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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Fact-Checking the Discussion on Green Party-sponsored Recount(s)

From 'Resistance' to 'Contested'


5:52 p.m. --

A phrase from the Civil Rights movement of many years comes to mind:  "Keep the faith, baby!"

5:00 p.m. --

Frantically looking for MSNBC's AM Joy embed so I can post it here.  For now, check here:

4:45 p.m. --

In this panel of my blog I will begin fact-checking the rather astonishing news that the Clinton campaign is joining the re-count in Wisconsin.

First, media persons are talking about whether the intention is to "overturn" the election results.  Of course it is not, nor can it be an attempt to "overturn" anything.  The purpose is to establish whether there has been a fair and verifiable vote.  As readers here know, it has been my contention for weeks that Donald Trump has yet to be elected to anything.  It is not just a matter of allegations of election stealing.  For the fact of the matter is Hillary Clinton incontestably won the popular vote.  And the Electoral College has not yet met.  If you have been following this blog you already know that there has thus been no vote for Trump.  What I have said so far is simple truth.

It is long past time for the experts to enter the field.

Coming soon -- video on this subject.  

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