Featured Artwork: Russia

Featured Artwork:  Russia
Featured Artwork: Sergius of Radonezh blessing Dmitry Donskoy in Trinity Sergius Lavra, before the Battle of Kulikovo, depicted in a painting by Ernst Lissner (Russia)

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Trump's Violation of Campaign Norms Alarms Political Class

The New York Times  reported on Sunday that the Trump campaign's "anything goes" operation has alarmed political leaders across the political spectrum.

Certainly, Trump is in a category by himself when it comes to self-serving campaign behavior.  The list of norms violated is too long to be listed here now, but many examples have been given on this blog and through other media sources over the last months.

The most alarming statement, perhaps, in The Times article is the fact that Trump has inflicted the Stockholm syndrome on America.  I believe this to be true.  Again, many examples of the effect of this psychological abuse can be given.  And it didn't just start with Trump's official Presidential campaign effort.

The time is long past due for thoughtful and caring Americans to stand up and say "enough is enough."  It is true that an alternate program of economic assistance and stimulus is badly needed to help restore good-paying jobs.  A Trump Presidency is not the way to go.  For a Trump win would be simply unconscionable.

Trump Campaign Sets Alarming Precedent

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