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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Anti-Debt Campaign Has Wall Street Roots: Truthout

Why would anyone be surprised that the so-called Anti-Debt Campaign has its roots on Wall Street? According to Truthout, Wall Street tycoons such as Peter G. Peterson have invested huge amounts of money to influence the public discussion on the campaign.  Trying to make their push appear to be a grass-roots effort has evidently been one of their major goals. 

My friends, this is evil!  There is no other word for it.  And making it all the more so is the effective collusion between Wall Street, the Republican Party, the White House, and the press, all of which would have us believe these cuts are necessary.  This is hubris!  It is a lie!  And it is unconsionable!

The article below gives details.  Why are we the American people so seemingly somnolent?  I think it is a combination of misunderstanding, and something like an intellectual hang-over or overload.  It is going to take a long time to unravel all that has been these last twelve years.  The post-9/11 period will surely be rated along with the period following the sinking of the Maine as being a time of oligarchical bluster, and plutocratic putrescence* of the highest order.

*state of being morally corrupt. 

Important Information on the Origins of the "Sequestration" Controversy
Anti-Debt Campaign Has Wall Street Roots

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Sorry State of Affairs in D. C.

Washington Budget Logjam Explained

At the link above there is an article which discusses the true situation in Washington.

It is a sad state of affairs when the needs of the people are so far off the table as to be in another room entirely.  While each party blames the other, each is operating with the presumption that reducing or killing programs which help the people is unavoidable.  This lie is not very well told and will sooner or later come unraveled.  Let us hope that day is very soon!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Obama Warnings on Sequester Rated Mostly True

The current debate on the sequester is now only one in a line of political donny-brooks caused primarily by Republican intransigence on budget issues.  Soon I hope to present some reasoned voices who would claim that deficit spending by a sovereign government is not necessarily a bad thing.  Particularly with  continuing threats to the so-called recovery, this is no time to cut back on government programs which stimulate job-creation.  It is also no time to cut back on support to "first responders," and no time to cut into the bone of the military, either, for that matter. 

The fine points of all this, including what should be the proper size of our military, will have to await another time.  But surely it is no exaggeration to say the federal government has become nearly crippled by the Party of "No" -- the Tea/Republican Party. 

Obama Warnings on Sequester Rated Mostly True

Friday, February 22, 2013

Wintertime Ennui

Your Musical Patriot has many thoughts and impressions at this time of year.  These thoughts and impressions are more like a van Gogh painting, all softness, and in this case, dull light owing to the season.  But this impressionistic mental landscape is real nonetheless.  The Internet shows an article about Obama's intellectual ennui.  I didn't bother reading the article, but there is a sense which goes beyond seasonal affect that the country is drifting again, with no particular goal in mind.  Some sailors are rebelling, some righteously, some not so righteously.  But most sailors on this ship of America appear to be doing little more than going along for the ride. 

My experience tells me, however, that below the surface are dark, roiling waters of discontent.  There are signs that the economy is not merely failing to pull out of recession but is slowly sinking once again.  We appear to be headed for a time of further malaise -- sort of the Bush years without the vitriol.  Because the temperature is lower, it is harder to discern there is danger in the shoals ahead. 

Before I press the marine metaphor too far, let me simply advise that everyone be on the look-out.  It is a time for greater truth-telling, first amongst ourselves, and then from our leaders. 

N.B.  I have been more active in my musical pursuits lately, thus something of a drop-off in frequency of posting here.  I am sorry for the low activity and hope to get back on a more regular schedule soon. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

"Aftershock" Author Warns of Dire Economic Conditions Ahead

Since this is a blog, I am permitted to spin out the tale of our threatened U.S. economy over as many days, weeks, and months as needed.

I found out about the author, Bob Wiedemer, from  Politico.com.   He seems to know what he is talking about, even though the interview with him appears on what has been a right-wing web site.  In this case, let's not let labels stop us from trying to see what is true. 

At the end of the interview, the right-wing influence comes into view.  However, this is not radical right-wing or highly ideologic, except that belief in the profit system is taken for granted.  

I am still reviewing the information at the link below.  At this point, I make no claims about the veracity of what you will find here.  However, within the limits of the profit system straight-jacket, this web page appears to have important information.

More on this subject soon.

Note:  Book talked about in the video is accompanied by another "offer."  The so-called offer is a 90-day trial subscription to a newsletter, which can be extended into a full year, for $47.00.  The Musical Patriot does not advertise nor promote any product for monetary gain.  However, the interview is still worth watching. 

One Voice to Listen to Regarding Our U. S. Economy

Hyatt Employees Score Victory

Employees of Hyatt Corporation have achieved a victory in recent negotiations with Hyatt  according to the employee's web site (see link below).  Penny Pritzker, Obama booster and member of the board which oversees Hyatt, is now the President's nominee for Secretary of Commerce.  According to Greg Palast, industrious and esteemed journalist of both America and Britain, Penny and the Pritzker family were fined by the federal government in 2001 to the tune of $460 million.  Again according to Palast, Penny Prizker's "revenge" was to boost a neophyte but talented Illinois legislator named Barack Obama as a presidential candidate.  Now the same Barack Obama has nominated Penny to be head of the Commerce Department.  Is this corruption?  You be the judge.

One Successful Union Action

Friday, February 08, 2013

Texas Offers Unexpected Opposition to Standardized Testing

A number of years ago, Texans voted on their state nickname.  The two choices were the Lone Star state and the Friendship State.  Evidently, the cowboy types won out over the Garrison Keillor types as "The Lone Star" state won out. 

Nevertheless, my experience has been that Texans truly are friendly. 

It now seems that Texans have decided the onerous school testing regime there is not friendly and needs to be either abolished or radically modified.  Bravo to my Lone Star Friends!

Testing Rebels Against Standardized School Testing

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