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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Millions Worldwide March for Workers' Rights

Workers around the world rallied for their rights yesterday, as millions took to the streets everywhere from the U.S. to Europe to south Asia and Taiwan.

Despite a declaration by Our Military Leader attempting to co-opt May Day with a loyalty day (to him?), Americans rallied from California to New York, demanding higher wages and equal pay for equal work.  Even the mainstream media reported on the enthusiastic demonstrators.

The article at the hyperlink below has copious pictures from around the world.

It was a day of excitement and hope mixed with fear, as people continued to grapple with injustice almost everywhere around the globe.

The Musical Patriot would like to concentrate on hope.  You are cordially invited to return here in coming weeks and months as this world-wide drama for justice plays out.

Millions Rally for Workers' Rights Worldwide

Image Courtesy World Federation of Trade Unions

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