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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Up-dated: Resignation By or Impeachment Of Trump Called Likely

Nixon Resigns 
Up-dated 4:35 p.m.

Second up-date with new comment and link,  January 18

We had Nixon, then there was the "new" Nixon.  Then we had the "new" new Nixon.  Finally, we had no Nixon.  

Instead of adding on a third "new," I'll call Trump, the Next Nixon.  There had already been estimations from political observers, including David Brooks of The New York Times, that D. Trump will "probably" face either forced resignation or impeachment in the next year.  

Now comes a call that cabinet members be asked in confirmation hearings whether they would uphold the 25th amendment which calls on cabinet members to enforce the removal of the President should he become incapacitated or otherwise unable to carry out his office duties.  

These statements are welcome, indeed they are a breath of fresh air.  However, far better for the major media  to report on the stolen election.  For not only did the people vote convincingly for Hillary Clinton, she also won the Electoral College as well.  (For more on this matter, see posts on Greg Palast elsewhere on this blog.)

Will Trump Be Removed If Inaugurated?

Cabinet Nominees Should Be Asked Whether They Will Uphold the 25th Amendment

Save Bother:  Media Must Report on The Stolen Election of 2016.  More Coming Soon


  1. There is one major potential problem with a Trump resignation or impeachment (after taking office). We don't want a Michael Pence as President, the man who wants a theocracy in America. Unless Pence has left the Vice-Presidency first, he would become President, unless he also were impeached or resigned at the same moment as Trump. All this complication is why I advocated Trump never be nominated in the first place. However, first the Republican Party later joined by the Russians took care of all that.

  2. The link below provides the view from former White House counselor, John Dean. Dean is intimately familiar with the Watergate scandal. Dean says that a Trump administration is set to be far worse, primarily because Trump does not exhibit any shame. Worse still, Dean says he fears that Trump will get away with it. A must read.


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