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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

How will "Brexit" Affect the U.S. Economy?

Money printing by the Fed will boost the market, but not necessarily back to its highs. That money printing will also greatly increase anxiety among investors. Already, investors are voicing concerns that the market is too dependent on Fed stimulus. The Fed will be forced to react to that anxiety by printing more money which, of course, will only increase anxiety even more.

We will be talking more later about the longer term economic effects of Brexit on Britain and the world. 

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Markets React With Great Concern

The Dow Jones market has shown fairly large volatility for the previous two sessions, creating concerns for the future.

Here at The Musical Patriot, the matter of an eventual major market downturn has been discussed several times in the past.  The feeling now is the "Brexit" vote will not be good for the market at least in the short term, and possibly for the long term.

Meantime, I have promised an analysis of the Republican Party as it relates to the British decision to leave the European Union.  Specifically, will this begin to clarify the thinking of Republican convention delegates as they flow to Cleveland next month?  

It is more obvious than it was before the British E. U. vote that there are weaknesses in the world economic order.  This is all the more reason to reject a certain New York mogul from any consideration for the Presidency.

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