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Friday, March 31, 2017

Legal Advisor Urges Caution in "Bathroom Bill" Brouhaha

Quickly --

Up-date on transgender bathroom access:

The article below contains an important caution.

Word to the left:  Let's not get ourselves divided for no good reason.

"The Hill" Pundit Advises Caution in Bathroom Bill Controversy

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Research Up-date

Your author is busy with matters musical and (increasingly) beyond.  With most of the world having assumed our military leader has inhabited the Oval Office through legitimate means, all kinds of people are chasing this story and that, this issue and that, to the limits of strength and energy.

Your Musical Patriot has decided not to go on this kind of foray. I have, however, continued to monitor the more thoughtful writers on our world stage, as well as useful research articles on most any subject.

Our current circumstance is necessarily creating the need for a major re-adjustment.  This re-adjustment includes reassessing values and purposes regarding U.S. politics especially.

Where this is all leading, one can hardly say with any certainty.  But I have a sense it is leading somewhere and with the American people more and more engaged politically, there is a sense events are leading in an ultimately good direction.

So your patience, dear reader, is solicited.  When things settle down a bit more I hope to have a better focus and even modus operandi.  Until then I plan to continue researching pathways of knowledge, here, there, and everywhere.  Later, we shall meet again, now enlightened and perhaps refreshed.   

Friday, March 24, 2017

A Departure: The Right to Privacy for Minors

Without delving deeply into the matter of transgender persons (a complex subject), I thought the document at the link below might be of interest.  Perhaps it may even be useful to some.

Transgenderism and all such related issues have become a "hot topic" in the media lately.  It is not a subject area which reaches the top of my list of important matters for this blog.

However, the subject is still within the bounds of the original purpose of this blog:  to examine all issues of public policy.  And since both Time and even The National Geographic have had recent cover stories on the issue, it seems all right to at least provide a resource here.

The document below is intended for parents who do not wish their children to be subject to mandated sex-integrated activities or forced into traditionally sex-segregated facilities in schools.  The bill referenced is a California law advancing the perceived rights of transgender students in traditionally sex-segregated areas such as locker rooms and rest rooms.  

Suggested Declaration of Right to Privacy for Students

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Up-date Experiment Underway

In visiting The Musical Patriot today you may notice a [slightly] changed look.  I am doing some work on the blog format.  Rest assured, this is the same author and blog host you have known.

As you likely are aware the world of the Internet continues to develop and evolve.   I have for some time sought a somewhat different look for the blog.  I am researching new tools and presentations.

Meantime, I am reviewing the news of the day and will be posting new content soon.

Thank you for being a reader of The Musical Patriot.  

Monday, March 20, 2017

FBI Weighs In

As you can read elsewhere on the Internet, FBI Director Comey has today announced officially that the FBI is investigating the matter of Russian influence upon last year's election in the U.S.

He has also said he has seen no evidence substantiating claims that President Obama ordered wire-taps of Trump Tower last year.

This all adds up to news of the most important kind.  And it appears so far that, thankfully, the Russian matter is not being made into a partisan issue.  That would be extremely dangerous for the unity and stability of our country.

As for the wire-tap allegations, this issue may end up in an impeachment effort should it come to that. If so, I, for one, would not object.  

Friday, March 17, 2017

In Honor of National Women's Month

Promoting Physical Education Among High School Girls

There appears to be enough evidence of a decline in interest in physical education among girls for a closer look at the issue.  Studies are showing that only some 20% of girls elect to continue physical education classes after the mandatory course-work is completed.

As explained in the linked article here, the reasons are not difficult to understand.  One thing left out of the article are members of either sex who do not fit the norm;  that is, competitive girls, and cooperation-minded boys.  We know that such individuals exist.

Overall, however, the article tries to be fair to both girls and boys.  A worthy goal:

Promoting Girls' High School Physical Education

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Far-Right Dutch Party Fails to Meet Expectations

The most telegenic far-right Dutch candidate, Wilders, has failed to lead his party to victory in Dutch parliamentary elections yesterday.  Portions of his message, however, have been picked up by other parties.

The strength of alternate rightist parties is said to be making it harder to form a government in the Netherlands.  More on the vote is found below.

Reuters report:
Dutch Vote Splinters

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Announcement Share: For Your Interest

March 15 Fundraiser
to support Greg Palast’s new investigation
of Trump’s Billionaires

Join Jackson Browne
to honor
Greg Palast
and his team’s new investigations of
Trump’s billionaires and the plan to fix the vote of 2018

With discussion of the attack on voting rights by 
Joy Reid of MSNBC
and the need for investigative reporting 

WHEN: Wednesday, March 15 at  6:00pm PTWHERE:  Santa Monica, CA
Wine and Buffet
Performance by Jackson Browne
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
"Lives in the Balance" | "Running on Empty"

We are facing a democratic emergency:
Our purpose is to expose and prevent the theft of the election of 2018—and the billionaires who have turned The White House into a profit center.


This looks to be a very worthwhile event for anyone in southern California tonight.  Our democracy is indeed in crisis.   

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Impeachment Talk Building

Is this a good thing?

Those of you have been reading this blog regularly know it happens to be my position that the U.S. must deal with the issue of insecure elections.  It was heartening to me to see that several writers to the local paper yesterday agree.

In coming days I hope to have more on this.  But for now -- a search last evening for "impeach Trump," yielded far more articles on line than I was expecting.  The movement is beginning to show signs of taking on a life of its own.

But is this a good thing?  Quickly, I will say I welcome all legal and non-violent opposition to Trump as president.  However, if we think it through, we will see that with impeachment we would get Pence as President, a man who has advocated for a theocracy!  This would not be much of an improvement, if any.

How long must we continue to engage in fantastical thinking?  Why is it so hard for people to believe an election could be stolen in this country?  It has happened ever so many times in history, just not as much in the U.S., perhaps.

And yet, if you do manage to face the truth -- and face it we must -- will we not be better off in the long run?  At a bare minimum we will help ensure we have a president the people can actually support, not a minion of corporate America.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Voter Suppression in Election 2016 Acknowledged As Huge National Scandal

How does one assess the damage done by the suppression of votes?  What is the effect to the democracy?  What is the effect upon the society?  What is the psychological effect on individual voters?

These questions and others remain to be answered.  In fact, of course, the media is not even asking the questions.  But the questions are desperately important.  What we are seeing played out on a daily basis is a government which is trying to govern without the consent of the majority.

This is certainly not how the media is portraying the situation.  But what explanation do they have for a person like our current military leader filling the role of the president and struggling to unite even his own party, to say nothing of the wider populace?  The number of faux pas, misinformation examples, and outright lies is too large to comprehend.

So we have the great national miasma of now.

It didn't have to be.  May it never happen again.

Voter Suppression Called National Scandal

Sunday, March 05, 2017


In honor of the Lord's Day as celebrated among Christians --

This is the spirit of pride, humility, and enthusiasm which the world needs now.

Youth Choir of Scotland

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Could Election Results Still Be Audited?

In an effort to combat somewhat the twenty-four hour news cycle,  I present this article from last fall urging an audit of the vote totals from last fall.  It is very important that America hold onto the truth that Hillary Clinton won two million more votes than did military leader Trump.  This was the largest number ever recorded for a person who did not go on to become President.

As the article here states, Trump won only because of various voter suppression tactics.

The upshot:  Trump is not the legitimate president.

Read the article here:
Election Results Could Have Been Audited

N. B.  If The Musical Patriot sounds like a Johnny One-Note these days, it isn't the fault of the song's composer.  TMP does hope to deal with the true policy issues of the country.  But getting our elections right seems to be the most important policy matter of all.  

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