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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Link to Essay on Republican Party "Conscience Voting"

H ere is a link to an essay on Republican Party convention rules, specifically on the matter of delegates voting their conscience.  I believe you will find it to be quite helpful.

As a bonus, the preamble material on the issue of the viewpoint of the new Republican Association of 1855 on slavery is simply beautiful.  

This can be a time for a true learning and a re-focusing on our truest American selves -- if we make it so.

(This link may also be found under "Documents" on the header above.)

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Effort to Stop Trump at Republican Convention Grows

Kendal Unruh, Stop-Trump Leader
Kendal Unruh, Republican activist extraordinaire reports the movement to stop Trump at the Republican convention is growing.  Originally there were said to be 30 delegates in fifteen states participating.  A later figure was at least 400 delegates.  And now the claim is even higher.

This is surely good news for the country, as a Trump with the imprimatur of a major political party in the U.S. would do grave harm to the nation politically and otherwise.

It is not hard to understand why so many delegates are no jumping onto the stop-Trump bandwagon.  Long-time and regular readers of the Musical Patriot are well aware of the reasons.

Indeed, it happens I have been won of the earliest and most consistent writers to say that Trump should and could be stopped.  The question was whether the media would allow it, given their penchant for supporting Trump's celebrity and ratings-increasing status.

Now, however, according to Ms. Unruh, the umbrella group Free the Delegates 2016 has pressed the media for fairness, apparently with some success.  If this is true, and along with increasing delegate interest, I continue to believe Trump can indeed be stopped.  It is very hopeful that the Unruh group is being led by experienced campaign workers and party officials.  (The article at the link below tells who.)

Find out how the campaign to stop Trump grew:
Effort to Stop Trump at Convention Grows

How will "Brexit" Affect the U.S. Economy?

Money printing by the Fed will boost the market, but not necessarily back to its highs. That money printing will also greatly increase anxiety among investors. Already, investors are voicing concerns that the market is too dependent on Fed stimulus. The Fed will be forced to react to that anxiety by printing more money which, of course, will only increase anxiety even more.

We will be talking more later about the longer term economic effects of Brexit on Britain and the world. 

                                                                                              --  Aftershock Publishing

Markets React With Great Concern

The Dow Jones market has shown fairly large volatility for the previous two sessions, creating concerns for the future.

Here at The Musical Patriot, the matter of an eventual major market downturn has been discussed several times in the past.  The feeling now is the "Brexit" vote will not be good for the market at least in the short term, and possibly for the long term.

Meantime, I have promised an analysis of the Republican Party as it relates to the British decision to leave the European Union.  Specifically, will this begin to clarify the thinking of Republican convention delegates as they flow to Cleveland next month?  

It is more obvious than it was before the British E. U. vote that there are weaknesses in the world economic order.  This is all the more reason to reject a certain New York mogul from any consideration for the Presidency.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Democrats Nearing Over-confidence Regarding Trump

Quick, Urgent Comments --

The situation with Donald Trump remains urgent.  Democrats must guard against over-confidence.  Hillary Clinton campaign must continue to respond rapidly to attacks.  Rank-and-file must not let up.

All Americans must remain vigilant.

Dangers of Democrats' Overconfidence Described

British Pound Said to Plunge to 30-year Low After "Brexit" Vote

Continuing to Blog "Brexit" Vote Fall-out:

British Pound Plunges in Wake of "Brexit" Vote

British E.U. Exit Prompts Concerns of Protracted Uncertainty

Quick Headline

Dow Industrials Down Sharply After "Brexit" Vote

The World: Eyes Wide Open

Below is an excerpt from a speech Vladimir Putin gave recently.  In it he proposes a new partnership between Russia, the European Union, and China.   How many Americans are aware of this proposal?  Moreover, what is Donald Trump's position on this proposal?  Is he even aware of it? For that matter, what is Hillary Clinton's position on this rather startling initiative of the Russian leader?
It is this kind of issue the new President of the U.S. will have to address.  One may fairly ask, how can Donald Trump deal effectively with this kind of a situation when he can't even deal with the Republican Party?  
With the British voting yesterday to leave the European Union it is clearer than ever the world is changing.  It was once asked whether a 70-year-old would be too old to be President.  This doesn't only have to do with physical health.  It has to do with agility of mind.  Numbers of years can be an advantage for a person.  In this case it is a deterrent.  
Will the U.S. let Russia and the European Union progress toward some sort of economic alliance without us?  Answering this question will take informed, experienced leadership.  It should be obvious that Trump is not the right person for the job, to put it mildly.  

As early as June we, along with our Chinese colleagues, are planning to start official talks on the formation of comprehensive trade and economic partnership in Eurasia with the participation of the European Union states and China. I expect that this will become one of the first steps toward the formation of a major Eurasian partnership. We will certainly resume the discussion of this major project at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok in early September....
Friends, the project I have just mentioned — the greater Eurasia project — is, of course, open for Europe, and I am convinced that such cooperation may be mutually beneficial. Despite all of the well-known problems in our relations, the European Union remains Russia's key trade and economic partner....
-- From Vladimir Putin speech at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, 
June 17, 2016

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Republican Effort to Stop Democratic House Sit-In fails

Quick Post

Republican efforts to stop a Democratic sit-in on the House floor failed overnight as the Democratic House members who began a sit-in yesterday continued their protest on Thursday.

The symbolism is profound, the ultimate effect unknown.  For now, great courage is being shown by the Democrats and they should be applauded.

House Democratic Sit-In Continues

Politico Claims Trump Is Building "Massive" Whip Operation to "Quash" Opposition at Convention

The Trump campaign appears to be fighting back against attempts by traditional conservative forces to deny him the nomination at the convention.

In this developing story, and with Trump's unpredictability, it is hard to know how serious this may actually end up being.   However, as I have long said, no one should underestimate Trump.

At the same time, of course, people like Romney, the Bushes, and many others should also not be underestimated.   The major problem here is the big media companies have wanted to keep Trump alive because he is a boon to their bottom lines.  This conflict of interests helps counter the power of anti-Trump forces.

At the same time, major donors are, in the main, refusing to donate to what increasingly looks like just another of Trump's business ventures.*  So, if money talks, money also stays silent.  If Trump really had billions of dollars to donate to his own campaign he would have done so by now, the thinking goes.  Instead, his companies are earning money off this campaign!  If Trump were not able to fund a full operation, his chances would be hurt.

But, again, what will the media do?  I'm not sure I have ever seen so many armchair pundits as now. The Internet is doubtless a cause of this.

In the meantime, there remain plentiful reasons to oppose Trump.  Not wanting to support another Trump business boondoggle is one of the latest.

Trump Tries Whip Operation to Quash Convention Opposition

*  Trump Campaign Financial Picture

(I will try to get more documentation on this issue soon.)

Monday, June 20, 2016

Republican Party Concern About Trump Simmers

As the old saying goes, "Where there's smoke, there's fire."  And there definitely is smoke, at least in the form of smoke signals, coming from Republican Party circles.

Is Trump campaign "wigging out?"
For the first time, power seems to be shifting away from Trump and his antique road show to Republican stalwarts such as Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney.  While long-time Republican politicians such as these have long been warning about Trump, their warnings are taking on new importance as an organized effort by delegates to stop Trump at the Convention continues to congeal.

Clearly the situation is quite fluid.  Those who have said otherwise are obviously not on the inside of the Party and in no position to speak for it.  Those who are on the inside, while perhaps not yet gaining the upper hand, are at least finding their hands.

What we are seeing is old time politics, not the media circus which we have had ever since Trump descended those stairs in Trump Tower a year ago.  It is a welcome change.  As I have said before, if Trump is sufficiently pressed, his weakness will be ever more apparent.  And as Lincoln said, "Let the thing be pressed."

Concern About Trump Mounts

Also see here:
Not a Single Republican Delegate Is Legally Bound to a Candidate

Photo graphic:

Friday, June 17, 2016

GOP Delegates Organize Effort to Adopt Conscience Clause at Convention

The Washington Post  is reporting that a group of Republicans is organizing to free, or unbind, delegates to the Cleveland convention so they may vote their conscience.  According to the news report whose hyper-link is below GOP'ers continue to be appalled by Trump verbal antics, the latest being his self-aggrandizing comments following the tragic shootings of last week-end in Orlando.

As I have maintained here for weeks the opposition to Trump in the GOP is real.  Now the opposition appears to be somewhat growing again, and getting organized.  The current approach, which is not brand-new, would allow delegates to vote for whichever candidate they thought could best lead the party in this fall's election.

Please do ignore the editorial comments in this report which declare stopping Trump to be "nearly impossible to pull off at this point."  We are in new territory and this is a creative process.  Almost no one thought going into the 1860 Republican convention that Lincoln would be the nominee.  The media should stop treating the process as if it were some kind of machine -- a body without a head -- which cannot be turned off its course.  That's not the way reality works, in spite of our highly technological society.  

GOP Delegates Seek to Do the Right Thing

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Trump Slowly Losing GOP Support: Salon Magazine

Quick Post --

The online magazine Salon says Donald Trump is slowly losing G.O.P. support.  The latest is Gov. John Kasich of Ohio.   At the same time the G.O.P. is losing support amongst the American public according to polls.

Trends are important in U.S. politics.  If this keeps up most anything can happen.  America, it seems, is not ready for fascism after all.

Trump Slowly Losing GOP Support Says Salon Magazine

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Reprise From Earlier: Anti-Trump Movement Still Alive

Quick Link --

The movement against Trump continues to build.  The unfortunate and scary thing is how far Trump was allowed to come by an enabling media.  So naturally efforts to stop him are behind the curve.   However, this does not mean that the movement is inactive.  As the article here shows, the movement has been reviving.

Regarding efforts to stop Trump -- as Abraham Lincoln wrote:  "Let the thing be pressed."

Never Trump Movement Revived By Trump's comments on Judge Curiel
(posted earlier as a Yahoo News item)

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Never Trump Movement Lives Yet

With very little publicity, relatively speaking, those courageously standing against Trump have refused to give up, and are living yet.  The link below tells more.

America is in the unnerving position of having a media which essentially doesn't care whether a person is qualified to be President.  The main criteria is whether someone is newsworthy, and today, grievously, that means whether someone can make money for the media company.

How else would one explain the almost across-the-board ignoring about all the reasons why Trump is not qualified?:  his incoherent, unworkable policies, his moral and ethical lapses, his exploitation of people in his business life.  All this has been amply documented but not so clearly communicated to the American people.  Now, however, the news professionals -- especially those in "infotainment" television -- are averse to anything substantive about this demagogue's campaign.  And here lies the grave danger to the Republic.

If you are new here, I encourage you to search out the various articles on Trump's background.  As for other sources, The New York Times has produced several recent long-form reports on Trump, the most recent being an article this past Sunday on Trump's profits from his failed casino operations.

As I have written so many times:  Do not estimate a Donald Trump figure who has the media wind to his back, figuratively speaking.

"Never Trump" Movement Rises Again


N.B.  The Musical Patriot looks forward to an end to the Trump candidacy so he can get back to the many pressing issues which demand attention now.


Bonus Image:

Monday, June 13, 2016

New Stimulus Program Needed

It should be obvious by now that a new stimulus program is needed in the U.S.   Critics  argued from the beginning that the 2009 stimulus package would not be big enough.  The critics have been proved right as the recovery from the 2008 financial melt-down is still far from complete.

A new economic stimulus package from the new Congress should be part of the Democratic platform adopted in Philadelphia.  People are hurting, even as a relative minority are doing marginally better.

Such a plan will help put a dent in the Trump candidacy, should he survive as the nominee after the Republican convention.  Even if he fails to be nominated, the Democrats not some kind of program to get this country really moving again.  The details can be worked out.  But the message must go out:  Democrats are willing to do something meaningful to lessen the pain of economic dislocation and suffering.  

Sunday, June 12, 2016

This Is What Worries Me

Up to now we have been told Trump has no national campaign to speak of, and the one he has is beset with turmoil and infighting.  But suppose Trump could farm out his entire campaign to a third party, one with millions of dollars, professional operatives and a field operation being developed for several years?

This is what is happening with Trump and the Republican National Committee (RNC).   The RNC has been working for three and a half years to put an effective field operation on the ground, something Trump cannot now do in a short period of time.

So, What are we going to have?  The American version of the SA, not with actual boots perhaps, but with verbal assault weapons?

If this kind of language seems over the top, witness current events.  Witness the Trump verbal assault machine, also known as his mouth.

If the RNC can supply the kind of traditional campaign expertise which Trump lacks, is it possible that he could mount an effective campaign even though he personally is nutty?  This is the threat America faces now.

For the umpteenth time on this blog:  Trump (now with major help) must be taken seriously -- very seriously.  

Republican National Committee Fronts for a Trafficker in Bigotry

It CAN Happen Here

Progressive Organizations and Press Still Not Taking Trump Seriously Enough

While today is, of course not 1930s Germany, and many things are different, there is something in common.  

My latest "read" is  Flight from the Reich by Deborah Dwork and Robert Jan Van Pelt (W. W. Norton, 2009).  This excellently-written book tells in vivid terms how ordinary Germans, mostly Jewish, but some not, were forced to flee Germany in the very first days and weeks of the Nazi regime in that hapless nation of the 1930s.

As the Introduction has stated, a great deal has been written about the Holocaust, and certainly this attention is aply deserved.  However, relatively less has been written about those Jews who escaped, often narrowly.

The value of this book is in the showing of the chronology of events as Hitler assumed the Chancellorship.  What is ever so clear is how quickly he moved to consolidate power.  A big part of this power grab was the scape-goating of the Jews.  Over a very few months this became a very effective tool for the German fascists to control society -- and thus cement their hold -- by fostering an us-vs.-them mentality.

And this modus operandi was indeed very successful.  Unknown to most Americans this technique was also used by power brokers as early as the late seventeenth century in the United States.*  Indeed this is a method used by countless dictatorships over centuries of world history.

But the greatest value of this book is its opening the door to understanding Trumpism in the America of now.  While today is, of course, not 1930s Germany, and many things are different, there is something in common.  Importantly -- people consistently underestimated Hitler. In both instances an aggrieved group of people -- those with out jobs and without hope -- seeks a solution, almost any solution.  This makes them prime prey for demagoguery.

Donald Trump knows this.  And he knows how to use this political dynamic to his advantage.  The question remains whether Americans at large will stand up to him successfully.

My e-mail in-box is filling up with appeals, essentially for money, from various Democratic and progressive groups.  Most, if not all, mention Trump.  They reference his intolerance and bigotry.  But with all due respect, in almost every case, their appeal is too narrowly focused.  For what is not needed as much as a political opposition to Trump, is a social one -- one based on basic ethics, morality and simple decency.  In short, these e-letters are not tough enough.  And for the most part there is no real plan to mount a civic, coherent, and cohesive movement which is broadly-based enough to stop the Trump candidacy at its basis point.

As a start I suggest searching for Hitler, fascism, and Nazism on this blog.  There are many resources given here which can be used to get a clearer picture of the vast seriousness of our current situation.  It will be much easier for one to mount the correct level of effort needed after doing this kind of reading and research.

All best wishes as you seek and learn.

Coming -- more on this story

*See A People's History of the United States, by Howard Zinn.

N. B.:  Remember, one of the most effective tools of propaganda is the oft-repeated lie.  Trump's repeated lies do have a cumulative effect.  They must be effectively opposed now.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Giving Bernie Sanders His Due

Press reports this morning are full of news about Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

I thought I would take time to highlight Sen. Sanders' many accomplishments in Congress over a twenty-five year career.  It is indeed an astonishing record.  It is clear why he ran for President and why he garnered such a huge following.  One does not sustain a campaign of this magnitude without some kind of record.  And Sen. Sanders' record is stellar.

It is clear that the political governing class as it has congealed during the Obama Administration is having its way now.  It is, in point of fact, a system dominated by the profit system.  This must be admitted up-front if anything else is to make sense.

While Sen. Sanders has not condemned the profit system as such, making his claim to be a socialist suspect, he has clearly condemned runaway capitalism, as it were.  In this he has been of distinct service to the people.

No matter how many people endorse Hillary Clinton at this time, the Sanders contribution has been mighty.  Let us hope his legacy will be one of questioning more deeply the tenets of our economic system which have been so rigorously drilled into us for decade upon decade.  And let us hope we can come to a just and fair economy, one which is neither state-socialism, nor capitalism.   And may this be in a near time.

Timeline of Sanders' Accomplishments

Sen. Sanders Legislative Record

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

A Gathering of Views on Trump

Huffington Post has put together a showing of quote "cards" online which demonstrate the range of disgust and even horror over Trump.  Clearly, Trump is viewed as a danger to the Republic itself.  He is also, by extension, seen as a danger to the world.

Slowly, the Republican Party is coming to realize the danger of Trumpism.  Whether it will be too late is the open question now.

But I like very much the question on the Trump Card as to whether America has lost so much gumption as to be unable to stop Trump.  It is going to take gumption, yes.  But it will take organization as well.  We must be realistic at this point.  The only organization currently developed enough other than the U.S. government itself is the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party.  It would be wonderful to have the Republican apparatus also on board in the effort to stop Trump.

It does seem that the voices opposing Trump are growing stronger in number and volume.  The next few days and weeks will be critical in the effort to truly dump Trump.  For those of us on the religious end of the stick, it is a great time for concerted prayer -- and action.

There is indeed a mindset in common
Trump Cards

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Media Watch

Huffington Post says Trump is "imploding."

This should not be startling news to regular readers of The Musical Patriot.  There were signs during the last week that Trump had finally crossed a line when he indicated he might go after the judge hearing his case after he was elected President.  This rightly set off alarm bells all over political America.  

Responsible Republicans are saying Trump has two or three weeks to establish himself as a credible candidate for President.  I'd say he has two or three days to establish that he is a potential credible candidate.  But isn't this pie-in-the-sky?   Isn't it much too late?  The Republicans, I sincerely trust, will see this soon. 

Trump's Ethnic Cleansing

As the Trump campaign struggles to get on message (let alone stay on message), it is useful to ask how we came to this point.  In a way, nearly every post relating to Trump on this blog can serve as part of the answer to that question.

What the major media miss, as they so often do, is the moral or ethical piece of the narrative.  We must start at the beginning, to state the obvious.  The problem is not that Trump's racial or religious biases are not helpful politically.  The problem is the are wrong-headed ethically.

Surely, this is not news to readers of this blog.  And yet in the current news environment it bears frequent repetition.  Trump is severely morally challenged.  From lackadaisical attitudes on the plight of the poor to out-and-out animosity toward Muslims, Trump is an ethical morass.  Notice, I accuse Trump himself, or his mind, of being an ethical morass.  Oh, what a statement of opprobrium this is!  And how true!

Needless to say, my views here are nothing personal.  I have never met the man, Trump.  But I am certainly spending way too much time researching and trying to understand him, going so far as to order The Trumps, a book on the whole family, from the book store.

Any government must be based on ethics.  Ultimately, a government cannot be built upon verbal tirades, and hatred of whole groups of people.  Such an approach is the beginning of tyranny, and ethnic cleansing.

We must not mince words.  And we must not try to fit Trump into the construct of  political campaigns of the past.  Hillary Clinton grasped this to some extent in her recent remarks.  Let us hope the media catches on before it is too late.

The origins of Trumpism

Monday, June 06, 2016

Trump Insiders Fear Campaign "Flame-out"

In an MSNBC report, Trump campaign insiders are said to be worried about something like a campaign collapse.  While I did not see any actual quotes along these lines it is clear campaign operatives close to Trump are very concerned.

This might not be such a concern were it not for the experienced Clinton campaign as well as the nature of political reporting in this country.  For in spite of multiple press sins during the Republican primary season, there is now evidence the media wishes to be more fair in the general campaign.  The problem is there is still a tendency to "puff" the Trump celebrity aspect.  

But can Trump tweet and bluster his way into the White House?  As I have said so many times, he cannot do it if the media, particularly television, does its job.  

I remain concerned about the power of television to promote candidates through free air time.  In the case of a sufficiently aggrieved electorate, it is quite possible to float a candidate into the White House if the media goes along.  

Details should be given.  I will continue to provide such details through this blog as the campaign unfolds.  

Trump Insiders Fear Campaign "Flame-out"

David French Will Not Mount Campaign for President

Sunday, June 05, 2016

The Normalization of Trump

Here is a good example of an article which tries to normalize Trump.  With all due respect to the writer I find this article to be bizarre.  The author, obviously a skilled writer, parses and dissects, analyzes and ruminates.  

Sadly, the article also reads like an amoral clinical report.  She speaks of Americans who are frightened of a Trump Presidency.  Ms. Foran, what about you?  Aren't you frightened of a Trump Presidency?

This criticism of mine is not just one person ranting.  What kind of person wouldn't be frightened of such an erratic individual, one who has actually promised an "unpredictable" foreign policy, according to the author?  Unpredictable in the current world?  What kind of person would not be frightened of someone who said it might be a good idea for Japan and South Korea to get their own nuclear weapons.  So much for the U.S. foreign policy goal of seven decades through Democratic and Republican Administrations of nuclear non-proliferation.  Many other examples can be given of Trump's utter unsuitability for the Presidency.  Mrs. Clinton gave many in her speech this past Thursday.

We have reached the height of irresponsibility and idiocy when Donald Trump has become a subject for scientific objectivism  in reporting.  The analysis of Trump belongs with any psychiatrists who would care to take the subject on.  The fact that he is considered a worthy candidate for serious political analysis by journalists is a sad, sad commentary on both journalists and the state of America's intellectual life.  

Atlantic Article

Friday, June 03, 2016

Hillary Clinton Foreign Policy Speech a Masterstroke

In an appearance billed as a major foreign policy speech Hillary Clinton hit so many right notes, the echo of the music is still resounding across the land.  Managing to lambast and belittle Trump without belitting herself, Mrs. Clinton was nearly pitch-perfect in questioning Trump's lack of policy credentials as well as his very sanity.

This was the right approach and came as a vast relief as the country had seen Mr. Trump begin to rise in early polls and seem to have the field to himself as he fired numerous verbal salvos at both Mrs. Clinton and former President Clinton.

This talk must be followed up by a steady diet of the same in order for the Trump candidacy to be "put away."   For now, hear the sighs of relief all around.  

Hillary Clinton Skewers Trump

Ryan, Krauthammer, Others Perilously Close to Being Quislings and Enablers

In fact, they may already have crossed the line

Today's headlines reveal Ryan, the Speaker of the House, has endorsed Trump "with caveats," according to The Washington Post.   This is beyond regrettable.   This means that the Speaker of the House endorses someone who favors nuclear proliferation, openly demeans women and the disabled, has no workable plan for the economy, wants to build a wall of unknown cost along the U.S. southwestern border, is being sued, is on his third wife, oversaw a casino operation which went bankrupt, has a campaign manager who has faced charges of aggressive physical behavior toward a woman -- the list goes on and on.  

Trump is not a normal candidate by any stretch of the imagination.  He is a demagogue and a fascist.  These are not my terms, but terms used by responsible people everywhere.  An endorsement of Trump by Ryan is the height of opportunism.  It so clearly puts party ahead of country.  It turns the Speaker into a Quisling -- that is how bad Trump is.  We now have an enabler of a misogynist as a Speaker of the House, do we not?  

As for Krauthammer, he has nothing better to do than lambast Hillary Clinton?  

Details can be given.  But those who endorse Trump are surely with that Scandinavian traitor, Quisling, whose very name means just that -- traitor.  

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Conservative Third Party Planners Think They May Have Their Man

Conservative Third Party Planners Think They May Have Their Man

America's Newest Potential President?

At the link above, you will find a Bloomberg report on the name of the man William Kristol and other conservative planners think may be the right person for the job of heading up a third party run for the White House.  That man is a virtual unknown, David French.  French, a staff writer at National Review and an Iraqi War veteran, is well-regarded in conservative circles it has been reported.  Just what executive experience he has remains to be seen.

Evidently, people even outside the conservative third party effort are still interested in the movement to find a standard-bearer for the conservative cause.  The mystery surrounding the name of the candidate William Kristol had said he had in mind heightened the excitement for many.

According to most, if not all, mainstream media the effort to found a conservative third party is either dead, or has fizzled, or "failed," or has met some similar fate.  But it is these prognosticators who are in error.  The effort may or may not be strong at this point (I tend to see it as quite strong), but it is certainly far from dead.  There is too much at stake for conservatives who cannot stomach Trump.

This is all good news for America.  Almost anything which can be done to gum up the works of a Trump nomination should be done as Trump is completely unfit to be President for so many reasons.

Thinking Americans should support efforts to deny Trump the nomination and at the same time to offer an alternative.  The word for all this is "process,"  a word the mainstream media are all too ready to banish from civil discourse in this country.  

Companies Bailing Out on Trump Convention

... our work is not done. We need to keep reminding these companies that corporate sponsorship of Trump’s coronation will give Trump a stamp of approval that will help sanitize and normalize his dangerous, bigoted, hateful rhetoric.

                                                                                                                  -- Credo

Credo further reports that Hewlett Packard, Coca-Cola, and Microsoft have all pulled out of sponsorship of the Trump coronation known as the Republican National Convention.  

This is good news for America as it demonstrates appropriate concern over Trump's hate-filled campaign.  Credo (a communications company) is right in expressing concern over the imprimatur of legitimacy which would be provided if Trump becomes the nominee of the Republican Party.  

Overnight research revealed that mainstream conservatives are continuing their efforts to establish a new party which better meets their needs.  They are also continuing efforts to find a good candidate.  A major reason for their efforts is an attempt to protect down-ballot races.  

Trump continues to stir up fear from all quarters of a very different kind of America should he be nominated or elected.  This fear is well-based.  It is good to see major American companies doing the right thing and abandoning plans to support a Trump-led Republican Convention.  

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Bill Clinton Warns on Rising Nationalism

Rush Link -- Bill Clinton on Rise of Nationalism