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Friday, June 10, 2016

Giving Bernie Sanders His Due

Press reports this morning are full of news about Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

I thought I would take time to highlight Sen. Sanders' many accomplishments in Congress over a twenty-five year career.  It is indeed an astonishing record.  It is clear why he ran for President and why he garnered such a huge following.  One does not sustain a campaign of this magnitude without some kind of record.  And Sen. Sanders' record is stellar.

It is clear that the political governing class as it has congealed during the Obama Administration is having its way now.  It is, in point of fact, a system dominated by the profit system.  This must be admitted up-front if anything else is to make sense.

While Sen. Sanders has not condemned the profit system as such, making his claim to be a socialist suspect, he has clearly condemned runaway capitalism, as it were.  In this he has been of distinct service to the people.

No matter how many people endorse Hillary Clinton at this time, the Sanders contribution has been mighty.  Let us hope his legacy will be one of questioning more deeply the tenets of our economic system which have been so rigorously drilled into us for decade upon decade.  And let us hope we can come to a just and fair economy, one which is neither state-socialism, nor capitalism.   And may this be in a near time.

Timeline of Sanders' Accomplishments

Sen. Sanders Legislative Record

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