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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Humor to See Out the Old Year

You may be interested --

A comedy group known as the Capitol Steps was broadcasting on the radio today.  This is the comedy troupe which, in the past at least, has partly been made up of Capitol Hill staffers.  Their humor tends to be dead-on and is reliably entertaining.

I caught part of this year's broadcast on the theme of "politics takes a holiday."  Of particular value were songs letting some of the hot air out of the politicians' very hot balloon.  This kind of humor begins to hint at the public's mocking disdain for Washington politics.

What seems missing is any hint of the dishonesty of the election process itself, a process which is now so tainted as to be unworthy of any kind of voter fealty.  This is a point I have been making repeatedly here ever since the November vote.

So The Capitol Steps in hilarious musical satire have skewered the self-importance of the politicians. Wittingly or unwittingly, however, they have pointed up the Democrats' supposed new emphasis on the Democratic base.  Traditional Democratic concern for the poor and disadvantaged was highlighted in the broadcast..  Somehow U.S. politics still matters enough to remember this key demarcation between Democrats and the modern Republican party, dominated by what the Capitol Steps rightly called the crazy far right.  

It has been a fairly wild year.  Until the desire for honesty grows stronger, the new year will be much like the old.  However, such an outcome is not inevitable.  The increasing clarity of the average voter's observant eye gives hope for a degree of movement toward the truth before another "silly season (of politics)" commences.  That would definitely be a step up.

Capitol Steps on the Radio

Sunday, December 28, 2014

'Tis the Season

Your Musical Patriot is currently on Christmas break and will resume posting here soon.

Best wishes for the season.  


Monday, December 22, 2014


Dear Reader,

In recent days it has become obvious that a new blog was necessary due to changed conditions.  With the extent of Republican cheating in the last election becoming more obvious, it has become clear to me that an entirely new blog is justified and is indeed necessary.  So, without further adieu, I am happy to announce PATRIOT IN EXIGENCY, my latest web log!

I'll have more details about the new blog soon.  Briefly, the new blog will focus more on understanding where the U.S. stands in world history now, where we are going, and how we can get there.  This is a tremendous set of expectations I am announcing here.  However, after nearly nine years of writing THE MUSICAL PATRIOT, and continuing outside research, including on the heinous "election" of 2014, the change in direction seems natural and comfortable.

For the time being I will be maintaining The Musical Patriot and Patriot in Exigency simultaneously, as well as continuing Democratic Campaign Watch.  Blog posts will be distributed among the three according to their respective relevance.  In the beginning all post content from The Musical Patriot will be migrated to Patriot in Exile.  As time goes on I plan to edit down Patriot in Exile to only those posts most pertinent.  If you are a fan of The Musical Patriot, don't worry, all content will remain available here, including all information on the side bar.  Information on the side bar appropriate to the new blog will also be copied in due time.

Please check back here soon for more information on this exciting development.  In the meantime, you may find the new blog at Patriot in Exigency .    < >.

Happy new adventure!

--  Best wishes,
The Musical Patriot   

Friday, December 19, 2014

A Beautiful Process Unfolds

I am coming to an appreciation of the American people which seems new, as if some unexpected dawn were bringing light into a darkened room through a dingy window pane.  Against all odds there is clearly a shift going on as people around the world are beginning to understand just how corrupt our elections have become.  Blogs like this one are trumpeting the news of the soiled election results of 2014.  And, people are beginning to react.

I am somewhat amazed that statistics show this blog is just as popular now as it was before the election.  And virtually all of my posts since the election have been about one subject:  the fraud of that tainted tally.  People are clearly interested in the truth, no matter how distressing.

The full effect of all this is unknown at this time.  Yet I sense people do care.  People still believe in America as the light of the world, not as some economic bully bearing a sheath of nuclear weapons.

So, onward ye peoples of the world!  Onward to further truth and beauty!


On another matter --

Congratulations to Raul Castro and Barack Obama for the negotiations which have begun to bring some sanity to U.S.- Cuba relations after so many years of hostility.  This is a major advance and should have happened long ago.

Now perhaps we can have a new detente with Russia, a country deserving of more than the pushing and shoving coming from the economic royalists in the west.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Information on Voting Irregularities -- the Latest

Blogger Brad Friedman is one of the few in the popular media along with Thom Hartmann who are continuing to shine the light on a very dark corner of American election politics.

The main suspicious matter  here is the Oregon vote on HMO labelling.  According to Friedman, after the political process denied the counting of some contested votes, the HMO labelling proponents are conceding defeat in the election.

Brad Friedman Reports Pending Votes

This post is part of my special continuing effort to expose the frauds and scandals in Election 2014.  This effort shall be on-going.  

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Republican Divisions Apparent

As Americans recover from one of the dirtiest national campaigns in memory, predictable fault lines are erupting in the Republican Party.  While wise heads undoubtedly recognize the danger of division, the grass roots are full of competing interests, primarily between "Tea Party" Republicans and "Country Club" Republicans.  A recent article in The Washington Post, for instance, reported on divisions already showing up among Virginia Republicans ahead of next year's state Assembly elections.

The Republican Party has had these splits before -- most notably in 1912, when Progressives split off from the entrenched oligarchical wing of the Party, helping to elect a Democratic President.  The same thing could happen in 1916, this time with the conservative wing either splitting off or sitting out the election.  With the kind of rhetoric coming out of Virginia, anything seems possible, as the Post noted.

Meanwhile, I have been unable to make any progress on my research project seeking to contest the results of certain Senate races.  I will have more to say on this subject and its implications soon -- schedule permitting.

Thank you, dear reader for your continued interest in this issue, and in this blog.  

Friday, December 12, 2014

Election 2014: Where to From Here

The holidays are impinging on my schedule, delaying my postings here.  However, there is also inspiration to be felt and uplifted by.

Very much still on my mind is the disastrous "election" of last month.  I had the opportunity to share some of what I know with a local voting registrar yesterday.  This registrar was very friendly, not your typical stoic bureaucrat by any means.  She welcomed news of all the voter suppression tactics being used these days.

This is a time to be vigilant and dutiful.  In coming days I will continue my research on just how to lobby Congress to launch an investigation of this election.  Clearly, such an investigation is warranted.  (See previous posts here and at Brad Blog.)  If such an investigation is not held American prestige will fall further around the world.  For the world is watching.  This blog is proof of that.  We Americans must do the best we can to oppose this egregious undermining of democracy through the polls.  

Monday, December 08, 2014

Louisiana the Latest Hoax?

Patriotic Blurb --  

If the media is to be believed the Louisiana Senate seat contested this year has flipped to the Republicans.  Is this true?  Who knows?  We have heard of these flips before.  It will be my aim to find out more about this race.

Please check back here soon.  

Thursday, December 04, 2014

The Election Crime of 2014

Quick Post --   

The story of the stolen election of 2014 is the story of the year in the U.S.  At the link below you will find a good summary of all that went wrong this year.  Thanks to "Kos" for this listing.

Daily Kos on the Stolen Election of 2014

Kos:   We're not fighting Republicans[;] they can be beautiful people. Their party is stolen, too.

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Congress Has Power to Refuse Seating to Cheaters

Section 5
1: Each House shall be the Judge of the Elections, Returns and Qualifications of its own Members....

Congress already has the power to refuse seats to any members who are not qualified.  Further Congress has the power to serve as arbiter of the validity of the election of its members.  

For more on this important matter, see my sister blog, Democratic Campaign Watch, link to above.  

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

"Cynic" to Become Senate Majority Leader?

Interviewing more than seventy-five people who have known or interacted with Mitch McConnell in some way, author Alec MacGillis documents the rise of Mitch McConnell from a liberal Republican local official to today's far-right ideologue and would-be Senate majority leader.

MacGillis appeared on National Public Radio recently and described how McConnell  realized he had only been elected to the U.S. Senate from Kentucky due to Ronald Reagan's coattails.  Seeing the political winds blowing he began shifting his positions to align with the so-called Reagan revolution.

Today, this man, whom MacGillis calls a cynic, is poised to assume a role as the powerful leader of an erstwhile Republican majority -- a majority which according to Greg Palast and others may well be based on cheating.*

*For more on this see posts past and future here.  

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