildfire: Vanity Fair

Note:  Musical examples have not been previewed.

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