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Just Published
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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Hardest Thing

The most difficult thing right now in one sense is simply to hang on to the idea that Donald Trump and those who pushed him forward (because there were such people) stole Election 2016.  People of middle age and older seemingly simply cannot imagine such a thing happening in the United States.  Young people perhaps have not such a strong preconception.

But steal it he did.  All the evidence points to a heist of huge proportions.  However, as Greg Palast has said, the wealthy cannot steal all the votes all the time.  And herein is our hope:  if the total numbers of votes can be increased in state and local elections we can at least impact the gerrymandering which has been going on.  This will make a big difference in future elections, as Republicans may no longer have a lopsided advantage before even the first vote is cast.

Let us be about this exciting and useful business.  

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