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Monday, January 16, 2017

Fascism in America: a Watchlist

Can Americans Come Together?
Translation of French title:  "All together for a single victory"

This is the crucial question as we prepare to face an Administration which was forced on the country by very wealthy, dark (as in hidden), and powerful forces.  (See previous posts for details.)

Writers here in the U.S. are beginning to point the way to a new, more united America.  This is very hopeful, if initially daunting.

I have been reading the book D-Day by Stephen Ambrose.  The kind of coordination which was required not only between the various U.S. armed services, but between nations was truly awe-inspiring, and not easily accomplished.  Yet accomplished it most certainly was.

Princeton Professor Concerned About the Rise of Fascism in America

For another inspiring writer see the Twitter page of Evan McMullin:

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