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Monday, March 20, 2017

FBI Weighs In

As you can read elsewhere on the Internet, FBI Director Comey has today announced officially that the FBI is investigating the matter of Russian influence upon last year's election in the U.S.

He has also said he has seen no evidence substantiating claims that President Obama ordered wire-taps of Trump Tower last year.

This all adds up to news of the most important kind.  And it appears so far that, thankfully, the Russian matter is not being made into a partisan issue.  That would be extremely dangerous for the unity and stability of our country.

As for the wire-tap allegations, this issue may end up in an impeachment effort should it come to that. If so, I, for one, would not object.  

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  1. The matter of Russian interference still pales in importance when compared to allegations of Republican vote suppression efforts in last year's election. We are in new territory in any case. Let us be about the business of finding opportunity even amidst turmoil.


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