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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

There Is Hope!

Commentary will be omitted so I can get the link to this important article here for you.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Hope for Democrats

The United States is desperate for leadership in solving the pernicous lingering econonmic depression. ("Depressions" are low spots and can vary in depth. Thus the term is applicable to the current situation. Millions of Americans know this in their bones.) Worried questioners at today's so-called town hall meeting with President Obama is evidence of this desperation.

The editors of The Nation have mercifully provided us with a strategy of hope in the up-coming elections. As I commented yesterday in rather unmistakable terms, there is currently a malicious effort afoot to deny the American people the right to a true debate, a true contest. Instead what we get are shallow opinionators, focused as ever on the horse race and little interested in the way average Americans live their lives. It is enough to cause one to recommend mandatory periodic furloughs for the tired nags of negativism.

A case in point was Robert Siegel of the former National Public Radio (now in truncation, "NPR"), who today claimed that Democratic problems go deep. This is clearly a case of shallow reporting. Why? The problems are most certainly not those of the Democratic Party alone but of the country itself. Even, one could say of the world, for the current economic malaise crosses international boundaries.

Certainly one can be critical of Democrats. And this includes the President most certainly. When we wanted FDR, we got Joe Lieberman. Much more can be done for the economy.

But, does anyone seriously think the Republicans have any kind of workable plan? What we would get would be trickle down economics. We would get tax breaks and every advantage possible for the rich, with a trickle of benefits -- at best -- to everyone else. This to say nothing of their scary notions of "national security" to the detriment of civil rights.

This essentially puts large portions of the media as little more than shills for the Republicans, including tea partiers. I plan to have more evidence of this in coming days.

For now,the article by The Nation 's editors shows a fairly clear path to victory for the press-beleagured Democrats.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Naysayers

Allow me to speak plainly: I am sick and tired of the naysayers who, nearly two months before an election, claim to know how this year's mid-term contest is going to turn out. Even the Huffington Post has joined the chorus of naysayers saying how difficult the political landscape is for Democrats this year.

This is a form of psychological warfare: demoralize your enemy through propaganda, so-called scientific polling, and negative "news" to the point he will not even mount the effort to oppose you. We have seen this before, notably in 2004.

No one, but no one knows for sure how things will play out come election day in November. What is clear is that a corporatized media has adopted a slanted view which amounts to little more than passing on Republican talking points. This can be seen through recent "reports" from ABC News on line, The Wall Street Journal, and other organs of false dissemination.

We know who these people are. They are out to protect their wealth at any cost, including the truth. This is motivation enough to work, work, work to defeat them this November.

Friday, September 03, 2010

A Most Useful Article on Modern Propaganda Techniques

At this link, you will find a good list of examples of contemporary propaganda efforts. By creating a false reality, then presenting the false reality as "news," propagandists are able to manufacture seeming public approval of controversial and disturbing policies. A very useful piece.


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