Thursday, March 02, 2017

Could Election Results Still Be Audited?

In an effort to combat somewhat the twenty-four hour news cycle,  I present this article from last fall urging an audit of the vote totals from last fall.  It is very important that America hold onto the truth that Hillary Clinton won two million more votes than did military leader Trump.  This was the largest number ever recorded for a person who did not go on to become President.

As the article here states, Trump won only because of various voter suppression tactics.

The upshot:  Trump is not the legitimate president.

Read the article here:
Election Results Could Have Been Audited

N. B.  If The Musical Patriot sounds like a Johnny One-Note these days, it isn't the fault of the song's composer.  TMP does hope to deal with the true policy issues of the country.  But getting our elections right seems to be the most important policy matter of all.  

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