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Monday, September 29, 2008

"Braking" News: House Defeats Giant Bail-out Plan

Note: The title includes a play on the term "Breaking News" so beloved by TV news programs with too much time to fill and too little talent to fill it intelligently.

In a vote which stunned the major media and Wall Street, but was somewhat less stunning to the average American, the House of Representatives did the right thing today and put the brakes on the outrageous Wall Street bail-out plan put forward by former Wall Street executive, Henry Paulson. Really, this vote was the only thing the Representatatives could, in good conscience, do.

But we must not think that the oligarchs will be satisfied. They will come at this again in some form or other. We the citizens must be watchful and wary of their tactics. I advise calls of thanks to Congressmen and -women who voted against this bill.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Research Into Environmental Front Groups

One of the functions of this web log is to present to the public little-known yet intriguing research being done by others. Recently I have become aware of allegations of hidden forces behind several well-known environmental groups. To whet your appetite a bit, the allegations have to do with the revival of the eugenics movement by Julian Huxley and others in the years following World War II. Because eugenics, or race purification, was such a toxic idea following the Nazi regime, Huxley knew such a movement would have to take a circuitous, hidden route. Thus was born the idea of appropriating the energies of the nascent environmental movement to promote the idea of first limiting, then reducing world population as a means of solving certain problems.

As I say, this is not the first time I am hearing of this movement. But tonight I have found an interesting post on another web log which I now bring to your attention. I am not prepared to vouch for every assertion made here. (For instance, having read a large amount of the research of V. Bugliosi into the assassination of J. F. Kennedy, I remain a skeptic of conspiracy theories in regard to that tragic event.) Yet, in the interest of promoting knowledge and discussion I am pleased to refer you to the article linked here. Or you may simply click on the title above for more information.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Turmoil in Washington

The turmoil in financial markets has turned into turmoil in Washington. In a remarkable turn of events, what looked like a "done deal" to the mainstream media, turned into a broken deal lying scattered in the moonlight on the White House floor. Books will probably be written called either Two Weeks in September or Black September or some other catchy thing.

No matter what I write here news will undoubtedly develop beyond my ability to keep up. That is of no particular worry as this is a web log, not a breaking news web site.

For now, I will close by saying the events in Washington bring forth emotions of both dismay and amusement. The main emotion today is one of relief knowing we will at least have another few hours without some hideous government giveaway to the thieves of Wall Street.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bail-out a Huge Swindle

Is there anyone alive in America who has not heard that the Bush administration wants the American people to fork over at least $700 billion to the very Wall Street firms who brought us this financial mess? Zogby polling service says only 46% of Americans support some sort of bail-out, and an equal number oppose a bail-out. It is indeed infuriating that the Bush administration is more worried about Wall Street bankers, financiers, and crooks, than about the average person who is the victim of Wall Street greed. And who says we need these people, anyway? We can do just fine without them. With direct help to homeowners and a shoring up of traditional banks, plus an emergency re-instatement of the Glass-Steagall Act, much could be done immediately to begin to restore American and world confidence.

But this is not the Bush agenda. The Bush agenda is to put the greed of huge corporate donors ahead of the America people! The average person knows this and resents it. It is time to break the strangle-hold of corporate dominance of American economic, cultural and political life by removing the rights of personhood under the law -- a phony concept -- which corporations have enjoyed for over one hundred years. It is time to return American government to being a government of, by and for the American people. We can do this! Let us rise to the occasion!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Naomi Wolf Speaks About Saving Democracy

It was my pleasure and honor to hear celebrated author, Naomi Wolf, speak about her new book, Give Me Liberty, on Monday evening. This important new book gives an inspiring history of the founders of the American republic, then goes on to offer a large amount of information on how to re-energize and reclaim our democracy on behalf of the people. I plan to say more about this book in future posts.

For now, I will comment briefly on Ms. Wolf's dynamic talk on Monday. "Speaking from the heart," as she said, Ms. Wolf spoke about the fascist shift in America which she documented in her last book, The End of Ameria. Already in the midst of research when her book came out, I was startled nevertheless to see the evidence laid out so clearly: America had already drifted into fascism. As Wolf points out, this is not the fascism of the later years of Nazi Germany. This is the fascism of the beginning years, from 1930-1933, a time when a democratic and civil society still flourished. But Hitler had studied Mussolini and had a plan. Little by little the brown-shirts began to close down a free and open society, through intimidation -- often physical. Because the intimidation was aimed at those deemed undesirable -- thieves, homosexuals, and gypsies, for instance, there was no large public outcry. Then came the arrests of mainstream citizens -- journalists, and outspoken clergy among others. This caused the population to stop criticizing the Nazi movement. And the long night of fascism had begun in earnest.

In America, unused to coups and dictators, the population, kept ignorant by a compliant press, looked the other way as George W. Bush was installed in the White House by a nefarious and specious legal pronouncement on December 12, 2000.

Now the American people stand on the precipice. Below us is the abyss of economic collapse. Above us is an incompetent, ill-informed President who is subject to virtual manipulation by powerful economic forces controlled by Wall Street, such as former Goldman Sachs head, Henry Paulson.

Wolf's new book, Give Me Liberty, offers a way out, if we take it. Where Wolf fails is in any kind of deeper psychological analysis. Such an analysis would prove most helpful in taking the energy out of those who would send hundreds of billions of dollars into the pockets of those who have brought us this crisis. It would help us understand how people were willing to look the other way as an unsustainable bubble gurggled into existence, then grew up to be an unmanageable adolescent.

In spite of this criticism, this book is extremely valuable. I urge you to get this book and be informed, enlightened, and inspired into action.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Last Day for Poll

Today is the last day to participate in my poll entitled "Which Way Forward?" This poll, originally put together in the summer, seeks to measure citizen sentiment in several areas such as the importance of impeaching Bush and Cheney, the importance of politics in general, and the rise of fascism in America. If you have not already participated in this poll, please do so today!

Financial Melt-Down

With financial markets in a virtual state of collapse this week, the Bush administration "rose" to the occasion with a proposal to bail out corrupt and essentially bankrupt Wall Street firms to the tune of $700 billion, an astonishing figure. Criticism was instantaneous, with even John McCain deriding the plan.

Sen. Hillary Clinton, by proposing a New Deal-style plan seeking to protect home-owners, came closest to something which made sense. I have been saying for years that what we needed in this country was a revival of FDR's program for protecting citizens and reviving the economy. What we most certainly do not need is a bail-out of Wall Street firms who have already been gobbling up "liquidity" (money) at hyper-speed, probably illegally.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Latest on Lawsuit regarding Obama Citizenship

By clicking on the title above or using the link below you can read the request for expedited discovery filed by Philip J. Berg in connection with his lawsuit against Barack Obama, et. al. This important lawsuit seeks to determine Sen. Obama's status as a natural-born citizen of the United States, a requirement of the Constitution for holding office as President.

This is a matter which definitely merits close watching.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Sen. Barack Obama and Democratic National Committee Served with Papers

The referenced on-line article gives news that Sen. Obama and the Democratic National Committee were served with papers notifying them they are being sued by Philip Berg, Esquire. Mr. Berg contends Sen. Obama is not illegible under the Constitution to serve as President of the United States. Click on the title above for more information.

It is appalling that citizen bloggers must be the ones to promulgate this information. But the information must go out.

And -- not to leave any doubt: I support Mr. Berg in his efforts to reveal the truth.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Pundit Mediocrity

The so-called punditocracy has been in full swing, we might say, over the last few days. Yet, as poor as the media has been in this election year, I have rarely seen more incompetence than in the last several days. Time does not permit me to mention everything which could be mentioned. But for now I make the following points.

The mendacity of the press falls into two categories: errors of commission and errors of omission. In the first instance, we have a press and media which have been laudatory to an unprecedented degree of both Barack Obama and John McCain. Sen. Obama has been hailed as a fresh voice, a charismatic figure, and the bringer of a new kind of politics. John McCain has been a maverick, a courageous fighter, willing to take on members of his own party, and -- a bringer of a new kind of politics. The flip side of this laudation is the lack of any kind of acceptable vetting of either man.

Thus, today we are confronted with two major problems. First is the screening process used by John McCain in choosing Sarah Palin as his recommended Vice-Presidential nominee. The second is the likelihood of problems with Barack Obama's citizenship (see elsewhere on this blog). Also part of the sins of the media are egregious errors regarding process. For instance if you notice my wording above I did not call Sarah Palin John McCain's running mate. This is because it is up to the convention to choose a vice-presidential nominee. And with the torrent of revelations cascading from the Palin campaign who can say for sure what is going to happen now or down the road in this regard?

With all the revelations, one consideration has gotten lost: Is this person fit to be a heart-beat away from the Oval Office? And not only am I thinking of character issues. (Palin, it seems, has been more than a little disingenuous regarding her positions on some issues.) But this is a person with essentially no foreign policy experience whatever. How would she deal with a Vladimir Putin? What would she do in Iraq? On the economy she seems to be far to the right, not the kind of leader we need now.

As to the Obama situation, I strongly recommend readers consult my earlier posts on the subject of his citizenship. The suit of Philip Berg, former Deputy Attorney General of the State of Pennsylvania, is a must-read. I had the honor of hearing Mr. Berg on Internet radio last evening. He makes a compelling case for the need for expedited discovery in this matter. As he says, if he's wrong all Sen. Obama has to do is produce the documents.

Given all the uncertainties it is possible neither candidate will make it to November. Or if they do, there is a strong possibility their legitimacy as serious candidates will be greatly compromised.

So, in short, We can do better! The press, by failing to properly vet these candidates has left America open to inexperienced, incompetent, and -- at least in the case of Sen. McCain -- even flaky leadership. Unless one or both of these candidates is dropped by their parties, America is in for a period of ineptness not seen in the White House since Ulysses S. Grant. And that is saying something.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Evidence of Federal Infiltration of Advocacy Groups

There is evidence of federal involvement in the infiltration of legal advocacy groups in St. Paul, Minnesota, associated with the Republican National Convention. While all the facts are not known, the burden of proof must be on the government in a case such as this. You may read more at the link below or by clicking on the title above.

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