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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

We the People Struggle to Regain Control of Civil Discourse

Rogue Group of Bloviators Threatens Democracy

Since I have written much on this general topic here already, I may possibly be excused for brevity now.  When we have a former head of Breitbart News in a powerful position in the White House, it is hardly necessary to have a far-right presence in the ether zone.  But, of course, we are plagued with it anyway.  This "right-sphere" is justifiably criticized for being a threat to our civil discourse, and thus our form of government.  Many examples can be given, including "white supremacy" groups (for which Bannon has espoused affinity).

This situation has caused John Dean, former White House counsel, to express deep worry that Trump the Terrible will be able to get away "murdering" the Constitution.  (My terminology.)  Yet, I believe the American people can rise to the occasion with an organizing effort and with sustained work to resist Trump.  We should start with the fact that the Election was stolen for Trump.

But why and by whom?  That is the coming investigation needed by America.  This investigation must start at once.  

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