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Friday, March 24, 2017

A Departure: The Right to Privacy for Minors

Without delving deeply into the matter of transgender persons (a complex subject), I thought the document at the link below might be of interest.  Perhaps it may even be useful to some.

Transgenderism and all such related issues have become a "hot topic" in the media lately.  It is not a subject area which reaches the top of my list of important matters for this blog.

However, the subject is still within the bounds of the original purpose of this blog:  to examine all issues of public policy.  And since both Time and even The National Geographic have had recent cover stories on the issue, it seems all right to at least provide a resource here.

The document below is intended for parents who do not wish their children to be subject to mandated sex-integrated activities or forced into traditionally sex-segregated facilities in schools.  The bill referenced is a California law advancing the perceived rights of transgender students in traditionally sex-segregated areas such as locker rooms and rest rooms.  

Suggested Declaration of Right to Privacy for Students

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