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Friday, February 23, 2007

Impeachment of Bush and Cheney Appears to Inch Forward

The impeachment of Bush and Cheney may be closer than we think. A most interesting web post is at the link found below. The rules of the House of Representatives, says this post, allow for a resolution from a state legislature to place the matter of impeachment before the House. If the report referenced below is correct the legislature of the state of Washington may be close to such a resolution. C.I.A. veteran Ray McGovern and former federal prosecutor Elizabeth de la Vega are quoted. The article says that de la Vega charges "the Bush administration has in essence been a criminal syndicate defrauding the American public on a scale far worse than Enron."

I have long said I supported the opening of an impeachment inquiry in the House of Representatives. While Speaker Pelosi may have taken an accurate head count and realized that at that time there was no way the Republicans would vote to convict in the Senate, grassroots efforts such as those described here may indeed lead to a groundswell. Only time will tell.

The Hunt Is On

No, I'm not talking about Osama bin Laden or the search for the first apple blossoms of spring. In this case, I am referring to my job search. I will be spending time on this matter in coming days until something is arranged. In the meantime, I will do my best to stay abreast of significant events, and even to post perhaps a bit of news about my job search.

For now, to borrow a phrase from the past -- keep the faith.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bush Administration Contingency Plans Concerning Iran Revealed by BBC News

In a new report which I have just seen, BBC News is reporting that contingency plans already developed by the U.S. military call for wide-ranging air strikes inside Iran, targetting not only suspected nuclear sites but regular military sites as well. While I have read such reports numerous times over the past several months, this seems to be one of the first times, if not the first, that a major news outlet such as the BBC has reported this in video format.

My sources (available to any savvy Internet sleuth) have said for months that the United States under G. W. Bush was planning for a possible military strike against Iran. The assumption (with justification) has been that Washington was seeking some sort of trigger event to give the attack an air of legitimacy. Such a pretext has been used many times in military history, of course.

I will be following this matter with great and grave interest, as any attack on Iran would almost surely ignite tensions in the region, possibly leading to a regional conflagration. As I commented to friends in an e-mail today alerting them to this post, as anti-war demonstrations are planned here in the U.S. concerning the war in Iraq, the administration has long since set its sights on a new target -- Iran. As was the case with Afghanistan and Iraq, there is a tie-in with big oil which never tires of attempting to secure direct and complete control of mid-east oil from the ground (drilling operations) to transport (oil tankers) to processing (refineries, petro-chemical plants and plastics factories) to retail (gasoline stations).

I will place a current and active link, valid as of this writing, to the BBC web page which contains this story. Look for the headline, "US 'Iran attack plans' Leaked" and click on video to view the report.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Truth about September 11, 2001

Bit by bit, at a nearly imperceptible pace, the truth about what happened before, on, and after September 11, 2001, is becoming known. Certainly there is much that is unknown. But scholars, working almost completely without the help of the major media have discovered quite some time ago the proper questions to ask about that day.

Now researchers are gradually getting closer to the answers. Although I do not consider the matter conclusively proved, I believe that the attacks of that fateful day were done with the full knowledge of the upper echelons of the U.S. government including the President of the United States. As I say, I do not consider this fact proven. Nevertheless, the circumstantial evidence is available and strong.

What makes the matter all the more important is the fact this attack was used as a pretense for all manner of shenanigans in the legal field at the federal level, amounting to a subversion of the Constitution of the United States in many respects.

For more information I will post a link to an important web site at the conclusion of this post. I will further make this link a permanent part of the front page of this web log. Please tell your friends about the "9/11" web site.

And may God save America!

Monday, February 12, 2007

On-line Journalist Still in Jail

This is the case of web-based journalist Josh Wolf, who has now been held in jail longer than any journalist in United States history. I would very much like to write more about this situation, but limited time precludes this.

However, I can say that after listening to Mr. Wolf on the radio this evening, the government's case against him is suspicious at best. I strongly recommend listening to the interview with Wolf and the dialogue which follows at the Democracy Now web site whose link is here:
< >. The freedom of the press, and along with this, our own freedom is very much at stake.

I will be following this story in the future and posting more about it as events warrant.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

"We Are Not Masters of Our Own Money"

Today I ran across an interesting quotation in a local church newsletter. While the message was nothing new to me, I had never seen it put in quite this language before. Here without any further adieu is the quote of Blessed Theophylact (an Archbishop of the church in the 11th Century): We are not masters of our own money. For we have nothing that is our own. We are merely stewards of things that belong to another, namely, our Divine Master, Who has entrusted those things into our hands so that we might use them well...."

Pause, if you will, and think about this for a moment. This Christian figure is declaring something quite radical -- that no one owns the money he has; one only keeps temporarily money which belongs to someone else, specifically, the Lord God. Whether one agrees that the Ultimate One owns our money, the point is that we are indeed merely stewards of the things of this earth, for, after all, no one lives forever on this earth.

If we are only stewards, the question of how much each person should have stewardship over is unavoidable. It is not merely a matter of who can grab control of more money, or should not be. There has to be some recognizable and just criterion. This, of course, is not the way the earth operates. But is there any reason it could not? If the answer is "Yes", what is that reason? If Archbishop Theophylact is correct we already know that no one has the right of ownership of the earth's resources. If he is right, then it follows there must be a reason if some get more than others. Yet, there is no such criterion in existence. What we have is simply a situation where some, chiefly through inheritance, or cleverness, or being born into the "right" circles, have corralled more than others. Such a system could hardly be called equitable.

Let us then, out of simple logic, state our firm opposition to such an unjust system. And let us follow through by denouncing the greedy avarice of oligarchical interests who would seek to own what is not theirs and to protect it through force of arms if necessary. And let us not shirk from the responsibility of pointing out that this is the true motive of certain corporations who would have unto themselves the resources of the earth, whether it be mideast oil or Northwest Pacific timberland or Indian drinking water.

I close this post with the names of several Americans confirmed dead in Iraq on February 6, as printed in The New York Times of February 7 (page A7). If you will use a clear mind's eye, perhaps you will catch a glimpse of the image of these men, so devoted and so young, men who will never again walk the earth in mortal form:

DUNN, Terrence D., 38, Staff Sgt., Army; Houston; 10th Mountain Division.

LANDECK, Kevin C., 26, Capt., Army; Illinois; 10th Mountain Division.

QUILL, Richard O. III, 22, Cpl., Marines; Roswell, Ga.; First Marine Division.

SANDERS, Ronnie L., 26, Staff Sgt., Army; Thibodaux, La.; 82nd Airborne Division.

SIEGER, Eric R., 18, Specialist, Army; Layton, Utah; First Cavalry Division.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Larger Forces

Days speed by and a busy schedule precludes posting as frequently as I would like.

In the past week much has happened, from "Scooter" Libby trial to Florida storm tribulation.
There has been a flurry of interest in the state of mind of the occupier of the Vice-Presidential office and the possible impeachment of same.

In all matters, we can rest assured there are larger forces at work, or, if you prefer, a Larger Force. No person or group of persons can stop this Force for Good. Here is our confidence and reassurance.

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