Tuesday, August 01, 2017

"Game of Thrones" + "House of Cards" = "Game of Cards"

Watching the melodrama which is today's White House may be fun for some members of the media -- and this has even been admitted by a couple -- but as far as Americans are concerned this is no game.

Robert Reich reports here:

Republicans Abandoning Trump in Favor of Pence: Report


  1. This is a useful article, as it gives some kind of hope. But playing Devil's Advocate for the moment, the problem with a news story like this is it not only legitimizes Trump in a back-handed way, it legitimizes Pence. If Trump was not legitimately elected, then naturally Pence wasn't either. And Pence is a believer in the concept of theocracy, which would mean rule by religion. As ever, we need to deal with the matter of the viability and verifiability of our elections -- and immediately.

  2. Re: "Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the Republican Party has so far only stood up to Trump when it comes to the specific issue of sanctions against Russia. Aside from that issue, their approach toward the president has been fearful bordering on obsequious, so it’s a stretch to say the least to imagine them plotting against him behind the scenes."

    I think Rosza is wrong here. I'm sure there must be all kinds of commons being shared a la the discussion between Senators Collins and Reed in the Senate committee room last week. But again, it would be better for the Republic if we simply investigated our unreliable election processes. With the Internet, such an investigation is more than hypothetically possible.


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