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Monday, October 25, 2010

Renewed Hope for Democrats

Newsweek magazine reports that the most recent polls are showing a tightening of races in different parts of the country. After months of hearing "the Republicans are likely to gain seats and possibly win control of Congress," it is indeed heartening to see new Democratic strength.

The article is linked below.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

The French Lead the Way

At the attached link you will find a most informative interview on the subject of the protests on-going in France. The article explains very clearly what is at stake for workers in France. For instance, one thing which seems crystal clear is the fact that the National Assembly of France has been voting against the interests of the average French citizen. That workers would protest actions which materially and negatively affect their well-being should be a surprise to no one.

Leaving aside any violence, one wonders why we don't have more of this kind of street action in the United States. And indeed if certain persons have their way, there will be attempts to weaken and even destroy Social Security and Medicare and other vitally necessary programs after the November elections.

My sense is the Democrats are beginning to strengthen their position in the lead-up to the November vote. I only hope the efforts of Democratic leaders are not too little too late.

So, France leads the way. The France of Montesquieu and Lafayette is alive and well and millions of Frenchmen and women want to keep it strong, healthy, and just. Vive la France!


Monday, October 11, 2010


Personal and family issues have kept me away the past few weeks. I am glad to be back here, however briefly.

The world trudges on in these early days of autumn. There is an election up-coming in the United States which is greeted with little more than a yawn by the mass electorate. This collective yawn is understandable, yet dangerous, as it minimizes what is a real risk of a capitulation to some very dark forces. The people who now run the Republican party are little more than either hacks or patsies for huge corporate interests. These interests will essentially stop at nothing to protect their wealth.

Do we not remember the reign of fear which gripped this country after September 11, 2001? Few people remember it was the Democratic Party alone which was able to raise objections to the Bush reign of paranoia following that despicable event. While indeed capitulating to the overall atmosphere of panic, Democrats did raise some needed objections.

It is certainly true that over the years, Democrats in power have continued to vote for wars. There has been a looking away from the alledged illigal activities of Karl Rove (specificially the Valeria Plame affair).

Still, does anyone doubt that any sort of Repubican win in the Congressional elections would have anything less than a very negative effect on the country? Are we really to go back to people who brought us to this financial debacle in the first place? After all, it was a Republican Congress which destroyed Glass-Steagall protections in 1999. (And where there were Democratic colluders such as Larry Summers, let these colluders be clearly identified.)

So, defeating the Republican party must be a top priority. Then, let a deeper democracy begin, one in which an informed citizenry is assisted by an enlightened, talented and ethical legislative body.

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