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Thursday, June 02, 2016

Companies Bailing Out on Trump Convention

... our work is not done. We need to keep reminding these companies that corporate sponsorship of Trump’s coronation will give Trump a stamp of approval that will help sanitize and normalize his dangerous, bigoted, hateful rhetoric.

                                                                                                                  -- Credo

Credo further reports that Hewlett Packard, Coca-Cola, and Microsoft have all pulled out of sponsorship of the Trump coronation known as the Republican National Convention.  

This is good news for America as it demonstrates appropriate concern over Trump's hate-filled campaign.  Credo (a communications company) is right in expressing concern over the imprimatur of legitimacy which would be provided if Trump becomes the nominee of the Republican Party.  

Overnight research revealed that mainstream conservatives are continuing their efforts to establish a new party which better meets their needs.  They are also continuing efforts to find a good candidate.  A major reason for their efforts is an attempt to protect down-ballot races.  

Trump continues to stir up fear from all quarters of a very different kind of America should he be nominated or elected.  This fear is well-based.  It is good to see major American companies doing the right thing and abandoning plans to support a Trump-led Republican Convention.  

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