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Friday, October 21, 2016

Trump Threats Over Election Fraud Mostly Hollow

According to an online legal web site, Trump's options, should he claim election fraud, are limited.  The article at the link below explains that fairly narrow range of options.  He can file lawsuits, he can send protestors into the streets, and he can attempt to utilize a compliant media megaphone.

The concern is he could
try to arouse millions of his voters into some kind of civil disobedience or worse.  My concern is over the months to come whether Trump could cause trouble worse than the Tea Party movement of early 2009.

What would stop him from initiating something like this?  He can certainly try either through his own cable channel (which he has said is not going to be created) or through some other kind of organization.  His ability to do that would depend on just how aggrieved persons might be and how strong Clinton's hand is after the election.

A landslide for Clinton would certainly help.  A watchful eye from Pres. Obama would be essential.  And a vigilant public alerted to possible trouble from Trump would be critical.

Trump Threat Not to Accede to Clinton Win Mostly Hollow

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