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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Announcement Share: For Your Interest

March 15 Fundraiser
to support Greg Palast’s new investigation
of Trump’s Billionaires

Join Jackson Browne
to honor
Greg Palast
and his team’s new investigations of
Trump’s billionaires and the plan to fix the vote of 2018

With discussion of the attack on voting rights by 
Joy Reid of MSNBC
and the need for investigative reporting 

WHEN: Wednesday, March 15 at  6:00pm PTWHERE:  Santa Monica, CA
Wine and Buffet
Performance by Jackson Browne
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
"Lives in the Balance" | "Running on Empty"

We are facing a democratic emergency:
Our purpose is to expose and prevent the theft of the election of 2018—and the billionaires who have turned The White House into a profit center.


This looks to be a very worthwhile event for anyone in southern California tonight.  Our democracy is indeed in crisis.   

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