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Friday, June 03, 2016

Ryan, Krauthammer, Others Perilously Close to Being Quislings and Enablers

In fact, they may already have crossed the line

Today's headlines reveal Ryan, the Speaker of the House, has endorsed Trump "with caveats," according to The Washington Post.   This is beyond regrettable.   This means that the Speaker of the House endorses someone who favors nuclear proliferation, openly demeans women and the disabled, has no workable plan for the economy, wants to build a wall of unknown cost along the U.S. southwestern border, is being sued, is on his third wife, oversaw a casino operation which went bankrupt, has a campaign manager who has faced charges of aggressive physical behavior toward a woman -- the list goes on and on.  

Trump is not a normal candidate by any stretch of the imagination.  He is a demagogue and a fascist.  These are not my terms, but terms used by responsible people everywhere.  An endorsement of Trump by Ryan is the height of opportunism.  It so clearly puts party ahead of country.  It turns the Speaker into a Quisling -- that is how bad Trump is.  We now have an enabler of a misogynist as a Speaker of the House, do we not?  

As for Krauthammer, he has nothing better to do than lambast Hillary Clinton?  

Details can be given.  But those who endorse Trump are surely with that Scandinavian traitor, Quisling, whose very name means just that -- traitor.  

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