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Monday, July 18, 2016

Up-Dated: Convention Chair Appears to Have Engaged in Chicanery

With Sen. Mike Lee calling convention chair actions unprecedented, Trump operatives appear to have engaged the services of the chair in refusing to allow a roll-call vote on rules changes which would have confirmed delegates had the right to "vote their conscience" and thus refuse to support Trump.

One wonders whether this tactic of trying to change the rules was a wise one, if in fact the delegates already had the right to vote their conscience.

Trump as future President is on full display now with these strong-arm and likely dishonest actions.


 The delegates said they surpassed the threshold of a majority of delegates in seven states to join their efforts, saying they turned in enough signatures for 11 states. 
But the RNC says they only turned in enough signatures for nine, and that delegates from three states rescinded their signatures, moving them below the seven-state threshold. 
The “Free the Delegates” movement says the RNC won’t tell them which states left the movement. They believe the delegates were bullied into submission. 

Rules Challenge Blocked by Convention Chair: TMP Read

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