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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Opposition to Impending Trump Presidency Continues to Build

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Somewhat surprisingly from my point of view opposition to a Trump Presidency has built to something like a fever pitch in some circles over the last several days.  Protests were already in the works and this preparation seems to have laid the groundwork for a swelling of public outrage over Russian influence over the election as well as Republican dirty tricks.

If Americans were really so distressed over a Hillary Clinton Presidency why is she now leading in the popular vote by around three million?  And with Dr. Jill Stein and Greg Palast doing such good work in exposing Republican voter suppression tactics, especially in battleground states, it is evident that Trump won no Electoral College vote.  This has been particularly true since the Electoral College does not vote until tomorrow.

And now come polling results that indicate a majority of Americans want a delay in the Electoral College vote until the truth about alleged undue Russian influence on the election is understood better.*

The article below, though a bit wordy, gives a good summation of all the reasons why D. Trump, even if selected by the Electoral College or even the House of Representatives, would be illegitimate.

Any Trump Presidency Could Only be Called Illegitimate

YouGov Poll

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  1. As part of the protest against Trump we must work to produce a program of jobs and justice for all. Since the Republican Party essentially opposes allotting any money to such an effort, progress in this regard must come from the bottom up. This blog supports economic justice for all.


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