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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Stop Trump? No Problem Says GOP Rules Expert

Here is the information on how to stop Trump which you have been waiting for.  Curly Haugland, a GOP rules expert in both North Dakota and nationally, knows how to stop Trump:  through a thorough understanding and use of Party rules.

In several articles posted online, Haugland, who loves the rules and has studied them assiduously, is clear about one thing:  the Trump nomination can be derailed.  And with surprising ease.

Haugland's main point -- which is indisputable -- is that the Party convention ultimately determines the nominee, not primary voters.  The decision of the convention is final and not subject to court review as no court has jurisdiction in such a case.

The United States is being very badly served by the media on this and so many subjects.  Blinded by a horse-race and celebrity approach to the Presidential nominating process, they are victims of locked-in thinking and uncreative hubris, leading to dead-end reportage.

Ask yourself:  Are the media so very well-educated in Republican Party rules that they can say categorically what is and is not possible?   Are they so moral that they can declare Trump fit for the Presidency?  Are they so all-knowing that they can tell the rest of us what is best for the country?

So then:  Is Trump the best we can do?  Most assuredly not.  (See last Sunday's Washington Post for a list of reasons why this is so.)

These are the questions we Americans must ask ourselves.  This is a do or die moment for American democracy.  I know we are up to the task.   But the media must be resisted with all due speed and strength.   This amounts to a national emergency.  If divine power is needed, may that force not fail us now.

GOP Rules Expert Knows a Way to Stop Trump

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