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Monday, September 19, 2016

The Antidote to Poll Panic

You have probably felt it.  I myself have felt it.  A tinge of something like panic, or at least significant disquietude over the Presidential race reportedly "tightening."  The article linked to below gives plenty of reasons why D. Trump is still far from winning the White House.  In fact, he is still far from putting together an organized campaign.

This does not mean that Mrs. Clinton is a shoe-in, of course.  It does mean, however, that political writers are jumping the gun on any Trump "momentum."  In fact, Mitt Romney was said to have momentum after he did better in the first debate than expected.

The article below also agrees with Dr. Sam Wang of Princeton Election Consortium who has consistently found solid support for Hillary Clinton in a polarized electorate.

So, perhaps we are nearer the day when we can all get back to a discussion of the issues which matter:  earning a livable wage, racial justice, peace in a divided world.

Trump remains in great danger of losing election:

Photo source:  boardgamegeek.com

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  1. Here is another article. This one talks about errors in polls. Surprisingly interesting. Important.



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