Featured Artwork: Russia

Featured Artwork:  Russia
Featured Artwork: Sergius of Radonezh blessing Dmitry Donskoy in Trinity Sergius Lavra, before the Battle of Kulikovo, depicted in a painting by Ernst Lissner (Russia)

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Clinton Leading in 50-state Poll: Washington Post

Survey Shows Clinton and Trump Tied in Texas

In a thorough review of polls in all fifty states, The Washington Post makes clear Hillary Clinton is quite solidly in the lead.

This underscores the fact that national popularity polls don't matter as much as the totality of state polls.  This approach is the one used by the Princeton Election Consortium, for example.  No one poll should be given too much weight.  With recent reports showing Clinton possibly leading in Georgia and even Arizona, it is Trump and not Clinton who must persuade the country he is ready to be President.

50-state Poll Shows Clear Clinton Lead

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