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Friday, January 13, 2017

Will the Trump Administration Be Stillborn?

Will Trump Be Able to Survive as President-Apparent Another Week?


Opposition to a Trump Presidency continues to build at this time.  There has been a certain escalation in the seriousness of criticisms and concerns expressed.  From worries about his Russian ties to outright opposition to his policies expressed by Cabinet nominees, the Trump Administration appears headed toward paralysis even before inauguration day.

And yesterday came news of a major new investigation to be launched into the actions of F. B. I. Director Comey in the days immediately before the election.  This on top of major reports from intelligence agencies on the effects of Russian interference in the election.

Increasing numbers of people are learning of concerns about the validity of the election.  No President can hope to have the backing of the American people under such a cloud.  I could go on and on about all this.  For instance, Trump's approval ratings are said to be the lowest of any "president-elect" in at least several decades.

The only President to resign -- so far
Now, we the people have before us a serious recommendation that a new election be held.  No matter how difficult this may be, it must be worked for says the author, a professor at American University.  (See link below.)

America is grappling with this issue in typical round-about fashion.  Although not ideal, it is understandable given all the confusion surrounding our current clouded situation.  Yet I feel more hopeful suddenly.  It is clear with the views being expressed by Cabinet nominees -- although their credibility certainly can be questioned -- that concerns about a Trumpist country are not going away, not soon, and (actually) not ever.

Cabinet Nominees Contradict Trump Big-time

The Hill: Call for a New Election

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