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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Dark Money -- The Secret to Understanding American Politics

Jane Mayer, author

Rush Post --

I have just become aware of a 2016 book treating the rise of huge amounts of "dark money," hitting the political wheels.  Please help me review the review!

A most promising premise:
Book Discussion with Author: Dark Money

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Former Pres. Clinton Advisor Calls Current Occupant Mentally Ill

Quickly --

A former advisor to Bill Clinton who had a one-hour meeting with him has named Our Military Leader "mentally ill."

Bill Curry further states the media is guilty of gross malpractice.  More below:

Media Called Out for Inattention. Incompetence

Friday, August 11, 2017

Lying Can Be Attractive...

...for both speaker and audience

The American citizenry continues to endure a seemingly unremitting barrage of untruths, partial truths, and outright lies from the White House and the current executive of the Oval Office -- Our Military Leader (OML).

The article referenced below gives a certain explanation of the cause of the lying and its attraction for listeners in America.  It is a sad thing to think that Americans have become so used to dissembling from its politicians, that one who seems to do it with particular boldness, regularity and panache, is actually appreciated for his non-honest "candor."

Lying Can Be Attractive

Books serve to show a man that those original thoughts of his aren’t very new after all.

–Abraham Lincoln
We are told that Our Military Leader does not read books.  There are ever so many quotes about books that would apply here.  But the one above is better than most.  

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Keeping in Touch on a Summer Afternoon

In parts of Latin America and Africa, winter grinds on.  But here in the upper regions of the globe summer continues full throttle, casting its glowing sunshine into and through the trees, round and about the watery regions, and down into crevices and basements everywhere.  At such a time, it is tempting to cast aside all cares, including concerns about country and world.  And yet events of a certain kind continue and there is need for continued watchfulness in Washington and elsewhere.

People I talk with -- average citizens -- are learning to tune-out things relating to that important capitol.  This is not to say I completely approve of this practice.  Yet, it is a justifiably self-preserving reaction to something approaching insanity, and certainly chaos, in the White House.

However, as I have indicated there is a place for continual concern.  Fortunately, certain people in D.C. are responsible enough and experienced enough to keep the machinery of government running with or without a certain kind of direct approval from high places.  Thus, it seems the government is yet safe, even if only on a day-to-day and almost ad hoc basis.  To this extent, we can be grateful.   

Friday, August 04, 2017

Book Review: Rule and Ruin

(A work in progress)

I can hardly recommend the book Rule and Ruin by Kabaservice highly enough.  Now half-way through the book, I am learning about the second year of the Nixon Presidency, including his pivot toward catering more to the Southern conservatives.  The book reads almost like a good detective story.

Obviously Mr. Kabaservice has indeed investigated thoroughly his subject -- the rise of the radical right within the Republican Party from Eisenhower to the tea party movement.  It is a story of intrigue and convenience, of ambition blind and otherwise, and a tale -- we are promised -- of ruin.

Highly recommended

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

"Game of Thrones" + "House of Cards" = "Game of Cards"

Watching the melodrama which is today's White House may be fun for some members of the media -- and this has even been admitted by a couple -- but as far as Americans are concerned this is no game.

Robert Reich reports here:

Republicans Abandoning Trump in Favor of Pence: Report

Friday, July 28, 2017

The Worst Is Yet to Come

-- Eugene Robinson

There is a difference, dear reader, between cynicism and prudent realism.  And the thing for the prudent realist now is to prepare for what is yet to be in the on-going saga of Our Military Leader (OML).*   

Today's Eugene Robinson column in The Washington Post gives numerous examples of an escalating crisis surrounding OML's White House.  The leader who was installed in that vaunted mansion by wealthy ideologues and libertarian sychopants (I shall not hold back today), descends ever deeper into his own reality, one based essentially on his own welfare.

It is understandable and permissible to want to defend oneself.  But just as there is a difference between cynicism and realism, there is a difference between self-preservation, and making war on a large part of the rest of the world.

Perhaps it is time for the rest of us to build the intellectual equivalent of a nuclear bomb shelter. 

Eugene Robinson on What Is Yet to Be

*a.k.a. Trump  

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

GOP Voter Suppression Effort Now on Steroids

The video below contains new information, not available before, tying voter suppression efforts to a new Presidential so-called commission on voter fraud.  And -- names have been shared with this commission, maybe yours.

A must-see

Friday, July 21, 2017

Super Password Theme Lights Up the Summer Night

From the NBC TV Show --  

Super Password - Opening - On-Air Edit Theme Song - TelevisionTunes.com

Back to Our Musical Roots

A summertime light treat for the ears and mind --

Super Password - Opening - On-Air Edit Theme Song - TelevisionTunes.com

Keith Olbermann Delineates Media Obligation

Commentator Keith Olbermann makes clear in a recent video exactly what the media must and must not do now that Our Military Leader has essentially declared war on the press. 

I believe that the current Oval Office Occupant will ultimately fail in his attempt to belittle, sideline, and vitiate the media.  What Mr. Oblermann perhaps does not see clearly enough is the fact that media persons in this country are often employed by mega-corporations not altogeter displeased with the Trumpian approach to making big money in America.

Still, we can all support Mr. Olbermann's keen observations. 

What Media Should Do Now

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Actor Robert Clary: Lest We Forget

Video Special

Well-known actor Robert Clary gives a human face to the victimization of the Jews under Hitler.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Note to Dedicated Readers and Others

The original plan for this web log did not include dealing on a regular basis with what amounts to governmental insanity, although the various illegitimate elections of G. W. Bush were certainly on the side of unreason.  So the situation which confronts us today requires a deeper looking at things.  Sometimes this may take more time to research and present.  I imagine other writers across the media spectrum have felt something similar. 

Those of us without a psychology degree end up flying somewhat by the seat of our pants as we try to analyze and fathom what to many appears unfathomable, a man without the aegis of a verifiable election result who is yet our Military Leader and has meetings and takes telephone calls in the White House, and is even called "Mr. President" by various unwitting world leaders.

But the lack of professional jargon of the mind may be a blessing in disguise, as your grandmothers used to put it.  For isn't there value in simply calling a falsehood a lie, and then acting appropriately upon that knowledge?  The problem, of course, is that an even bigger lie has been accepted -- that somehow a person who lost by over two million votes, and then has been shown to be the beneficiary of major voter suppression efforts* in enough states to affect the outcome -- that this person should somehow be taken as real, legitimate, qualified, and worthy of presidential-level respect.

So we have a Never-never Land fiasco unfolding on a daily basis.  And yet, oddly, there is more reason for hope than ever, we sense.  While Washington is tangled in a mess, the citizens are moving ahead with their lives doing their best with the everyday challenges which are part and parcel of a harried existence. 

For one thing, the young are very aware.  And they care.  Some are even taking action.  Older people such as members of the Code Pink movement are active.  Former coal miners in Kentucky sigh as they realize they may have been victims of a hoax.

So America goes on in these sultry days of the second half of July.  Creatures, both human and others, wait a freshening rain, yea, a deluge of truth and justice.  May this happen in a near time. 

*See the work of Greg Palast

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

America Aghast

The country is aghast at the implications of the Donald Trump, Jr., meetings with a Russian attorney.  While there is much that is unknown, what is already known is alarming conservatives as well as those of every political stripe.

Time precludes a fuller discussion here now.  But, the recent filing of an impeachment article against Our Military Leader in the House of Representatives may be an indication of the direction things are moving in. 

Monday, July 10, 2017

The Truth About Election Fraud?

Yesterday the headline to the lead editorial in The New York Times caught my eye.  I was excited to read that I was going to be treated to the "real" election fraud of 2016.  I thought, "Finally The Times has discovered the nine methods of voter suppression tactics used by Republicans last year as originally reported by well-known investigative writer, Greg Palast, and broadcast by Joy Reid on MSNBC.  

Alas, I was to be sadly disappointed, as the article simply told about the dangers of Russian hacking. Certainly, Russian operatives did hack both the Democratic National Committee and its Republican counterpart.  But I have seen no evidence that said Russian persons or their henchmen penetrated any of our states' electronic voting systems.   I await any countervailing proof.

In a separate post I hope to write about some of the reasons why I think it is so hard for Americans to believe their election could have been compromised by Americans.  But for now, it seems fairly obvious why it could have happened:  There are plenty of very wealthy people who had the motive, since the Republican Party has reliably offered tax reduction for the wealthy.  This matter of motive is not so hard to believe.  Much more can be said.

I ask and invite you to help spread the word about the Republican theft of Election 2016.  Refer people to the Greg Palast web site.  Refer them here.  The facts are available and discoverable.

So let the discovery begin.   

Friday, July 07, 2017

States Refuse to Cooperate with OML's Voter Intimidation "Commission"

Forty-four states are refusing to hand over data requested by the Executive's so-called commission on voting integrity.  This panel, appointed by Our Military Leader (OML), seeks to harass states and voters with requests for personal Social Security numbers and Driver's Licenses to no good purpose.  Numerous studies have shown there was absolutely no wide-spread voter fraud last year.

What we did have were organized, criminal voter suppression tactics with race-based real-world results.  

This current "commission," headed by Kobach, the nation's most visible vote suppression guru, is an outrageous waste of time and tax-payer money.  It may also prove criminal in effect. 

States Refuse to Cooperate with OML's Voter Intimidation "Commission"

Media Continue to Normalize OML to Our Nation's Detriment

Briefly but importantly --

Most news media in America continue to normalize Our Military Leader (OML).  Every day which goes by on which OML is treated as being legitimate, is a day longer before sanity returns to the citadels of American leadership.

It is hard to see how things will turn out in the end.  We can trust that in the end all will be well.  But that may be an assumption without many facts at this point.  And yet hope we must.  For the alternative is unthinkable. 

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Jimmy Carter and Bernie Sanders Stand Fast for Human Rights

In a time when human rights are under attack at home and abroad Former President Jimmy Carter and Sen. Sanders stand firm.   

Former President Carter Shakes Hands on Plane

via ABC News --

The ever-gracious Jimmy Carter greets passengers on plane.

I'll have more video later.

iframe src='http://abcnews.go.com/video/embed?id=47972208' width='640'

There is no date on this video.   

Friday, June 30, 2017

The Rule and Ruin of the G.O.P.

Eleven years ago in the first summer of this blog, I featured numerous posts about the book I was reading then, called Theologians Under Hitler.  I fondly remember reading it in a front-yard swing at my parents' summer home.  Memories of intellectual stimulation and enlightenment through that book are still with me.

It appears that this summer's book is becoming Rule and Ruin by Geoffrey Kabaservice.  The somewhat long subtitle is, "The Downfall of Moderation and the Destruction of the Republican Party, from Eisenhower to the Tea Party."

Only a short way into the book, I am enormously impressed with both the focus and execution of the tome.  It tells a forgotten history of an ideologically mixed party, which in fact was essentially a fairly moderate party, conservative on fiscal matters, progressive on Civil Rights.  Always there was within the party, of course, a right-wing.  But not until the 1950's and Senator Joseph McCarthy paving the way did so-called movement conservatism gain traction.

The full story is amply and well-told in this volume by Kabaservice.  His warning is extremely valuable as we now find ourselves in the position of so many other countries with two parties, almost exclusive of each other ideologically, and locked in something akin to mortal combat.

Yet this has not been America's history until quite recently.  It is this division which directors of America's intelligence services are warning about.  The United States, they advise us, is now threatened not only from without but within.  This is a problem of the gravest national urgency and must be addressed with thoughtful and concrete actions -- and without delay.   

N.B. for photo and graphic aficionados:  the shadowing and fading of the above picture of the book cover is part of the original design of the cover.  Actual print on the book cover is essentially quite clear.   

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

An Indirect Reference to the Stolen Election of 2016

Although not direct evidence, of course, the fact that a majority of Wisconsin voters now disapprove of Our Military Leader (OML) is an indication that something is amiss in Wisconsin.

Americans are indeed disturbed by Our Military Leader.  Yet where is the press when it comes to reporting on the nine methods of voter suppression used by Republicans and their henchmen last year?

Nevertheless, truth keeps seeping through.  The referenced article shows this.  

Majority of Wisconsin Voters Disapprove of OML Performance

Bankers Said to Be Behind Puerto Rico Crisis

 The commonwealth’s financial woes didn’t happen by accident—they were the result of decades of public immiseration and private gain.

It is clear from the article at the link below that Puerto Rico's current misery didn't happen by accident.   As usual with situations of this kind, the profit motive has been alive and well in our island "nation" to the south.   

We must remember that the profit system is of real flesh and blood people.  These people make decisions to benefit themselves, often regardless of the needs of other people.   All too often the result is suffering and even tragedy.  

It doesn't have to be.

Bankers Behind Puerto Rico Crisis

Friday, June 23, 2017

On This Date In History -- New Feature

On This Date in History...

President Lyndon Johnson met with Soviet Premier Aleksei Kosygin at Glassboro, New Jersey, in an effort to diffuse tensions in the Cold War.  Results were less than satisfactory, however, as Viet Nam and other issues continued to divide the two great nations.  

Certainly the hope was that one day Russia, or the Soviet Union, would be partners in peace around the world.  Fifty years later, the Soviet Union is no more, but a former member of the KGB, and now leader of a resurgent Russia, seeks to create a network of alliances and influence to counter perceived threats from the West.

Whatever the ills of Russia, and there are many, the world must find a means to mutual respect so the people of the world can be safe.   

A recurring feature of The Musical Patriot

Source:   History Channel

Left to right:  Aleksei Kosygin, Lyndon Johnson
courtesy Wikimedia

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Georgia Sixth District Election Post Mortem

New Video Link for Today

The link below should take you to a video excerpt from MSNBC's "Morning Joy" program with investigative reporter, Greg Palast.  This report documents the throwing of legal voters off the voting rolls in Georgia.  

To be fair, I do not hear the numbers in this report which of themselves would have swung this election to the Republican.  On the other hand, the investigation of dirty deeds in Georgia has really only just begun.  And, by the way, the person who initiated the purge efforts in Georgia just won the latest election for U.S. Representative from Georgia. 

May truth win out, and in a near time.  


Monday, June 19, 2017

A Panoply of Subjects

Still Here
Nature watches and waits.

If reading is an adventure, I have been on something of a trip these last weeks.  Subjects have run the gamut from the rise of medical consumerism to the loss of Internet privacy, and back to a rare disorder called something like Canavan disease.

Particularly interesting was the work of a futurist who around 2000 predicted the decline and fall of the American "empire."  I'll have more on this subject soon.

For now, June is busting out all over, as they say, with unusually high temperatures accompanied by cheerily warbling birds (and a desultory standing crane).

With June has come the 45th anniversary of the Watergate break-in with new and stunning revelations of a Nixon administration attempt to do physical harm to Daniel Ellsberg.

This has lead to inevitable comparisons with today's scene in Washington.  Which, actually, leads me back to the futurist, who, it seems, predicted a Trumpian figure many years ago.

It is a multifarious world, but as I am seeing more clearly, a good world at base.  I look forward to being able to present evidence for all this in the future.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Washington Post (Dana Milbank) has offered the following information to let us know what we have been missing while distracted by the Comey/Sessions testimonies.  Certainly, let us not minimize the importance of these hearings.  But let us be aware of the far-rightist agenda of this Republican Congress (with some brave, notable exceptions).

Here is the opening of this recent article from The Post:

Monday was the first anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando that left 49 dead. Saturday will be the second anniversary of the church shooting in Charleston, S.C., where nine were murdered at Bible study.

In between these two somber remembrances, House Republicans will be commemorating the occasion in their own way: They will begin work relaxing restrictions on firearm silencers — thereby making it easier for shooters to shoot without being noticed.
To this injury, the legislators add insult with the bill’s name: a provision of the “Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act” called the “Hearing Protection Act” — as if it were subsidizing earplugs. That’s like calling legislation that expands the availability of machine guns the “Carpal Tunnel Protection Act” because it spares would-be shooters the repetitive motion of trigger pulling.

N. B  The Musical Patriot accepts no advertising.  However, it is felt that The Washington Post and The New York Times and certainly Newsweek all deserve a certain kind of support just now.   

Friday, June 09, 2017

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

The Proper Perspective

Sitting in the coffee shop on a warm day, drinking iced green tea, gives time for reflection.  Also, having a few days away from newspapers and news media has brought a respite from horror and alleged terror.  Banner headlines of murder and mayhem make it challenging to keep a healthy perspective on a life lived well.

Knowing of the high level of corruption in U.S. elections makes for an interesting perspective, however.  It is a perspective which does contribute to sanity, if one can keep the perspective.  First, it allows one to be confident that the majority of Americans would never have voted for the person who went into the Oval Office in January.  Second, no matter how necessary and useful ever so many left-leaning groups are, we don't need to rely on a construct which has these groups -- splintered and divided as they are -- carrying the water by themselves.

This is to say the truth is bigger and deeper than a multitude of specific issues such as e-mail hacking by foreign governments, or the latest intrigue at the White House.  What a dither and waste of time all this is for a great nation.  It is a circumstance created by the greed system, otherwise known as the profit system.  For the marionettes of mendacity and avarice did conspire to ruin an election.  This can be shown.

Under these circumstances a certain detachment from the rush of news is inevitable -- and welcome.  The battle must be joined, then, at the point of veracity -- the stolen election of 2016.  It is at this nexus that we can meet and figure out how to set things aright.  

Monday, May 29, 2017

There Will Be No Blue Wave in 2018, Says Salon Writer

Article expresses doubt about Democratic prospects in 2018.  Is it (the article) realistic?

Ultimately, you the reader must be the judge.  But the writer makes a persuasive case that Democrats cannot count on a simple wave election in 2018.  And why not?

The reason, says the writer, is that America's problems go deeper than mere electoral politics.

To a large extent I agree with this assessment.  However, the picture -- though dire -- may not be as hopeless as it appears.  Or perhaps more accurately, the problem is not as complex as it appears.

For as readers here know, America did not vote for the Republican far-right the way the media has made it appear.  With nine methods of vote suppression at work, it became impossible for unwitting Democrats to win.

Where, then, does the direction finder point?  It points certainly in the direction of a corporatized media with deep ties to the profit system, a system whose health depends on friendly politicians of both parties.

This time of ours, then, is a moment of opportunity.  For those who have the strength and ingenuity to help create a new vision for America, there is a wonderful chance to create a new framework of justice and economic success for all.

There Will Be No Blue Wave in 2018 Says Salon Writer

Friday, May 26, 2017

Democratic Governors Association Gets It Right

Voter suppression tactics, not Russian hacking, stole the election for Trump

Below is an excerpt from an e-mail I recently received from the Democratic Governors Association.  This group of fine Democratic governors tells the truth about Election 2016.  It is evidence that the so-called resistance to Trump needs to move to states under Democratic control.  


Voter suppression helped give Trump the presidency, Friends: 
A new report shows that Wisconsin's voter ID law suppressed MORE THAN 200,000 VOTES, while Trump won by less than 23,000Voter suppression helped Trump take the presidency, and now he's doing everything he can to undermine our democracy.

... And Republicans in Congress are rolling over and letting Trump's corruption go unchecked.

Voter suppression could cost us our democracy if we don't fight back!

Our Voter Protection Project is on the ground fighting to restore voting rights and build a Democratic firewall against Trump's destructive policies....


The e-mail was part of a fund-raising effort.  

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

What Is the Plastisphere?

All-ages video

Whatever it is, it does not sound good.

Find out more here.

T his video shows in clear terms the dangers of our plasticized world.  The facts here show why concern for the environment can't wait.

N.B.  I don't know anything about the contest mentioned at the end or the organization.  But the video is high quality and speaks well for those who made it.  

Monday, May 22, 2017

Brief Statement About the Russian Investigation

As longer-term readers here will already know, as odious as any foreign intrusion into our election system would be, it bears repeating now that neither Russia nor any other country "hacked into" last November's election.  While I agree that Russia did try to influence the election, ultimately their efforts fell short, as Hillary Clinton won around two million or so more votes than did Our Military Leader (OML).

What did happen was a huge Republican effort to suppress votes wherever they could.  This effort has been detailed most extensively by Greg Palast, well-respected international investigative journalist.   This suppression of the vote was large enough to affect the outcome in several states so as to make it appear OML won the Electoral College.   I believe history will show he won neither the popular vote nor the Electoral College.  (Link to the Greg Palast site appears to the right on this blog.)

Recently, the Democratic Governors Association sent an e-mail referencing this vote suppression activity on the part of the Republicans.  This was good to see, for it means our leaders are beginning to wake up to the fact that this was not a legitimate vote.  

Photo Courtesy < Ushanka.net >.    Ushanka

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Friday, May 12, 2017

OML and Dementia

Allegations that Our Military Leader (whom I have identified as "OML") has dementia have been around for awhile now.  This is not a subject I have seen the need to report on here -- until now.

Like the author of the article highlighted below, I have had close relatives who progress through the stages of dementia.  I have also seen the symptoms in co-workers.

While OML clearly has personality and character issues, even more important could be dementia.  Certainly, the matter is not proven.  But the article referenced gives a good opening to the subject.

I will continue researching the matter. 

Dementia at the Top

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Trump White House Said to Be in "Crisis Mode," Senate Scrambles to Interview Deputy Attorney General


Fast-developing Events in Washington, D. C.,  Today

For those interested in the morning's activities, it was a busy start to the day.

The Hill has a good summation of the day so far.

Latest On the Situation in Washington

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

What We Face Is a Constitutional Crisis: Sen Blumenthal

via CBSN

Says there must be a special prosecutor.

New York Times Is Reporting Sessions Was Tasked With Making Comey Case

...according to CBSN

This would create "a cause and effect," says CBSN analyst, Zeke Miller.

The word impeachment is being raised.

The question is What is the alternative to impeachment?  If the OML (Our Military Leader) will not resign, what other action could be taken?

Remember, it is CBSN who has raised the issue of impeachment.

We do not yet know whether normal American governmental processes are viable at this time.  It is going to be up to responsible Republicans to lead us out of this -- if the government is to retain any credibility at all.   CBSN is indeed mentioning Republicans now raising questions about the Comey firing.

Legitimacy of Trump Questioned By CBSN

A CBSN commentator is saying the firing of FBI Director Comey, especially at this time, raises questions of the President's "legitimacy."

Questioning the actual legitimacy of this President has been exceedingly rare in the major media these last weeks.

It has been my question for months, as readers here well know.

The major media is welcomed into the fold of Questioners.    

Barrage of Criticism Over Firing of Comey

CBS News is reporting they have received a "blizzard" of comments regarding the firing of Comey.

Analyst, Jeff Pegues, says these comments will continue to mount.

Sen. Schumer Says American People Will "Absolutely" Suspect Cover-up

Live now on CBSN:

Schumer says a special prosecutor is the only way to proceed now regarding the Trump-Russia investigation.

He further says Comey should have been fired months ago, if the Trump administration was concerned about Comey's behavior in the Clinton e-mail matter.

Comey Firing Raises a Key Question

The letter of Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein certainly lays out a cogent case for his recommendation that FBI Director Comey be fired.

Our Military Leader's (OML's) letter announcing the firing, however, specifically makes the point that OML is not under investigation.  This hints at the thinking of OML.

Again, I ask:  What is the story behind the story on this fateful Tuesday?

Is the Comey Firing a Political "Assassination?"

Daggers in the night, pistols in the daylight.  Such images from murder mysteries of old come to mind as news of the firing of the FBI Director ricochets around the world.

Mr. Comey certainly can be criticized for the way he handled the Clinton e-mails only days before last November's election.  (Of at least equal culpability, however, were the press and media.)

But Mr. Comey was also making headlines for revealing that an investigation of possible ties between the Russian government and the Trump campaign was underway.

It is said Comey is being fired for making misstatements at a Congressional hearing last week.  To be fair, we must first evaluate this allegation.

But the leaving of James Comey would appear to cast a cloud over the Trump-Russia investigation.    

Blogging the Firing of FBI Director Comey

The dismissal of FBI Director Comey immediately raises the question of whether there is a story behind the story.  With this illegitimate and highly inept administration, almost anything is possible.

Good or bad, let the truth come out.

Breaking News: FBI Director Fired

CNN and other outlets are reporting that Our Military Leader has dismissed FBI Director Comey.

More coming here shortly.  

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Macron Elected President of France

Emmanuel Macron has been elected President of France by an overwhelming margin.  TMP congratulates Mssr. Macron in this important win.

France now shows the way to a non
-Fascist future.

via tablet computer

Friday, May 05, 2017

Important developments in Trump-Russia Investigation

Comey admits FBI coordinating with office of U.S. Attorney in Eastern Virginia

Via Patriot in Exigency --

Just Out Today: Olbermann Report via You Tube on Reports of the Existence of a Grand Jury Inquiry Into Trump-Russia Ties

Information the major media is not reporting on:

Thursday, May 04, 2017

How the Obamacare Repeal Could Go Wrong -- Very Wrong -- for GOP

As Republicans crow and play music as if the House were a movie, the current Obamacare program grows more and more popular with the American people.

When will we have government of the people?

How Obamacare Repeal Could Go Very Wrong for GOP

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Millions Worldwide March for Workers' Rights

Workers around the world rallied for their rights yesterday, as millions took to the streets everywhere from the U.S. to Europe to south Asia and Taiwan.

Despite a declaration by Our Military Leader attempting to co-opt May Day with a loyalty day (to him?), Americans rallied from California to New York, demanding higher wages and equal pay for equal work.  Even the mainstream media reported on the enthusiastic demonstrators.

The article at the hyperlink below has copious pictures from around the world.

It was a day of excitement and hope mixed with fear, as people continued to grapple with injustice almost everywhere around the globe.

The Musical Patriot would like to concentrate on hope.  You are cordially invited to return here in coming weeks and months as this world-wide drama for justice plays out.

Millions Rally for Workers' Rights Worldwide

Image Courtesy World Federation of Trade Unions

Friday, April 28, 2017

The Case Against Impeachment?

Is there a case against impeaching our military leader?  Some seem to think so.

Actually, the matter goes deeper than a simple yes or no answer.  I agree very much with the writer below that there is a reason why Our Military Leader was put into office in the first place.  It has more to do with a vast corruption of our elections with a background of sour economic times for ever so many Americans.

Thus, my book on the matter -- should it come -- would begin with the economic stresses of recent times.  And this continues to be a subject of deep interest for me:  How can the profit system continue when so many are suffering?  And look at all the corruption engendered by a system which rewards hood-winking, and exploitation of the American people on a grand scale.

In this environment, Our Military Leader is the installed figurehead, the man who "plays the President on television," as Greg Palast has said.

As for impeachment, can you even impeach a person who stole the office to begin with?  It wouldn't seem to be logical.

Just asking, dear friends>  

What Should We Hope For?

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Erin Moran and Cancer

As we mourn the passing of Erin Moran, actress of note, we wonder:  Why are people still dying of cancer?

There are technical reasons and some of those answers are given at the link below.

The article does mention some societal causes of the increase in cancer.  The Western world, particularly, must grapple with this issue so fewer people suffer.

The Causes of Increasing Rates of Cancer

Friday, April 21, 2017

For Your Interest: Unions in Argentina

Argentina has certainly had its fair share of "labor trouble" over the years.  For purposes of this blog, the term labor trouble refers to the suffering which has been undergone by ordinary Argentinian workers over the years reaching back many years indeed.

It is good at this time to review some of the recent history of labor in the country.  The article linked to below can help.

Unions on the Move in Argentina

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Forensic Analysis of Election 2016 Now Underway

Via Election Truth 101:

Anchors and producers received mid-afternoon exit polls before voting ended on Tuesday afternoon, and those numbers showed Mrs. Clinton with a small advantage, particularly in key states. 

See more here:

Monday, April 17, 2017

Staying Focused and Getting the Word Out

Politics in the U.S. remains quite fluid at this time.  The ground is shifting away from a true Trump dominance and toward a more questioning time.  This is reflected in recent polling showing a decline in confidence that Trump will keep his promises.

All last fall following the election there were articles about alleged vote hacking.  There were many fewer articles about voter suppression tactics.  However, articles about vote suppression continue to come to my attention.

One such article is hyperlinked below.  It gives a good overview of the situation.

It remains a top priority to bring these various tactics to light so clean elections can be held, ones which bring America up to true world standards among nations.

Good Article About Stolen Election of 2016

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Democrats Made a Small Net Gain in State Houses in 2016

Despite wide-spread vote suppression last fall, the Democrats did net one house chamber gain over Republicans.  The article at Daily Kos tells more.

There are also signs Democrats are running hard in contested U.S. House seats this year.  Whether the Democrats can overcome the vote suppression machine of the Republican Part and its henchmen remains to be seen.  Such dirty tricks represent the true wild card of American politics today.

Democrats Made a Slight Net Gain in State Houses

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Lost in Space

The press and media continue to try to analyze the Trump "win" of last fall.  Yet all the evidence points to a stolen election.  (See elsewhere here for evidence.)

It is amazing how naive and credulous much of America and almost all of the media are.

And yet without an acknowledgement of the corrupt nature of our elections, the U. S. is doomed to more bad outcomes.

via tablet computer

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Patients More Frustrated Than Ever

Remaking the American Patient

How Madison Avenue and Modern Medicine Turned Patients into Consumers

These are the title and sub-title of a new book by Nancy Tomes.   I just checked it out from the library.  It is clearly a well-researched and useful book for our times.

The book promises to detail why patients feel more confused and frustrated than ever, despite supposedly having more "choice."

I'm definitely looking forward to reading this book.  

Friday, March 31, 2017

Legal Advisor Urges Caution in "Bathroom Bill" Brouhaha

Quickly --

Up-date on transgender bathroom access:

The article below contains an important caution.

Word to the left:  Let's not get ourselves divided for no good reason.

"The Hill" Pundit Advises Caution in Bathroom Bill Controversy

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Research Up-date

Your author is busy with matters musical and (increasingly) beyond.  With most of the world having assumed our military leader has inhabited the Oval Office through legitimate means, all kinds of people are chasing this story and that, this issue and that, to the limits of strength and energy.

Your Musical Patriot has decided not to go on this kind of foray. I have, however, continued to monitor the more thoughtful writers on our world stage, as well as useful research articles on most any subject.

Our current circumstance is necessarily creating the need for a major re-adjustment.  This re-adjustment includes reassessing values and purposes regarding U.S. politics especially.

Where this is all leading, one can hardly say with any certainty.  But I have a sense it is leading somewhere and with the American people more and more engaged politically, there is a sense events are leading in an ultimately good direction.

So your patience, dear reader, is solicited.  When things settle down a bit more I hope to have a better focus and even modus operandi.  Until then I plan to continue researching pathways of knowledge, here, there, and everywhere.  Later, we shall meet again, now enlightened and perhaps refreshed.   

Friday, March 24, 2017

A Departure: The Right to Privacy for Minors

Without delving deeply into the matter of transgender persons (a complex subject), I thought the document at the link below might be of interest.  Perhaps it may even be useful to some.

Transgenderism and all such related issues have become a "hot topic" in the media lately.  It is not a subject area which reaches the top of my list of important matters for this blog.

However, the subject is still within the bounds of the original purpose of this blog:  to examine all issues of public policy.  And since both Time and even The National Geographic have had recent cover stories on the issue, it seems all right to at least provide a resource here.

The document below is intended for parents who do not wish their children to be subject to mandated sex-integrated activities or forced into traditionally sex-segregated facilities in schools.  The bill referenced is a California law advancing the perceived rights of transgender students in traditionally sex-segregated areas such as locker rooms and rest rooms.  

Suggested Declaration of Right to Privacy for Students

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Up-date Experiment Underway

In visiting The Musical Patriot today you may notice a [slightly] changed look.  I am doing some work on the blog format.  Rest assured, this is the same author and blog host you have known.

As you likely are aware the world of the Internet continues to develop and evolve.   I have for some time sought a somewhat different look for the blog.  I am researching new tools and presentations.

Meantime, I am reviewing the news of the day and will be posting new content soon.

Thank you for being a reader of The Musical Patriot.  

Monday, March 20, 2017

FBI Weighs In

As you can read elsewhere on the Internet, FBI Director Comey has today announced officially that the FBI is investigating the matter of Russian influence upon last year's election in the U.S.

He has also said he has seen no evidence substantiating claims that President Obama ordered wire-taps of Trump Tower last year.

This all adds up to news of the most important kind.  And it appears so far that, thankfully, the Russian matter is not being made into a partisan issue.  That would be extremely dangerous for the unity and stability of our country.

As for the wire-tap allegations, this issue may end up in an impeachment effort should it come to that. If so, I, for one, would not object.  

Friday, March 17, 2017

In Honor of National Women's Month

Promoting Physical Education Among High School Girls

There appears to be enough evidence of a decline in interest in physical education among girls for a closer look at the issue.  Studies are showing that only some 20% of girls elect to continue physical education classes after the mandatory course-work is completed.

As explained in the linked article here, the reasons are not difficult to understand.  One thing left out of the article are members of either sex who do not fit the norm;  that is, competitive girls, and cooperation-minded boys.  We know that such individuals exist.

Overall, however, the article tries to be fair to both girls and boys.  A worthy goal:

Promoting Girls' High School Physical Education

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Far-Right Dutch Party Fails to Meet Expectations

The most telegenic far-right Dutch candidate, Wilders, has failed to lead his party to victory in Dutch parliamentary elections yesterday.  Portions of his message, however, have been picked up by other parties.

The strength of alternate rightist parties is said to be making it harder to form a government in the Netherlands.  More on the vote is found below.

Reuters report:
Dutch Vote Splinters

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Announcement Share: For Your Interest

March 15 Fundraiser
to support Greg Palast’s new investigation
of Trump’s Billionaires

Join Jackson Browne
to honor
Greg Palast
and his team’s new investigations of
Trump’s billionaires and the plan to fix the vote of 2018

With discussion of the attack on voting rights by 
Joy Reid of MSNBC
and the need for investigative reporting 

WHEN: Wednesday, March 15 at  6:00pm PTWHERE:  Santa Monica, CA
Wine and Buffet
Performance by Jackson Browne
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
"Lives in the Balance" | "Running on Empty"

We are facing a democratic emergency:
Our purpose is to expose and prevent the theft of the election of 2018—and the billionaires who have turned The White House into a profit center.


This looks to be a very worthwhile event for anyone in southern California tonight.  Our democracy is indeed in crisis.   

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Impeachment Talk Building

Is this a good thing?

Those of you have been reading this blog regularly know it happens to be my position that the U.S. must deal with the issue of insecure elections.  It was heartening to me to see that several writers to the local paper yesterday agree.

In coming days I hope to have more on this.  But for now -- a search last evening for "impeach Trump," yielded far more articles on line than I was expecting.  The movement is beginning to show signs of taking on a life of its own.

But is this a good thing?  Quickly, I will say I welcome all legal and non-violent opposition to Trump as president.  However, if we think it through, we will see that with impeachment we would get Pence as President, a man who has advocated for a theocracy!  This would not be much of an improvement, if any.

How long must we continue to engage in fantastical thinking?  Why is it so hard for people to believe an election could be stolen in this country?  It has happened ever so many times in history, just not as much in the U.S., perhaps.

And yet, if you do manage to face the truth -- and face it we must -- will we not be better off in the long run?  At a bare minimum we will help ensure we have a president the people can actually support, not a minion of corporate America.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Voter Suppression in Election 2016 Acknowledged As Huge National Scandal

How does one assess the damage done by the suppression of votes?  What is the effect to the democracy?  What is the effect upon the society?  What is the psychological effect on individual voters?

These questions and others remain to be answered.  In fact, of course, the media is not even asking the questions.  But the questions are desperately important.  What we are seeing played out on a daily basis is a government which is trying to govern without the consent of the majority.

This is certainly not how the media is portraying the situation.  But what explanation do they have for a person like our current military leader filling the role of the president and struggling to unite even his own party, to say nothing of the wider populace?  The number of faux pas, misinformation examples, and outright lies is too large to comprehend.

So we have the great national miasma of now.

It didn't have to be.  May it never happen again.

Voter Suppression Called National Scandal

Sunday, March 05, 2017


In honor of the Lord's Day as celebrated among Christians --

This is the spirit of pride, humility, and enthusiasm which the world needs now.

Youth Choir of Scotland

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Could Election Results Still Be Audited?

In an effort to combat somewhat the twenty-four hour news cycle,  I present this article from last fall urging an audit of the vote totals from last fall.  It is very important that America hold onto the truth that Hillary Clinton won two million more votes than did military leader Trump.  This was the largest number ever recorded for a person who did not go on to become President.

As the article here states, Trump won only because of various voter suppression tactics.

The upshot:  Trump is not the legitimate president.

Read the article here:
Election Results Could Have Been Audited

N. B.  If The Musical Patriot sounds like a Johnny One-Note these days, it isn't the fault of the song's composer.  TMP does hope to deal with the true policy issues of the country.  But getting our elections right seems to be the most important policy matter of all.  

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Still, Still Here (After All These Years)

One Twitter post read, "Is there a card that says Hillary Clinton won?"  (or words to that effect).  I'll skip over for the moment the outrageously mean-spirited comment of the Head Bird about the Oscar announcement fiasco.  (See CNN for details on the unfortunate incident.)

There may not be a literal card announcing Clinton as the winner, but regular readers have certainly read the news here.  Those who have followed the links to Greg Palast also have the evidence.

Think about it for a moment.  Would Americans really take leave of their senses in common-sense states such as  Michigan, and Pennsylvania?  After everything that was said and happened in the campaign of 2016?  And after exit polls (which record the statements of actual voters) clearly showed Hillary Clinton winning not only the popular vote but the Electoral College as well?

The only truth which matters is the actual truth.  And sometimes it takes the actual truth a bit of time to catch up with actual people.  We are in the early weeks of the process.

Lest there be any doubt:  Hillary Clinton won the Presidency, just as virtually every poll before and after the fact said she would.  But don't take my word for it:    gregpalast.com

Friday, February 24, 2017

How Republicans Stole Election 2016

And How They Plan to Steal the 2018 Mid-terms

from Patriot in Exigency --

Here is video of Greg Palast's talk on the Stolen Election of 2016 webcast live last evening.  I had the privilege of watching the live event.  Intermingled with requests to support his work, the webcast was a valuable re-telling and up-dating of the events surrounding the stealing of Election 2016 by mostly Republican operatives in some thirty states.

Particularly valuable was information about how they plan to pull the same stunts -- and more -- for the 2018 mid-terms, starting now.

A must-see.

Video of Greg Palast Talk on The Stolen Election

Monday, February 20, 2017

Protest Music Said to Be Spreading Like Wildfire

A new wave of protest music is spreading like wildfire across the industry, from viral videos to awards show stages.
                                                                                                       -- Vanity Fair

A wide variety of musical artists has begun protesting the new Administration in Washington, according to Vanity Fair.  From chart toppers to Indie pop, musicians are raising the alarm of a presidency out of control.  

It is a sign of the times that barely a month into this new tenure, there are already serious questions about how to bring the Administration to an early end.  And musicians are not merely hopping onto the bandwagon, they are leading it.  

God bless our long line of protesting musicians from Woody Guthrie to today.   

Protest Music Spreading Like Wildfire: Vanity Fair

Note:  Musical examples have not been previewed.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Colorado Newspaper Fights Back Against Scurrilous Attack

 If politicians can get away with undermining legitimate publications, we won’t have a press for the First Amendment to protect.

Quick Link --

Newspaper Fights Back

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

White House Turmoil Reaching Crisis Proportions

Television news viewers as well as newspaper readers in the United States are already aware of the resignation of the National Security Adviser.  Others around the world may not be so aware of how serious is the turmoil surrounding the White House at this time.

The Musical Patriot for several reasons has decided to shy away from the turmoil at this time.  One reason is that all this was predicted by so many before the election.

The main issue remains the stolen election of 2016.  That is the story that must be reported on.  The good news is the main facts are already available.  Brad Blog, for one has covered this story as has Democracy Now. 

As one writer has said recently, Trump has never served in government before.  And he promised to shake up Washington.  We should not be surprised to see the current turmoil.

Lest I leave on a note of cynicism:  the current tumult can be prelude to constructive change in America.  Indeed, I believe it will prove to be exactly that.  

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Interest in Democratic Socialism Surges: Report

Quick Link --

Finally, some good news amidst the murk.

(More comments to follow later.)

Democratic Socialists Experience New Energy

N.B.  Military leader Trump stole election 2017 according to respected journalist, Greg Palast.

The Musical Patriot does not recommend turning over buses but does support certain of the aims of democratic socialism.    See linked article.   

Friday, February 10, 2017

Who is Really Responsible for Trump Now?

We need to stop talking so much about what Trump will do and begin speaking in terms of what Congress lets him do.

Ezra Klein, Vox

Of course we should be concerned about what Trump does, says the author.  And yet it is Congress which has the power to stop Trump under our system.  

The public must continue to pressure Congress to stop Trump.   The article below tells just how they can stop Trump.  

So, what can we the people do?  There are many things.  One thing which can and should be done -- peacefully! -- is marching with the names of our offending Representatives and Senators on signs all over their districts.  We must publicly hold them accountable.  

As other specific ideas arise I will share them.  

This blog is committed to non-violent action to stop the stealth military leader from proceeding with all Draconian, un-American plans.  

Renewed Interest In 'Fascism'

I am interested in letters in today's Washington Post criticizing a writer who had denigrated renewed interest in the subject of fascism after our new military leader came to power.  This shows the letter writers are thinking clearly and have the correct passion.

Then I found an article from last month's Post which quite clearly shows that D. Trump is a fascist; not in the sense of a Hitler or a Mussolini, but in the more general sense of a person who believes in a strong government directly supporting a strong business elite.  This article says very well what I have been trying to say for months.  

Let us not allow the word "fascism" to scare us or anger us.  We must bear witness to the truth and act according to our consciences.  

Washington Post contributor: 

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Good Web Site For News of Military Leader Trump

For those wishing to keep up with news of the designated commander of the military Trump, the following web site is doing a good job.


N. B.  D. Trump as president is the result of a stolen election as told of by Guardian journalist Greg Palast:   www.gregpalast.com

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