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Monday, May 29, 2017

There Will Be No Blue Wave in 2018, Says Salon Writer

Article expresses doubt about Democratic prospects in 2018.  Is it (the article) realistic?

Ultimately, you the reader must be the judge.  But the writer makes a persuasive case that Democrats cannot count on a simple wave election in 2018.  And why not?

The reason, says the writer, is that America's problems go deeper than mere electoral politics.

To a large extent I agree with this assessment.  However, the picture -- though dire -- may not be as hopeless as it appears.  Or perhaps more accurately, the problem is not as complex as it appears.

For as readers here know, America did not vote for the Republican far-right the way the media has made it appear.  With nine methods of vote suppression at work, it became impossible for unwitting Democrats to win.

Where, then, does the direction finder point?  It points certainly in the direction of a corporatized media with deep ties to the profit system, a system whose health depends on friendly politicians of both parties.

This time of ours, then, is a moment of opportunity.  For those who have the strength and ingenuity to help create a new vision for America, there is a wonderful chance to create a new framework of justice and economic success for all.

There Will Be No Blue Wave in 2018 Says Salon Writer

Friday, May 26, 2017

Democratic Governors Association Gets It Right

Voter suppression tactics, not Russian hacking, stole the election for Trump

Below is an excerpt from an e-mail I recently received from the Democratic Governors Association.  This group of fine Democratic governors tells the truth about Election 2016.  It is evidence that the so-called resistance to Trump needs to move to states under Democratic control.  


Voter suppression helped give Trump the presidency, Friends: 
A new report shows that Wisconsin's voter ID law suppressed MORE THAN 200,000 VOTES, while Trump won by less than 23,000Voter suppression helped Trump take the presidency, and now he's doing everything he can to undermine our democracy.

... And Republicans in Congress are rolling over and letting Trump's corruption go unchecked.

Voter suppression could cost us our democracy if we don't fight back!

Our Voter Protection Project is on the ground fighting to restore voting rights and build a Democratic firewall against Trump's destructive policies....


The e-mail was part of a fund-raising effort.  

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

What Is the Plastisphere?

All-ages video

Whatever it is, it does not sound good.

Find out more here.

T his video shows in clear terms the dangers of our plasticized world.  The facts here show why concern for the environment can't wait.

N.B.  I don't know anything about the contest mentioned at the end or the organization.  But the video is high quality and speaks well for those who made it.  

Monday, May 22, 2017

Brief Statement About the Russian Investigation

As longer-term readers here will already know, as odious as any foreign intrusion into our election system would be, it bears repeating now that neither Russia nor any other country "hacked into" last November's election.  While I agree that Russia did try to influence the election, ultimately their efforts fell short, as Hillary Clinton won around two million or so more votes than did Our Military Leader (OML).

What did happen was a huge Republican effort to suppress votes wherever they could.  This effort has been detailed most extensively by Greg Palast, well-respected international investigative journalist.   This suppression of the vote was large enough to affect the outcome in several states so as to make it appear OML won the Electoral College.   I believe history will show he won neither the popular vote nor the Electoral College.  (Link to the Greg Palast site appears to the right on this blog.)

Recently, the Democratic Governors Association sent an e-mail referencing this vote suppression activity on the part of the Republicans.  This was good to see, for it means our leaders are beginning to wake up to the fact that this was not a legitimate vote.  

Photo Courtesy < >.    Ushanka

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Friday, May 12, 2017

OML and Dementia

Allegations that Our Military Leader (whom I have identified as "OML") has dementia have been around for awhile now.  This is not a subject I have seen the need to report on here -- until now.

Like the author of the article highlighted below, I have had close relatives who progress through the stages of dementia.  I have also seen the symptoms in co-workers.

While OML clearly has personality and character issues, even more important could be dementia.  Certainly, the matter is not proven.  But the article referenced gives a good opening to the subject.

I will continue researching the matter. 

Dementia at the Top

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Trump White House Said to Be in "Crisis Mode," Senate Scrambles to Interview Deputy Attorney General


Fast-developing Events in Washington, D. C.,  Today

For those interested in the morning's activities, it was a busy start to the day.

The Hill has a good summation of the day so far.

Latest On the Situation in Washington

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

What We Face Is a Constitutional Crisis: Sen Blumenthal

via CBSN

Says there must be a special prosecutor.

New York Times Is Reporting Sessions Was Tasked With Making Comey Case

...according to CBSN

This would create "a cause and effect," says CBSN analyst, Zeke Miller.

The word impeachment is being raised.

The question is What is the alternative to impeachment?  If the OML (Our Military Leader) will not resign, what other action could be taken?

Remember, it is CBSN who has raised the issue of impeachment.

We do not yet know whether normal American governmental processes are viable at this time.  It is going to be up to responsible Republicans to lead us out of this -- if the government is to retain any credibility at all.   CBSN is indeed mentioning Republicans now raising questions about the Comey firing.

Legitimacy of Trump Questioned By CBSN

A CBSN commentator is saying the firing of FBI Director Comey, especially at this time, raises questions of the President's "legitimacy."

Questioning the actual legitimacy of this President has been exceedingly rare in the major media these last weeks.

It has been my question for months, as readers here well know.

The major media is welcomed into the fold of Questioners.    

Barrage of Criticism Over Firing of Comey

CBS News is reporting they have received a "blizzard" of comments regarding the firing of Comey.

Analyst, Jeff Pegues, says these comments will continue to mount.

Sen. Schumer Says American People Will "Absolutely" Suspect Cover-up

Live now on CBSN:

Schumer says a special prosecutor is the only way to proceed now regarding the Trump-Russia investigation.

He further says Comey should have been fired months ago, if the Trump administration was concerned about Comey's behavior in the Clinton e-mail matter.

Comey Firing Raises a Key Question

The letter of Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein certainly lays out a cogent case for his recommendation that FBI Director Comey be fired.

Our Military Leader's (OML's) letter announcing the firing, however, specifically makes the point that OML is not under investigation.  This hints at the thinking of OML.

Again, I ask:  What is the story behind the story on this fateful Tuesday?

Is the Comey Firing a Political "Assassination?"

Daggers in the night, pistols in the daylight.  Such images from murder mysteries of old come to mind as news of the firing of the FBI Director ricochets around the world.

Mr. Comey certainly can be criticized for the way he handled the Clinton e-mails only days before last November's election.  (Of at least equal culpability, however, were the press and media.)

But Mr. Comey was also making headlines for revealing that an investigation of possible ties between the Russian government and the Trump campaign was underway.

It is said Comey is being fired for making misstatements at a Congressional hearing last week.  To be fair, we must first evaluate this allegation.

But the leaving of James Comey would appear to cast a cloud over the Trump-Russia investigation.    

Blogging the Firing of FBI Director Comey

The dismissal of FBI Director Comey immediately raises the question of whether there is a story behind the story.  With this illegitimate and highly inept administration, almost anything is possible.

Good or bad, let the truth come out.

Breaking News: FBI Director Fired

CNN and other outlets are reporting that Our Military Leader has dismissed FBI Director Comey.

More coming here shortly.  

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Macron Elected President of France

Emmanuel Macron has been elected President of France by an overwhelming margin.  TMP congratulates Mssr. Macron in this important win.

France now shows the way to a non
-Fascist future.

via tablet computer

Friday, May 05, 2017

Important developments in Trump-Russia Investigation

Comey admits FBI coordinating with office of U.S. Attorney in Eastern Virginia

Via Patriot in Exigency --

Just Out Today: Olbermann Report via You Tube on Reports of the Existence of a Grand Jury Inquiry Into Trump-Russia Ties

Information the major media is not reporting on:

Thursday, May 04, 2017

How the Obamacare Repeal Could Go Wrong -- Very Wrong -- for GOP

As Republicans crow and play music as if the House were a movie, the current Obamacare program grows more and more popular with the American people.

When will we have government of the people?

How Obamacare Repeal Could Go Very Wrong for GOP

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Millions Worldwide March for Workers' Rights

Workers around the world rallied for their rights yesterday, as millions took to the streets everywhere from the U.S. to Europe to south Asia and Taiwan.

Despite a declaration by Our Military Leader attempting to co-opt May Day with a loyalty day (to him?), Americans rallied from California to New York, demanding higher wages and equal pay for equal work.  Even the mainstream media reported on the enthusiastic demonstrators.

The article at the hyperlink below has copious pictures from around the world.

It was a day of excitement and hope mixed with fear, as people continued to grapple with injustice almost everywhere around the globe.

The Musical Patriot would like to concentrate on hope.  You are cordially invited to return here in coming weeks and months as this world-wide drama for justice plays out.

Millions Rally for Workers' Rights Worldwide

Image Courtesy World Federation of Trade Unions

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