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Friday, April 28, 2017

The Case Against Impeachment?

Is there a case against impeaching our military leader?  Some seem to think so.

Actually, the matter goes deeper than a simple yes or no answer.  I agree very much with the writer below that there is a reason why Our Military Leader was put into office in the first place.  It has more to do with a vast corruption of our elections with a background of sour economic times for ever so many Americans.

Thus, my book on the matter -- should it come -- would begin with the economic stresses of recent times.  And this continues to be a subject of deep interest for me:  How can the profit system continue when so many are suffering?  And look at all the corruption engendered by a system which rewards hood-winking, and exploitation of the American people on a grand scale.

In this environment, Our Military Leader is the installed figurehead, the man who "plays the President on television," as Greg Palast has said.

As for impeachment, can you even impeach a person who stole the office to begin with?  It wouldn't seem to be logical.

Just asking, dear friends>  

What Should We Hope For?

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