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Thursday, June 02, 2016

Conservative Third Party Planners Think They May Have Their Man

Conservative Third Party Planners Think They May Have Their Man

America's Newest Potential President?

At the link above, you will find a Bloomberg report on the name of the man William Kristol and other conservative planners think may be the right person for the job of heading up a third party run for the White House.  That man is a virtual unknown, David French.  French, a staff writer at National Review and an Iraqi War veteran, is well-regarded in conservative circles it has been reported.  Just what executive experience he has remains to be seen.

Evidently, people even outside the conservative third party effort are still interested in the movement to find a standard-bearer for the conservative cause.  The mystery surrounding the name of the candidate William Kristol had said he had in mind heightened the excitement for many.

According to most, if not all, mainstream media the effort to found a conservative third party is either dead, or has fizzled, or "failed," or has met some similar fate.  But it is these prognosticators who are in error.  The effort may or may not be strong at this point (I tend to see it as quite strong), but it is certainly far from dead.  There is too much at stake for conservatives who cannot stomach Trump.

This is all good news for America.  Almost anything which can be done to gum up the works of a Trump nomination should be done as Trump is completely unfit to be President for so many reasons.

Thinking Americans should support efforts to deny Trump the nomination and at the same time to offer an alternative.  The word for all this is "process,"  a word the mainstream media are all too ready to banish from civil discourse in this country.  

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    Larger conservative group were surprised by Kristol suggestion of French as potential Presidential candidate and have other ideas including trying to press the name of Ted Cruz upon the Republican convention.


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